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Italy Best Kept Secret

Traveler Magazine says "Maratea is Heaven - It's The Amalfi Without The Crowds.... Italy's Best Kept Secret"

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Slow Dreams  - Wedding Planners in Italy

Slow Dreams is a team  of British, American & Italian weddings planners in Italy  with offices in Europe (Italy) and the US.   We have successfully delivered many weddings in Italy since 2003.



We offer a wide variety of Italian wedding venue types:




  • BEACH WEDDINGS - we have several mayors who, unlike most mayors in Italy,  will conduct ceremonies on beaches, including a remote beach which requires a boat to get to.









Weddings Italy - Italy's Best Kept Secret


 Newest Discovered Wedding in Italy Destination

Like most weddings in Italy planners, we offer "weddings in Tuscany",  "weddings in The Amalfi", etc;  However, we also are quite  unique in that we offer weddings in "Italy's Best Kept Secret" -  The Coast of Maratea & The Cilento and Northern Calabria.  Simply,  here's why:



Traveler Magazine says:


"It's Italy's Best Kept Secret...

Maratea is Heaven... - It's The Amalfi Without The Crowds."


Beautiful Like The Amalfi - But Much Easier to Get To  - Perfect for Weddings Italy



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The Coast of Maratea - One of Europe's Most Beautiful Coasts


There are only few regions left in Italy where you can have a stunning yet a more-affordable wedding - the most beautiful of them by far is the Coast of Maratea and The Cilento -  a hidden gem, just south of The Amalfi, just as beautiful, perfectly authentic (now lost in much of Italy), AND much faster and simpler to get to  -  simply perfect  for relaxed dream-like Italy weddings.


See Below for Why This Region Makes for Perfect Italian Weddings.




Italian Weddings in Italy's Best Kept Secret





As well us the usual type of wedding venues in Italy (castles, villas, hotels, etc), these regions offer  some of the most memorable,  and certainly most different  ideas for a  wedding in Italy  - e.g., see our "Unusual Italian Weddings"  - these include  sailboatdeserted beach and deserted island,  cliff-tops, a lovers walk on the sea, agriturismos  (family farms).   We can even arrange an "armada" of boats to one of Italy's most secluded and dramatic cliff surrounded beaches.  






See Coast of Maratea & The Cilento  - truly Italy's Best Kept Secret.  






Flexibility - not a subject discussed much in wedding web-sites  - but so important for peace of mind so important for a relaxed wedding:


  • Marry Where You Want   -  the mayors and ministers  will marry you at the venue of YOUR choice - hotels, villas, churches, beaches, etc.  You are NOT restricted to just town-halls and Catholic churches, as is the case  for most Italy weddings.


  • No Minimum Stay  -  unlike many regions for weddings in Italy, these regions have no minimum stay requirements.


  • Outdoor Weddings Italy  -  All of our  mayors and ministers offer outdoor ceremonies.  Unfortunately Catholic weddings in Italy are still restricted to a church - however, we do offer a great choice of beautiful and historic churches.


  • Last Minute Weddings Italy/Elope to Italy -  US Citizens  can have last minute expedited approval just by bringing the passports  -  by "last minute", we mean just a few days  - total flexibility.    See our no hassle approval.   Any other couple who has their embassy's approval (i.e., they have Nulla Ostas)  can take advantage of this last minute wedding service.   For those who cannot get last minute approval, we offer symbolic ceremonies from either a local mayor  (identical to a legal Italian wedding, but not legal) or a minister or simply have a friend be the celebrant.


  • Non-Catholic Church Italian Weddings  -  We have churches that allow for non-Catholic religious weddings,   including, for example,  the Church of Our Lady  of The Snow & Olives, a small historic church with ancient frescoes  situated alone  on a mountain-top cliff overlooking -  the sea, the historic red-tiled roof town of Maratea with its 44 churches, the world class Coast of Maratea,  and two national parks,  the Cilento and Pollino.


  • Bring Your Own Celebrant  -  Bring your own priest, minister, rabbi, etc. 


  • Weddings For  Woman Divorced  LESS than 300 days -   Most of our mayors ignore the 300 day arcane law for Italian weddings that prohibits woman from marrying within 300 days  of their divorce. 





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The cost of any type of  wedding (luxury or budget)  in this region is markedly lower than much of tourist Italy.  However, and importantly for many wedding guests, the cost of staying in the area is much lower  - hotels, meals, alcohol, etc, are all significantly lower than the hefty prices in much of Italy.  





There are excellent inexpensive high-speed trains services to Tuscany (Florence, Pisa, etc), Rome, Naples,  Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum,  Salerno (boat to Amalfi Coast), Sorrento,  Sicily ferry boat, etc, etc.





Weddings in Italy



We Make Weddings Oh So Romantic!

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We Make Weddings More Affordable!


This region makes  Italian weddings more affordable, be it one of our  luxury weddings in Italy in a five star seaside hotel once the Italian hideaway of Frank Sinatra and others,  or  one of our high quality,  low cost wedding in Italy venues by the sea.   The state's tourism office will subsidize your ceremony and legal package.  The subsidy ranges from 100 Euros to 1500Euros depending on size of the wedding.  In addition, the general costs in this region, be they budget or luxury weddings in Italy,  are among the lowest in Italy.



We Make Weddings Relaxed!

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We Make Weddings in Italy Beautiful!





We Make Your Wedding a Dream Wedding!


See scores of our wonderful testimonials for our Weddings Italy from British, American and Irish, and also from couples around the world!  A key reason for so many testimonials is that  our wedding  site is distinctly different - it is the most open and transparent of sites for Italy Weddings; e.g., ALL our prices and costs for weddings in Italy are fully defined and presented up-front, ALL taxes and fees are included (i.e.,  there are NO hidden costs). This policy has made us one of the top wedding planners in Italy over the last 12 years - certainly the top planners for seaside weddings in Italy.


CONTACT US - Get Proposal in 24 hours - We Will Send A Wedding Italy Proposal with Budget Within 24 hours.



We Make Italian Weddings Fun!

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We Make Italy Weddings With Choice!  Astonishing Choice!

  • You can choose an outdoor Italian wedding, civil or religious, at any of our many non-church venues.

  • You can choose from dozens of Catholic churches for Catholic weddings.

  • You even have choice for non-Catholic church weddings.

  • You can choose the time of your wedding - provided it does not interfere with the siesta  (1pm to 3:30)


DESTINATION ITALY WEDDING PLANNERS- CONTACT US - Get Proposal in 24 hours For Proposal Within 24 hours




Be It Sumptuously Elegant & Luxurious

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Or, Be It  Deliciously Romantic and Simple

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It Will Always Be Memorable & Relaxed


Weddings in Italy 's Most Beautiful Coast

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Slow Dreams  - How We Do Relaxed & Memorable Weddings in Italy




These are areas where Slow Dreams helps to ensure relaxed and memorable Italian weddings:



Unlike most wedding web-sites, this site clearly lists ALL  wedding costs, fees, and taxes.   You will note that the first item in our site's menu above is COST.  Note: Our prices include all taxes (e.g., VAT), and fees.



You can change your wedding in Italy  contract significantly for most things right up to several weeks before the wedding.     This eliminates the stress of wondering how many guests will come, what meals they want, etc.    Also, we offer a three  payment schedule with the last 50% due only several weeks before the wedding.  See our policies and fees.





If you read our testimonials, it will be clear, unlike most wedding companies,  we never just have the one planner involved in a wedding.  We always have at least three staff members involved  - for larger weddings, we sometimes have had 5 involved.   This is critical because we are always cross checking with each other to make sure the plan  makes sense and is being executed to plan.  It also means that if any staff member was to go ill or whatever, we have more than one knowledgeable back-up. 


Importantly, we will have a staff member meet you at your accommodations shortly after you arrive to personally greet you and review in person all wedding details.  They will then spend much of the wedding day with you.   





We have a concierge service, free of charge,  that will make reservations for your guests for hotel, hair, make-up, spa, and airport transfers.   This service is also there to personally answer your guests' questions  -  guests also want a relaxed & memorable experience as well.



Sometimes to feel totally relaxed, it makes sense to visit the area before signing a contract.  If so, simply coordinate your  pre-wedding trip  with our wedding planners and we will show you both the area and  wedding venues of  your interest. 



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Italian Trains

British Embassy in Rome (email)

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Association Wedding Photo Journalist

Ryan Air,

American Consulate in Naples

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Association for Wedding Professionals


Irish Foreign Office



Canadian Embassy in Rome

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Australian Embassy in Rome

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New Zealand Embassy in Rome

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Eurofly (NYC-JFK)

South African Embassy in Rome

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Air One (London City)



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