Italian Wedding Costs & Prices

This Site Contains All Costs & Prices for Wedding in Italy

The cost of an Italian wedding is mainly impacted by the wedding venue in Italy you choose.  


How to find a venue with costs and prices for weddings Italy:
  • See "VENUES"  on the main site menu at top of each page  -  Or, SCROLL BELOW FOR LIST OF VENUES for weddings in italy
  • Click on each photo of interest
  • At the top of each venue's page, you will find links to the following costs:
    • Venues Specific Wedding Costs  -   these include:  reception meal prices,  ceremony hosting fee if any
    • Venue Accommodation Costs   -  these include hotel room-rates, villa rental costs, etc
    • Region Specific Weddings  Costs - these include -  town-hall fees,  services prices (flowers, photos, music, etc)
Note:  All taxes and fees are included, except where explicitly stated. 

How to Find a Wedding Venues in Italy - with costs, fees, and taxes. ​​

Venues are organized:
  • By Type of Venue  - e.g., beach wedding venue
  • By Region
  • Or,  Just Contact US

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