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Slow Dreams, a team of British, American & Italian weddings planners in Italy, has offices in Europe (Italy) and the US. Since 2003, we have successfully managed thousands of Weddings in Italy - please read our many Testimonials and TripAdvisor posts; these are by far the most and finest testimonials of any Italian weddings planner company.

In addition to offering Italian weddings in Tuscany, weddings in Rome, etc, Slow Dreams uniquely offers weddings in the fastest growing area for Italy weddings, The Coast of Maratea and The Cilento - Traveler Magazine says "Maratea is Heaven - It's The Amalfi Without Crowds... Italy's Best Kept Secret".  It is simply made for weddings Italy. 

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Slow Dreams' Wedding Italy Team and History

Slow Dreams, a team  of British, American & Italian weddings planners in Italy,   has  offices in Europe (Italy) and the US. To best understand Slow Dreams  - read our many Testimonials and Trip Advisor posts.

Here  are numerous reasons for having Slow Dreams  as your wedding planner in Italy


We Make Weddings Memorable & Successful


We Give The Bride & Groom Peace Of Mind



We Make  Italy Weddings Affordable


We make your wedding experience relaxed, we will:


We Make Weddings In Italy Flexible

Flexibility - not a subject discussed much in wedding web-sites  - but so important for peace of mind,  so important for a relaxed wedding.  Most of our Italian wedding venues offer a great deal of flexibility.
The  no hassle/last minute approval is truly no-hassle  - you simply go to your embassy/consulate in Italy (ones that do not require Atto Notorios in advance)  -  no need to translate divorce documents,  no need to go to an Italian consulate with witnesses).  The no-hassle approval can be less expensive than the normal approval.
This service is for citizens of countries whose embassies/consulates will issue last minute Nulla Ostas to their citizens  (e.g., US and Canadian) without them having to get  Atto Notorios from their nearest Italian consulate.  For example, US citizens can have last minute expedited approval just by bringing their passports to the Americam consulate in Naples  (we get the local approvals)  -  by "last minute", we mean just a few days  - total flexibility.    See our no hassle approval.   For those who cannot get last minute approval, we offer symbolic ceremonies from either a local mayor  (identical to a legal Italian wedding, but not legal) or a minister or simply have a friend be the celebrant.

We Make Access To Rest Of Italy Easy

Many couples and guests want to attend the wedding then move to see our parts of Italy they have dreamed about.  There are excellent inexpensive high-speed trains services to Tuscany (Florence, Pisa, etc), Rome, Naples,  Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum,  Salerno (boat to Amalfi Coast), Sorrento,  Sicily ferry boat, etc, etc.