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Please read our many testimonials below.  They are undoubtedly the largest, and certainly the finest  set  of wedding in Italy testimonials.   They are  in inverse chronological order - newest last.   


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Blair & Victor

Hi Bill, Janie, and Lucia!!

We feel like we are still walking in the clouds after our wedding in Italy!  We cannot begin to thank you enough for giving us the most special event of our life and for making it flow so smoothly.  From start to finish, we have been more than impressed with you all!  We felt like we were your focus, your only priority and from reading other testimonials, that is exactly how you make everyone feel!  A talent, a gift…much more than just a wedding service!!!

From our first encounter with Slow Dreams, we were impressed with quick service, accurate information, quality recommendations, and cost effectiveness.  When we decided to elope, our first thought was to elope in Italy, but we didn’t even know if that was possible.  After researching and sending inquiries to wedding planners in Italy, Slow Dreams was the first to respond and we had all the information we needed in minutes.  Throughout the planning process prior to the trip, Bill and Janie kept in close contact with us, answering all our questions and guiding us even with small details like which restaurants to choose and day trips to possibly take.  When we first started communicating with Lucia, she also guided us and kept in close contact.  Without Lucia and Bruno taking care of us in Italy, we truly would’ve been lost, but everything flowed so smoothly, so meticulously literally at every moment!  I just kept thinking it was all too good to be true and that maybe after it had all happened, I would be able to believe it wasn’t a dream, but I feel like I still can’t believe how perfect and flawless our wedding was, all because of Slow Dreams!

When we met with Lucia, she was attentive, caring, and truly involved in our wedding process.  Without having our families there, I thought it might be less emotional, but with Lucia, the witnesses, and even the mayor, we felt like we did have family there!  The Hotel Pisacane was beautiful; more than we expected and Lover’s Walk was a mystic, magical spot for us and for our wedding.  The whole day felt like we were in slow motion, living out our perfect fairy tale.  When we arrived at Hotel Santavenere, we were greeted with such a warm reception, again it felt like we were arriving to family!  The hotel grounds were also magical, the landscape and scenery more impressive than I could ever describe.  We felt overwhelmed at this beautiful place!

Slow Dreams made our wedding more than we ever thought it could be.  Lucia even arranged a private taxi back to Naples for us to catch our flight, this company truly takes all the work out of getting married and they care about all the details, the people involved, and most especially, the bride and the groom! 

When we arrived back home and loaded our wedding photos, again, we stood in amazement.  The quality of the photos, the way the photographers captured our day, was unbelievable.  When showing the pictures to our families, they said they felt like they were there with us!  We both have never had such beautiful photos and will treasure these for a lifetime.

Slow Dreams is a dream, a perfect dream for us and our hearts will forever hold this special experience.  It was more than a wedding, it was the most beautiful way to begin our lives together and Slow Dreams did that for us! 

Much love,

Victor and Blair Hranowsky

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Katie & Anthony

Janie, Bill, and Lucia-

I want to thank you all for creating the wedding of our dreams.  From the start, you were all so responsive to our many emails and questions.  It can be a little scary planning a wedding in another country, but you took care of every single detail.  My friends and family kept asking me about the difficulties in planning a wedding from afar, and I told them repeatedly how easy it was because you took care of everything.  When we arrived in Sapri, Italy, Lucia was warm and welcoming.  We planned out an amazing day trip with my family before the wedding at the shoe factory and limoncello factory.  I can honestly say that other than our wedding, that was the best day of our entire vacation in Italy!  We felt like we found new family there.  Our wedding was amazing.  Starting with the violinist, my husbands daughter singing Ava Maria , the mayor marrying us and going to lovers walk, every detail was thought out and executed perfectly.  My words do not do justice to the fantastic experience we had in working with you all and the precious wedding memories that I will forever cherish. Thank you for all you did to make that day so very special for us.

Katie Oliva


Lisa & Brian

WOW!  Where do I begin?  The positive experience that my husband, Brian and I had with Slow Dreams was so much more than we imagined and hoped for.

We knew we wanted to get married in Italy because that's where we fell in love over three years ago.  We thought that Italy was such a romantic place.  When we did more research, we realized that our ancestors were both from around the area near Maratea!  How perfect!

We researched many different websites and coordinators extensively for many different regions all over Italy.  Bill and Janie at Slow Dreams were the most thorough and efficient coordinators we found!  We simply told Bill and Janie what our priorities for our wedding were, and they found us the perfect hotel.  My husband called them with three pages of questions :-) and they had great answers for every one of them.  We paid for the wedding ourselves and had a strict budget.  They always responded quickly, and held our hands throughout the paperwork process.  They are fluent in Italian and English which made things very easy.  They are both very diligent and organized... much more than we could have been.

We finally arrived in Italy, and Slow Dreams had organized everything to complete our paperwork in Naples.  It was so easy with all of their help!  Lucia contacted a great guide and translator named John, who was so kind and helpful!  The price for the guide was very reasonable.  The hotel in Naples was very spacious, clean and friendly.  However, the hotel was near the train station and we recommend staying in a more aesthetic area.

We decided to get away from the city and went to Sapri (10 minutes outside of Maratea) a week early.  We didn't expect Slow Dreams to take care of us until the time of the wedding, but Lucia was there to greet us at 8pm with all the necessary information and the cell phone.  She took our wedding dress and suit, so we didn’t have to travel with it. She also took our big bags so we could back-pack around Italy, and she even delivered them to our hotel in Maratea!  She was SO organized, caring, and helpful.  She was available to us as early or as late as we needed her.  We hopefully didn't take too much advantage of her availability of that because she had numerous other weddings to worry about, but she did not let us know if we were too obtrusive :-)  She went ABOVE AND BEYOND what we expected!  She organized everything for us!  She helped us with renting cars, cabs, restaurants, and with ideas with seating charts.  She even walked us over to get materials for our wedding!

Lucia went out of her way to ensure our happiness any time we started getting stressed before the wedding.  We even had a slight paperwork issue (which was my fault), and she not only remained calm and had a plan B, but she also had a plan C and D too:-)  We had so much confidence by the time the wedding came, that NEITHER of us were stressed at all!  All of the guests and the coordinators commented on how I was the calmest bride that they had ever seen!  I did not have to worry about anything.  Not only were they competent, organized, and thorough, but everyone in Slow Dreams really cared about us!  I think they even shed a tear or two when we exchanged vows:-)  We really enjoyed everyone we met from Slow Dreams.  Our guests had such a beautiful time.  The rooms were affordable, and the amazing breakfasts AND dinners came with the rooms!  All of the rooms at Gabbiano had ocean views, and at the end of the night, all of the guests would walk to the beach with a bottle of wine and look at the billions of stars that were out.  Southern Italy in May was the perfect time!

Anytime we wanted something that was not listed on their website, they were very eager to provide it for us.  For example, they helped us put together very beautiful welcome baskets for our guests.  We wanted a Calabrian Band for our wedding instead of a DJ, which they had never done before at our hotel, but they accommodated us. 

Slow Dreams was very concerned with detail, and they were worth every penny for coordination, even though we were on a tight budget.

THANK YOU Bill and Janie.  And ESPECIALLY thanks to Lucia who went above and beyond every time we needed her!  You are great at your job Lucia:-)

Brian and I truly had the happiest day of our life, and you really enabled that:-)

Lisa and Brian 

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Mary & Itai

We could not be happier with our experience working with Slow Dreams. There are a few differences with this company that stood apart from the start and in the end we were happily proven correct: 

  • they do not add extra costs
  • they are totally transparent
  • they are trustworthy and very kind
  • they love the region of Maratea and are committed to sharing it

From start to finish, Bill, Janie, and Lucia were with us and completely at our disposal---answering our endless lists of questions, making suggestions, and always remaining patient and accommodating when our plans changed. We started seriously planning in May 2012 for what we originally planned to be a June 2013 wedding. Then we decided we just didn't want to wait that long, and we were able to have a beautiful, very well-organized wedding in September 2012, just four months later. I am still in awe myself that we pulled this off so beautifully. There is no way we could have done this without Slow Dreams. We were previously unfamiliar with the region and picked the location solely because of Slow Dreams. We brought an intimate group of about 20 people together from all over the world - Brazil, Australia, Europe, and America - so in a way this was a big risk not knowing the region. 

To say that we and all of our guests were enamoured is an understatement. I can honestly say there is absolutely NOTHING we would have done differently. We were just so overjoyed. It was everything we had envisioned and more - in a word: perfect!

 Lucia, our onsite planner extraordinaire, was incredible. She took me for an all day tour of Maratea and Sapri a month before the wedding. It is so clear that she is passionate about what she does and she goes beyond the call, every time. Lucia was so generous with her time and always had great suggestions. She helped us plan activities and lunches for our guests and has all the local contacts to do so smoothly. We were totally taken aback when she came up with a great plan to sweep our guests away for a boat tour. It felt so special and VIP, without being forced. She was also willing to receive shipments for us from Europe, for example, we chose to have some special fans made for the bridesmaids in lieu of bouquets. She organized my makeup and hair appointments, and I was so pleased with them both! Lucia was right there, making sure everyone arrived on time and according to schedule. She was also our translator at the ceremony, and she did an amazing job. She provided amazing support - logistically and emotionally!

Our guests stayed at Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie ( . Paola (the owner) was so accommodating and her hotel is truly both a gem and a great bargain. (Shhhh!) Hanging there near the water, we could watch the sunset amid the gorgeous rocky outcropping and the  Tyrrhenian sea . It was the perfect place for our guests. We would absolutely recommend this hotel as either a venue or for accommodations, or both.

Santavenere ( was a dream. The grounds are beyond words and pictures - it felt so genuinely Mediterranean. We were humbled by all of the natural beauty. Although it is more costly than the other venues, it was a 100% first class experience all the way. From the ceremony with the beautiful sea as the backdrop, gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains, the elegant and delicious dinner, to dancing well into the night --- it was certainly the party of a lifetime. In fact, our guests did not want to leave. 

We are so pleased to recommend Slow Dreams. If you are considering getting married in Italy and are looking for something uniquely beautiful that you can call your own, consider Slow Dreams!


Mary & Itai

Sharon & Peter

I honesty cannot speak highly enough of Slow Dreams. We got married on 27 August this year at La Loggia in Tortora. We spent 11 days at the hotel & had 27 guests who stayed for varying amounts of time.

We consulted a lot of wedding planners in the run up to deciding what our plans were & Slow Dreams were by far the best & most professional. They were incredibly helpful right from the start & Janie helped us every step of the way in terms of making plans & giving us suggestions for the day. They sorted absolutely everything for us including guest bookings & transport from the airport for everyone. In the run up to the wedding we were in contact with Lucia in Italy who was fantastic & one of the nicest people you could meet. We met her on the first day & she visited us a few times before the wedding day to make sure everything was ok. She was incredible on the day & was there throughout the ceremony in the town hall & at the hotel & translated throughout. It was really like having a friend there rather than a wedding planner! She also made sure we had our photo disk before we came home which was fantastic.

It probably sounds too good to be true but they really were amazing & made our stay in Italy incredibly special. We couldn't have wished for more and it's an absolute pleasure to help you. I would highly recommend using them as I honestly don't think you could find anyone better.

I'm not sure which location you are looking at but I would also highly recommend La Loggia. The location of the hotel is spectacular & the views are amazing. The people there are incredibly friendly & will do anything for you. We were amazed at their hospitality & I could talk forever about some if the things they would do for us!

Apologies for going on a bit, but I am very passionate about the service we had from both Slow Dreams & the hotel. It was truly an incredible experience.


If there is anything else you wish to know then please do not hesitate to contact me.



  Jim - The Brides Father

I just wanted to write a note of thanks. Richard and Chelsea Traskos nee Redmer, booked their trip and wedding arrangements through Slow Dreams and had a wonderful experience. I'll let them describe their own experience but wanted to send a note of thanks for taking such good care of our kids!

Chelsea's dress was made by her mother-in-law, Velda Kirby. A wonderful seamstress/designer, Velda created a pocket in the dress to hold notes that she and her husband Kevin, and my wife and I wrote for them to read on their wedding day. Well, of course, Chelsea missed one of the notes in her rush to get to the airport. Of course, I didn't have the address to the hotel or know their itinerary or anything and was in a panic.

Well, I wrote to Slow Dreams and Janie got right back to me...on a Sunday! From that time forward Lucia took over. She got me the address, told me the best way to ship the card and informed me when it arrived.

Both Janie and Lucia were professional, kind and all around wonderful! I know the kids had a wonderful experience and their handling of a worried Poppa and Momma set them apart. I would recommend Slow Dreams to any young couple.

Jim Redmer

tina & kevin Tina & Kevin 

Janie, Lucia and Bill-

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  When Kevin and I first decided to get married in another country, we knew we had a lot of obstacles to overcome, mainly with family and friends.  I can't even begin to express my gratitude to all of you for making this decision the best decision I've ever made... (besides marrying Kevin of course! )  I was concerned that juggling a full time career, a new home as well as planning a wedding was going to be too much to handle-you all made it so easy!  I hardly had to do anything.  I am still in awe of how beautiful everything turned out.  I spent 6 months with Janie and Bill on Email making all kinds of decisions "sight un-seen", leaving my trust in them.  I could not have been more happy with how everything turned out.  Maratea is the most beautiful place in Italy and La Locanda is an amazing hotel with an amazing staff.  I had always had a vision of how I wanted my wedding to be and Janie, Lucia and Bill not only made it come true, but far exceeded my dreams!  It was like a fairytale wedding and it is an experience I will never forget and always cherish! 

Thank you all for making my dreams come true!  Thanks again Janie for everything-I could not have asked for more-you guys are awesome!





A Note from Tina's Mom & Dad


Hi Janie, 


We want to thank you for making Tina's and Kevin's wedding possible.  We were very pleased with all the work you have done to make their dreams come true.  Thank you for trying so hard to find sign language interpreters but we were not able to use them for a reason.   Maratea and the Locanda Hotel was a perfect place not only for them but for all of us.  Standing next to us, your help in following their vows by pointing at those words as they are being spoken will forever be etched in our memories.   Some day we hope to return and spend our vacation time in this lovely quaint town.   We have given our wonderful travel agent, Debbie, your name and email address for her future clients and others who hope to have the same experience as Tina and Kevin.   We know that you and your associates love doing your jobs to see happiness among those participated in your plans.


Love,  Jerry and Cheryl Attix

Sandra & Dominic
Dear Janie, Lucia, Rosa and Bill,

Firstly I would like to thank Bill for his quick responses for all my questions regarding queries on the wedding itself. No other company or agency were able to give me such a detailed and accurate answer to any query I may have. This made dealing with Slow Dreams, a joyous and stress free way to plan my wedding. So a big thanks to Bill.

Secondly, I cannot thank Janie, Lucia and Rosa enough. You also made my wedding event relaxed and stress free. Who can say that on their wedding day two hours before the wedding ceremony the groom was swimming in the pool, taking it all in his stride. The formal ceremony in the evening was more than I ever expected. It all went beautifully. with blue seas to my right and glorious mountains to my left and clear blue skies above, I could not have pictured a more romantic and idyllic setting for my wedding day. The service at the dinner was next to none. To the waiters and caters thank you for topping off an already perfect day.

The hotel Meraviglie was absolutely beautiful. The staff were brilliant and went out of their way to help with every circumstance. From the Owner of the hotel to the taxi service, I cannot write down in words how welcome and how well we were looked after. So a big thank you there.

Again, I would like to Thank Janie, Lucia, Rosa and Bill for making my wedding event something that I will look back with great memories. I will have to get Dominic to bring me back each year on our wedding anniversary.




(Now, a note from Bill the web site man - Sandra goes on to say in this subsequent email below what she really wanted to say about Janie,  Lucia and Rosa,  but could not say until she was safely out the country and had received her wedding album that the evil trio was controlling). 

Hi Bill,

I know you are the best Bill, I just had to mention them (a note to readers  - "them" refers to Janie, Lucia & Rosa, the evil trio ). I didn't want them to feel left out.


Sandra Kelly

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Ana & Justin

We decided to get married in the beautiful Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie in Maratea. We originally visited the hotel the year before, out of season when it was not open, but Lucia helped us to visualise how it would be and made every effort to get us any information we needed. In terms of managing the bookings for our guests, Janie was fantastic. So many of our guests had said how helpful Janie had been with their enquiries. She was very understanding and accommodating of unexpected changes that we had to make last minute. In the lead up to the wedding, both Lucia and Janie were just incredible - always available, offering advice and responding quickly to emails. We’d heard so many stories of how stressful it can be to plan weddings, but because of Lucia and Janie, we can honestly say we really enjoyed planning ours. Lucia went above beyond what we ever could have asked for, nothing was too much for her, she let us send things over to her and even went out and got things we wanted for the ceremony. To say Lucia was amazing is truly an understatement. Lucia and Janie even helped us arrange things for the rest of the weekend including a fantastic boat trip the day after the wedding which made our wedding weekend even more special.

 The hotel itself was beautiful, the views were spectacular and the staff were really friendly and helpful. All our guests had commented on how accommodating they had been throughout the weekend - even letting us have late nights down at the pool bar - which everyone absolutely loved! In the days leading up to our wedding, despite Lucia having other weddings on, she was fantastic. She had thought of everything and it really took the stress off for us so we could enjoy our time with our guests. On the day, the ceremony was everything we wanted and more, it was magical. Lucia was just amazing. We can’t express how grateful we are to her for her attention to detail, her passion and her kindness.

We knew we had asked a lot of our guests to travel to Italy, so when everyone told us what a wonderful time they had, it really meant a lot to us. We can’t emphasise enough how perfect our wedding was with Slow Dreams at the Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie. We already have, and will continue to recommend it to anyone thinking of having a wedding in Italy. The process was made so much easier because of Lucia and Janie. We wanted to have the best time of our lives and we did; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you so so so much for everything, we are truly very grateful and feel very blessed to have found you.

Ana & Justin


Shannon & Jerry

Jerry and I send many thanks to you for creating our fairytale wedding.  We have endless happy memories and look forward to our next visit on our anniversary.  Our friends can not believe our pictures.  (note:  Shannon & Jerry are set designers in Hollywood).




and a note from  Shannon's Dad  -  who arranged everything



Dear Bill, Janie, Lucia and Dino,


It took us a while, but I believe Joy and I have finally managed to "return to earth" following our daughter's wedding on the North Star, and in Maratea, on July 6, 2004. I doubt if I'll be able to put in words how truly wonderful the wedding was, and what a truly magnificent team you are.


From the beginning Bill, you patiently helped us get through the management of emails and questions that flowed from Los Angeles, Florida and New Jersey, as our family was spread from coast to coast. Your suggestion of Villa Cheeta was perfect, and for the week, the entire wedding party felt at home, pampered and treated with courtesy and respect. Of particular mention are: Nadia (with her beautiful smile and gracious manner), Biaggio (who tolerated our ever changing numbers for dinner with a smile and grace, and who our ladies just adored), and the lovely Angela (who hosted our pre-wedding dinner with charm and elegance).


Then, as the wedding day approached, the "Dream Team" of Janie and Lucia took over. Seemed like I just had to whisper either one's name and they were right there to answer any question. solve any problem - no matter how small, or unimportant. Always happy, never flustered, they truly were the best wedding planners we could have possibly been blessed with.


I would be remiss if I left out the wonderful blessing on board the "North Star". The Captain and his wife were wonderful hosts, and cruising the coast of the Mediterranean? Well, it was truly a highlight of the week.


And last, but certainly not least, Dino, our driver, treated us like friends, and more importantly, like family. From his presenting our daughter with flowers, to his Personal tour of Policastro, to his thirteen hour drive to take us to Nice, he never once lost his smile or manners. Do let him know he shall always have a friend in New Jersey.


I cannot say enough, about how very honored and fortunate we feel to have entrusted our only daughter's wedding to Slow-Dreams. You will always have our undying gratitude for making July 6, 2004 a "dream" believed only for fairy tales.


Until we all return for a reunion ...... with grandchildren, please extend our sincerest thanks to all mentioned above.


Michael and Joy Spinella






Crazy Spinella Mom here!  (a note from Shannon's Mom)

Well, we're back in Jersey and can't thank the three of you enough for a wonderful experience and memory. Mike and I both said how do we explain to our friends and families back here..........the pictures will have to tell................Janie, you and Lucia did such a wonderful job............ the artistic talent of the Maratea people is unreal..............and the warmth of the people at the Villa.............I can go on and on.............really, thanks..............
Enjoy your next have a gift of giving of yourself...........Joy.






And from the groom's mother



Hi Janie,
Thank you for the news articles...what a treat! We are all fine and think of all of you very often. I took Amberly & Jessica school shopping yesterday and all we talked about was our trip. One thing we did decide is that we will visit Maratea again and hopefully soon. I asked them to tell me what the highlight of their trip was, excluding the wedding because we know that was the # 1 highlight. They said the little town of Maratea. Everyone should have a vacation there...just wonderful! The next thing that was a highlight was a person and that was Dino (the driver) and I have to agree with them. The next time you see him tell him that we miss him.

Best Regards,
Merle Howarth





Linda & Shannon
Our trip was more than we ever thought possible. The whole wedding package was awesome. The Inn at Fiumicello was wonderful!! The wedding was something we will never forget. The whole process from the Mayor to the town showing up to help us celebrate was awesome. It was all we were hoping for plus!! Having a cell phone came in handy. Great idea!!! It was nice to meet Lucia and she was very helpful coordinating our stay in the Maratea area. We could spend hours telling you about all the fun and exciting things we did while in Italy. Thank you for doing a great job!!!!!!!!!



Dan & Linda
Janie - It was wonderful to meet you and Lucia! Our time in Italy was so special and very romantic!! Slow Dreams perfectly orchestrated our wedding and helped to make everything run smoothly. I don't know any Brides who could have had as leisure a morning as I did....with a long walk on the beach holding hands with my one and true love. Thank you so much for making plans behind the scenes and handling all the potential "upsets" before I even knew about them!! Things could not have gone smoother or been more special. 

You also provided an excellent photographer!!! WE LOVE THE PHOTOS and loved working with you and the photographer to capture the beauty of Southern Italy! They were very creative and easy to work with - thank you for walking around with us to help spot the perfect setting for a photo!

Dan and I would highly recommend Slow Dreams to anyone! Let us know what you would like for us to fill out for your website comments & we will be happy to comply. Slow Dreams helped us to understand all the steps necessary for getting married abroad. You took care of the arrangements for everything......and remembered every detail....even down to a daily agenda. 

We loved your personalities and that you were flexible and easy to talk with via emails. Thank you for making our wedding day EXTRA SPECIAL!!

Take care, Linda



photo coming

Jen & Antoine

I’m From the initial communications we had with Slow Dreams through this day over a month after our wedding, we have had nothing but superior communications with them!  From the first email, they were very responsive and were very keen at understanding our needs exactly.  We are a fairly no nonsense couple who never seem to have enough time.  Our “planned elopement” was going to be fast and barely a month away.  To our utter amazement, Slow Dreams already had a cookie cutter plan for exactly what we needed!  They set up a phone call and Bill walked us through the various possibilities given the strict criteria and timeline we had.    We were basically trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by doing all of our legal requirements, consulate visit, then civil ceremony all with only a few weeks notice and only one day in Italy dedicated to this.  All we can say is that after the call ended, we knew we were going to be in good hands :)

The next few weeks, all my husband and I had to worry about was our rings, attire, and getting to Italy to meet them!  Lucia was to be our contact while in Italy.  She sent us a very detailed itinerary for our one day adventure.  With hers and Bruno’s assistance, we never felt more comfortable in a foreign land where we didn't speak the language. :). Even though there was a storm the night before our “outdoor wedding(!)” and the road that led to our planned ceremony location had a huge boulder slide!  Despite that along with the looming threat of early February rain or overcast… Lucia, despite all odds, made our day the most magical we have or ever will experience!  From the hair stylist she chose, to the family restaurant and the photographers who captured every amazing moment… We had zero worries the entire day!  From the moment we stepped off the train, Lucia escorted us through each minute of the best day of our lives.

We are so blessed to have had Slow Dreams plan our Italy wedding and we are grateful for their friendship. :)

Melissa & Kevin

Thank you so much for everyone's help planning our wedding - it was  incredible, just what we wanted, and virtually stress-free which was the best part!  You're welcome to use me for anyone that has any questions or needs a reference...Thank you so much for all your help!  

The hotel (La Locanda) was amazing - the entire staff was just outstanding.  If we ever happen to go back to that area or hear of someone that is we will definitely recommend that hotel.  Nicola down in the restaurant was the best.  Although Cathy, at the front desk, didn't speak much English she tried her best to understand us and get us what we needed.

Our pictures turned out wonderful - Luigi and Silvia were incredibly nice and they did an outstanding job on the pictures  - this is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of pictures in Italy.  

Thank you for arranging everything - you helped make it exactly what we wanted!

Melissa & Kevin


Laura & Bryan

Janie, Bill and Lucia:



Just wanted to let you know that we have all made it home safely.  What an incredible adventure we all had in Italy.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work, we definitely couldn't have gotten it all together without your help.  The wedding was absolutely perfect!  We couldn't have asked for anything more beautiful.  Besides that, the food was to die for! 


Also, I just want you to know that our group can't say enough good things about the staff at the Grand Hotel Pianeta.  They were incredible.  The hotel, staff and food were all excellent. 


If you have anyone that would like to contact someone who had used Slow Dreams, we would definitely be willing to give you a huge thumbs up. 


Thanks again,


Laura and Bryan Nelson


Chris & Karen

Hi Janie,  I would like to thank you for absolutely everything!!!  Our wedding day was the most wonderful day of my life.  I couldn't have asked for anything more, or painted a prettier picture.   I think that I can speak for both of us when I say that we would be more than happy to give a testimonial when and where you would like.  There is nothing negative that we could possibly say about Slow-Dreams or the hotel.  Both were most helpful and accommodating.  It was definitely an experience of a lifetime and we will cherish those memories forever.  Your job has to be most rewarding.

The rest of our trip was wonderful.  We are both looking forward to returning and possibly visiting your area one day.


Thanks again for everything and please convey my gratitude to Angela and the staff at the hotel!!


Jeremy & Autumn

The Slow Dreams team took care of our every need. They were there to help us with every step of the way, from planning and decision making, to helping us find the right train to get to Rome. They hotels they recommended were all first rate, and we would not have had as much time to relax and enjoy the honeymoon without their hard work. My wife and I were already planning the next trip on the plane home, and Slow Dreams will definitely be helping us plan that as well.
In all honestly, I can’t think of a single bad thing to report, Bill.  You guys  answered every question we had, and the arrangements were perfect. 

 Thanks again,



Amanda & Nicholas

Dear Bill, Janie, Lucia,  and Alessandra,

Where do we start...we are so grateful to each of you for making our wedding day absolutely perfect.  Bill and Janie were always extremely detailed and responded immediately to our every query.  You were all very patient during the planning phase and answered each and every one of our endless questions.  John and Marta were invaluable in guiding us through the bureaucracies of the American Consulate and the Italian Prefettura in Naples.  The staff at the hotel was outstanding and always very accommodating.  The photographers, Luigi and Silvia created beautiful memories that will be treasured forever.  The location (Santa Maria di Castellabate) is truly a piece of heaven on earth and the people that live there are extraordinarily warm and welcoming.  We will look forward to returning to this special place to celebrate our marriage in the years to come.  Making the decision to get married in Italy was a difficult one, but discovering Slow Dreams made our romantic dreams a reality.  Thanks to each of you for all of your hard work and caring attention to detail.

Nicholas & Amanda

Michelle & Tim

Hi Janie:

Thank you for planning such a beautiful wedding day for Tim and I.  The hotel was much better than either of us could have ever expected.  The professionalism of the SLOW DREAMS staff, the attention to detail, FAST response to emails, and the HOTEL VILLA SIRIO were just perfect.  The entire week was like a fairy tale.  We still talk about it often, and cant wait to visit again.  I would recommend SLOW DREAMS to anyone thinking of getting married in ITALY.  At first, we were discouraged at all the paperwork needed to marry US citizens in ITALY.  SLOW DREAMS took care of all the details, from large to small.  It was very easy to get it all done.  There isn't one thing Tim and I would change about the entire week and of course the wedding day.  I still cant get over how special the day was!  The pictures, the video, the dinner, the harpist, to the accommodations!   Everything was absolutely perfect!  Thank you so very much for a wedding to treasure.


Michelle & Tim Kirkelie

 Brad & Emma

Dear Janie, Bill and Lucia,

When we first discovered your Slow Dreams website and Castello Praja on the Internet, there was no way we could have possibly imagined what a true gift we had stumbled upon.

I think it’s fair to say that we didn’t give you an easy task. At every turn it seemed we were asking the impossible from you: A short, minimally religious ceremony, a scaled back menu, almost twice as many guests as the Castle accommodated, a last minute boat trip down the coast, last minute decisions about hair, make-up and hire cars, last minute confirmations of numbers. The list goes on and on.

Of course this was made worse by the fact that at the same time we had just relocated to London from Australia, so were unable to devote as much attention as we should have to the wedding arrangements. Plus we were doing it all in a relatively short space of time, and of course there was the endless stream of questions we bombarded you with. Throughout all this you all remained so utterly helpful and kind. We lost count of the number of times you gently reminded us about something which had slipped our attention, or gave us thoughtfully considered advice.

However, it wasn’t until we travelled to the Castle that we truly realised what a gift you all were. You met us at the station, and the greeting you gave us could not have been more warm and genuine. Over the next four days you were there to support and help us, and the arrangements you had made on our behalf could not have been better.

The Castle itself was a dream. We could not (and still can’t) believe we were lucky enough to be in such a special place. Fiore, Marco, Daniella and the ladies at the Castle gave us an equally warm welcome, and could not have possibly have been more generous and thoughtful. They attended to every detail, down to the gum leaves they included in the decorations for the wedding. And the food was just superb.

I don’t think it is possible for us to ever express our gratitude enough, for all you have done for us. Our wedding celebrations were completely without stress, and were full of laughter and happiness. A wedding is such a personal moment in life, and we could not be more delighted that you were part of it. You definitely have our highest recommendation. We certainly echo the thoughts of all our guests when we say it was such an amazing and special time. We are all still pinching ourselves! Thank you so, so much once again.

Warmest regards,

Brad and Emma

Stephanie & Guy

Dear Janie and Bill, many thanks for all the hard work you put into making our wedding day so special. The venue, catering and accommodation was all top notch, and the setting at the Inn at Fiumicello was spectacular. The paperwork, ceremony, and the whole day was superbly organised. We would have no hesitation in recommending Slow Dreams to anyone looking for a romantic Italian wedding in a stunning location. Steph and Guy.

Sandy & Jerry

Hi Janie & Lucia:


Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to making our wedding day perfect!! Let us start thanking you for the Villa Ceeta. You recommended the perfect setting for our stay and our wedding. The villa was wonderful, the service excellent , the food... well perfect, and the setting charming. I think our girls enjoyed Maratea as much as any of the marvellous sights of Italy. They got this wonderful opportunity to explore the town, shop in the shops and imagine life in a coastal Italian village. I have to tell you... we will be back!

The wedding day went off without a hitch, or the slightest of nerves! Everything was perfectly planned and the minister was lovely. As any bride and groom, getting married across the sea, we worried a bit about how will our clothes be pressed, or what will the flowers would be like... honestly, we met you both, and the wonderful people at Villa Cheta, and we knew we were in good hands! We are still wondering how you managed to pull off the beautiful sunny day!

There are so many places today that cater to the "destination" wedding. So many choices. We are absolutely thrilled with ours! No crowd, no fuss, no stress. We felt so blessed to have found each other, we wanted a quite, private and intimate setting to make our commitment and receive our wedding blessing. You surpassed our expectations.


Shawn & Phil

We received our pictures yesterday.  They are amazing.  The video, album and all the pictures made our day-we have already watched it again. 
We are attaching our testimonial and a picture if you choose to use them. We could have easily written more, but.........
Thanks again for all your hard work.  We will treasure our memories forever!
Phil & Shawn


Janie & Bill:

When we decided to get married in Italy, neither of us knew the memories that we would walk away with.  After so much time looking online for a wedding service we finally found Slow-Dreams, and what a find it was. 

Along the Campania coastline lies the sleepy village of Castellabate di Santa Maria and the hotel Villa Sirio, a true hidden treasure.  From its ocean views to its elegant rooms, the Villa Sirio lives up to its royal heritage.  Alessandra, Gino and the whole Villa Sirio staff worked tirelessly with Janie and the Slow Dreams organization to make our dream come true. 

Despite the maze of governmental paperwork, Slow Dreams was by our side each step of the way.  A special thank you to John & Martina during our Naples experience, we absolutely could not have done it with out them.

The exceptional pictures and video seemed to capture our every emotion.   Each time we view them we are transported back to the terrace and the shining sun where we began our journey as man and wife.  

Our Slow Dreams experience was truly magnificent. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for making our wedding into a true fairytale.

Lilliot (Phil) & Shawn Phillips

Kiyomi & Lee

Dear Slow Dreams,

                                 Thank you, 너를감사하십시요, Arigato, Danke, Orbigado, Merci and Grazie!!  There are not enough ways to say thank you.  Kiyomi and I are truly grateful for the efforts of Slow Dreams.  When we hit Send on the initial E-mail contact with Slow Dreams, we were doubtful that anyone would entertain the idea of planning a wedding with only 8 weeks notice.  Oh yeah, and did we mention that my bride-to-be and I we were living in 2 separate countries, 8,291 miles apart, to be exact?  Not only did we receive a reply from Bill the following day, but we were given the assurance that the wedding would be spectacular.  From that moment on, the adventure began.

When we initiated the paperwork in the United States and Bahrain to obtain the infamous Atto Nottorio, we found obstacles at every turn and wondered if the paperwork, and therefore the wedding, would come to fruition.  We figured that if we couldn’t handle getting things done in the areas in which we lived, how were we going to get things done in a country to which neither of us had ever been nor did either of us speak the language?  Thankfully we managed the paperwork on the American end, but surviving Napoli was another story.  John was our savior in Napoli.  We highly recommend his services to help maneuver through the chaos known to us as Napoli.

We chose Castello Praja as the place we would pledge our eternal love.  With John’s help in Napoli, we were in the car headed for Castello Praja by midday.  What a choice we made!!  In the dictionary under the word picturesque, it says, see Castello Praja.  The castle was not only exquisite, but the castle’s family literally treated us like royalty.  From the moment we arrived at Castello Praja, we were waited on hand and foot, fed extraordinary cuisine, and treated to guided tours of the spectacular region in Praia a Mare and the surrounding villages.  We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the family of Castello Praja and the property itself.  We were in heaven during our week stay at the castle and Kiyomi’s parents can now brag about their stint as the Lord and Lady of Castello Praja.

Our wedding, on the turrets of Castello Praja overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on a perfect spring afternoon, is something that not only Kiyomi and I will talk about for the rest of our lives, but our guests will as well.  Our goal was an intimate wedding adventure, and we succeeded with a quaint wedding ceremony in Italian and English translation, fabulous sights, adventurous photographers and guests, and incredible food to keep our stomachs’ happy.  Silvia and Luigi, the photographers, took us around the town and port of Maratea and produced a fabulous album and DVD.  We are incredibly thankful to Silvia and Luigi for their hard work and creativity.  The entire experience at Castello Praja was fabulous.  Everyone left the castle with memories that will be forever etched in their minds and hearts.  And Kiyomi and I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be back someday to renew our memories.  Castello Praja is just that beautiful and special.  Thank you Slow Dreams for helping Kiyomi and I create a wedding adventure that suited our every whim.  We will cherish our experiences forever.

Our best to you all,

The Griffeys


Note :   Kiyomi and Lee's experience getting their Atto Notorio is quite unsual  -  them being in two different countries and with only 8 weeks to get the approval radically complicated the process.    Also, there is new process  in place (quite expensive) for the ancient and beautiful town of Castellabate,  which allows US Citizens to get married there very easily and very quickly - see ceremony packages. eliminating the effort that Kiyomi and Lee went through. 

Becky & James

Bill, Janie & Lucia

Thank you for everything you did to make our day special. Everyone had a fantastic time and a number of them said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to!

We loved the location (Inn at Fiumicello), which lived up to the pictures on your site, and from seeing our photos we've had 3 couples ask us where we were as they are interested in getting married there. We're quite happy to recommend you as you ensured that everything ran smoothly, it can't have been easy with us finding decision-making so difficult but you coped with that admirably.

Everything you organised we were very happy with, from the flowers to the meal. We were able to relax as we were confident everything was being looked after, and we're very grateful for that. We really don't think the day could have gone any better, it got our marriage off to a perfect start and we're so pleased we decided to come out to Maratea to do it.

Thanks again

James & Becky


Haley & Martyn - Weddings in Italy

Dear Janie, Bill, Lucia and Rosa,

Both of us wanted to say how very much we enjoyed our wedding day.  It really was the most fantastic day and better than we could have ever imagined.  Thank you all so much for making our day so special, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the time our ceremony was over!  You all made the whole process so easy, even providing answers to questions that we hadn’t got round to asking!  You were all so great in dealing with our unreasonable/unusual requests (the cricket themed table plan, Welsh and English flags, etc) and for accommodating all of our guests.  The setting for our ceremony at the Hotel Meraviglie was so romantic and perfect, and all the staff so friendly and helpful.  The area of Maratea itself is beautiful and unspoilt, and all the people we met were friendly.  We have both already recommended Maratea and your company to other people.  I am also holding Martyn to his promise of taking me back to Italy’s last hideaway for our wedding anniversaries.

Thank you once again so much, it is a day we will both remember for ever.

Hayley and Martyn Cushing!


Rachel & Duncan

Dear Janie, Bill, Lucia & Rosa,

Wow, where do we start?
Firstly, thanks to Bill and Janie for all your emails of endless information and reassurance over the past year. It's difficult to arrange a wedding & accommodation for 30 people so far away but you guys were great and also very patient. Thanks also for the great welcome packs in everyone's rooms, all our guests were very grateful for those.

When we first arrived in Maratea in absolute pouring rain, you 3 lovely ladies were there to reassure us that it'll all be fine on the day and if it was still raining, plan B was still a beautiful option. Luckily, my dad was looking down on us and the sun shone all day long which meant we could go ahead as planned and get married overlooking the sea at the stunning Il Carrubo at the Santavenere. All our guests were utterly gobsmacked at the amazing natural beauty of the surroundings at the Il Carrubo, we would recommend a wedding here to anyone and everyone! The staff at the Santavenere were more than helpful and the waiters were very charming. We had the tastiest,  most fantastic 6 course meal ever (and the most filling as well!).

The photographers, Sylvia and Luigie were great too, both so laid back they made us feel very relaxed. They even came back after the meal to take more pictures! Thank you both of you for your great work.

Lucia and Rosa did a fantastic job with decorating the tables with all the little jars and butterflies we'd brought over from England.......thank you.

To sum up the day, we had the most amazing, perfect day of our lives and feel very lucky that 28 of our closest family and friends came all the way to Maratea to share that day with us. Many of our guests have said it's the best wedding they've ever been to and also how they would love to return to that part of Italy again. The whole day ran extremely smoothly and we are both very thankful to all of you at slow dreams for making it possible. we are already planning to return for our first anniversary!

with love from

Rachel and Duncan x x


Joanne & Chris

Janie, Lucia, Bill and Rosa

Well.....What can we say?  We almost can not find words to describe what a perfect wedding, and all round experience we had.  We had our wedding in Castello Praja, Praia a Mare, and it is something we will never, ever forget.  The minute we first saw this imposing building, we were genuinely stunned at its sheer beauty and breathtaking views, and it only got better once we had a look around inside!  WOW!  Never have we, or our guests been lucky enough to stay somewhere so special, in such a stunning location.  From the minute the family of the castle met us it was genuine warmth and kindness all the way.  Not only did they make us all feel very welcome, but we felt as though they had somehow embraced us almost as part of their own family, something we were very humbled by.  Nothing was too much trouble for these wonderful people, in fact amongst the nicest we have ever met.  Even when some of our guests had experienced problems en route, both Slow Dreams and the family were on hand to make sure things were sorted out, and relieve the stress from an already stressed out bride and groom.  Wonderful.    

I have nothing but great things to say about Slow Dreams too....Every question that I have ever asked has been dealt with immediately and professionally (not always the case when dealing with other countries, I can tell you!).  We had the best day of our lives, and without Slow Dreams it certainly would not have been possible, you were with us every step of the way, and it was lovely to finally meet you (sorry I did not get to meet you too Bill).  I would recommend Slow Dreams to anyone considering a marriage in Italy, and the locations on offer can not be bettered.  We honeymooned in Sorrento, which although we enjoyed, was in stark contrast to the wonderful Italian lifestyle we experienced around Calabria, and we secretly wished we would have stayed there for the honeymoon too!  We will certainly be back, in fact, I am looking into flights as we speak!....

We can not wait to see Silvia and Luigi's handiwork on the photographs.  I have never seen two more enthusiastic photographers!  If the proofs are anything to go by they will be very interesting!

Thank you all so much for everything you have done, and helping ensure we have had not only the best day of our lives, but the best holiday too.  I'm sure most of the guests would bear testimony to that too.

Joanne and Chris (Castello Praja, September 9th 2005).


Vera & Korstiaan

Janie, Lucia, Rosa & Bill

Many thanks for helping us to organise our wedding. We could not have been more happy with the way everything turned out.

From the moment that we contacted Slow Dreams (on a rainy Sunday in Ireland) the plans for the wedding & honeymoon just came together so quickly and easily. It was just the two of us travelling over and both Janie & Bill reassured me that we would have a lovely wedding day and holiday in Italy. It was true! We spent a few months emailing and making decisions but this was all greatly helped by Janie and Bill's quick replies and recommendations.

Maratea is a really beautiful part of Italy and the La Locanda is a beautiful hotel with the best Receptionists I have ever come across. Please pass on our appreciation to them - they answered all our queries, booked restaurants, beauty treatments etc. and made us feel very welcome during our stay. The restaurant in La Locanda is really excellent and we enjoyed many nice dinners there. We also used the beach in the Santavenere hotel and we have to say that the facilities and food were excellent there also.

We cannot thank Lucia and Rosa enough for making our wedding day so relaxed and stress free. From meeting us outside the Town Hall, delivering our flowers, introducing us to our photographer to translating both Italian ceremonies and providing a tissue when it was required (thanks Lucia!), both Lucia and Rosa were great. The church was really really lovely and exactly what I imagined it would be like. Our pastor gave us a present of a bible after the ceremony and it will be something we will treasure for a long time.

What can we say about our photographers Luigi and Sylvia? They were really good and even though we had to dodge the puddles caused by the rain earlier, we had many laughs and giggles walking around Maratea's old town for photo opportunities. 1999 in Porto Maratea was an excellent restaurant and provided a lovely ending to a really excellent day. The service and food were both very good and in fact we visited it again on our last night in Maratea.

We spent our second week up in Castellabate and stayed in the Palazzo - what a lovely place! With a big pool, access to a beautiful sandy beach, excellent food , wonderful gardens it was the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the lovely warm weather before heading onto the busy city of Naples.

Again, we would like to thank you all for making our wedding day an event that we will look back on with great memories.


Vera & Korstiaan



Jody & Mark

Dear Janie,

On behalf of myself and my husband, I want to sincerely thank you and Slow Dreams for all of your assistance in creating the most beautiful and romantic wedding any woman (or man) could ask for.

To be clear, I would like to commend you on the following:

-- You and your team held the up most level professionalism

-- Incredible follow-up and responsiveness

-- Friendly and caring associates at every step of the wedding/ceremonies

-- Amazing accommodations and a beautiful setting in Santa Maria Castellabate

I was a little nervous at first working with an overseas company to plan my wedding (one of the most important days of my life). However, you and Slow Dreams way exceeded my expectations and I will be forever thankful for how special your company made our wedding day.

Thank you so much,


photo coming

Liz & Darren

Dear Lucia

Thank you so much for everything that you and the company did for our wedding. Everything was perfect,  even the thunderstorm in the evening added a bit of excitement!

 I couldn't think of enough superlatives!  We recommend the Grand Hotel San Michele and the fantastic work of the Slow Dreams team to any couple looking for the perfect hideaway in which to spend their special day.  The whole party loved every minute of their stay and we wish to thank everyone who was involved in making our wedding adventure the best and most perfect day to start our new life.

The Grand Hotel San Michele is a stunning location with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and nearby towns.  The rooms and suites are beautifully furnished and have fabulous views from their balconies.

We were warmly welcomed and all the guests settled in well with drinks and food on one of the many terraces. The service was impeccable and all the staff were on hand to provide the party with their needs.

The first part of the wedding service took place in the old town hall of the quaint town of Cetraro. The afternoon part was held on the terrace which had been decorated like the rest of the hotel with fantastic floral arrangements. Much of which had been selected and hand picked from the vast array of flora from the estate.

The planning and preparation of the wedding day was second to none and we both felt that we could not have had a more perfect day. Even the weather held out for us during the ceremony! The Italian wedding vows were the most beautiful any of the guests had ever heard and there were few dry eyes by the end.

There are so many great places to have photographs taken, with the foliage, fruit trees, steps and buildings that offer amazing backdrops.

The reception was superb and the food divine – even if there was too much! Everyone's taste was catered for on the seven courses and the chefs and waiting staff did us proud.

Thanks again




Jody & Darren

Janie, Lucia, Rosa and Bill,
We wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated all the work that was put into our wedding.  Everything was perfect.  It was the wedding of our dreams!   
Throughout the entire planning process Janie's constant help, attentiveness and wonderful suggestions were invaluable.  And when we arrived in Acquafredda we met Lucia and Rosa and were immediately impressed.  Everything was planned so well that there was virtually no stress involved!  And this was something that was very important to us!
We would also like everyone to know how much we enjoyed the Maratea area.  I must say that there is no way that pictures could ever do it justice.  From the moment that we arrived our breath was taken away from the beauty of the area.  The hotel staff at Hotel Club San Diego were wonderful!  They were so helpful and generous.  It was a great place to stay!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Thank you again for everything.  We still can not believe how lucky we were to have such a beautiful wedding and wonderful family vacation.  We would recommend your company to anyone!
With much thanks,
Jody and Darren Wick

photo coming soon

Carley & Mike

Hello Janie, 

We are back in Shanghai and have been welcomed by rain. It's usually difficult for us to come home but this time was even more difficult! We could have easily stayed a few more weeks. 

We are slowly getting settled in, unpacked and getting back into the work grind but will definitely be going on your social media channels to comment on what an amazing job your team did. From Bill's initial speedy response to our first email, to Lucia taking us around Maratea and not forgetting one detail. The hotel San Diego was perfect for what we needed and I feel as though they are underrated on their sites. The entire team there was welcoming and tolerated quite a bit! 

We had the perfect day (and days leading up to) and wouldn't have changed one single part of it. We are so excited to see the photos and have a nice bottle of Italian red to open as we look through them. 

 Thank you again and we'll be in touch soon to comment! 

Our most sincere thanks! 


Carley & Mike

photo coming

Jennifer & Billy - Weddings in Italy

hey janie,

everything went great..  the castle (Castello Praja) and the wedding were more amazing than we could have hoped for!  And Adriano and Fiore were just amazing... they took such good care of us.  It was really fabulous!

we will definitely work on a testimonial and send you some pics in the coming week.

sorry this is so short, but I've got a lot of catching up to do back at home, but we really were very pleased!

thanks for everything!!!!



Brent & Lynda

Here is the long-awaited testimonial.  I am sorry it took so long:
Everything went miles beyond our expectations.   We were blown away by the beauty of Maratea the whole time that we were there.   Our accommodations were quaint but gorgeous.  Lucia and Rosa were just an absolute pleasure to deal with.  The Pastor and Church were perfect.   It was a fairytale experience the whole way.  There could not be a more wonderful place to get married and Slow Dreams did a spectacular job.  Putting your faith in someone 6,000 miles away to handle your wedding is a leap of faith and Slow Dreams delivered and then some.
Brent and Lynda


Lisa & Brian

WOW!  Where do I begin?  The positive experience that my husband, Brian and I had with Slow Dreams was so much more than we imagined and hoped for.

We knew we wanted to get married in Italy because that's where we fell in love over three years ago.  We thought that Italy was such a romantic place.  When we did more research, we realized that our ancestors were both from around the area near Maratea!  How perfect!

We researched many different websites and coordinators extensively for many different regions all over Italy.  Bill and Janie at Slow Dreams were the most thorough and efficient coordinators we found!  We simply told Bill and Janie what our priorities for our wedding were, and they found us the perfect hotel.  My husband called them with three pages of questions :-) and they had great answers for every one of them.  We paid for the wedding ourselves and had a strict budget.  They always responded quickly, and held our hands throughout the paperwork process.  They are fluent in Italian and English which made things very easy.  They are both very diligent and organized... much more than we could have been.

We finally arrived in Italy, and Slow Dreams had organized everything to complete our paperwork in Naples.  It was so easy with all of their help!  Lucia contacted a great guide and translator named John, who was so kind and helpful!  The price for the guide was very reasonable.  The hotel in Naples was very spacious, clean and friendly.  However, the hotel was near the train station and we recommend staying in a more aesthetic area.

We decided to get away from the city and went to Sapri (10 minutes outside of Maratea) a week early.  We didn't expect Slow Dreams to take care of us until the time of the wedding, but Lucia was there to greet us at 8pm with all the necessary information and the cell phone.  She took our wedding dress and suit, so we didn’t have to travel with it. She also took our big bags so we could back-pack around Italy, and she even delivered them to our hotel in Maratea!  She was SO organized, caring, and helpful.  She was available to us as early or as late as we needed her.  We hopefully didn't take too much advantage of her availability of that because she had numerous other weddings to worry about, but she did not let us know if we were too obtrusive :-)  She went ABOVE AND BEYOND what we expected!  She organized everything for us!  She helped us with renting cars, cabs, restaurants, and with ideas with seating charts.  She even walked us over to get materials for our wedding!

Lucia went out of her way to ensure our happiness any time we started getting stressed before the wedding.  We even had a slight paperwork issue (which was my fault), and she not only remained calm and had a plan B, but she also had a plan C and D too:-)  We had so much confidence by the time the wedding came, that NEITHER of us were stressed at all!  All of the guests and the coordinators commented on how I was the calmest bride that they had ever seen!  I did not have to worry about anything.  Not only were they competent, organized, and thorough, but everyone in Slow Dreams really cared about us!  I think they even shed a tear or two when we exchanged vows:-)  We really enjoyed everyone we met from Slow Dreams.  Our guests had such a beautiful time.  The rooms were affordable, and the amazing breakfasts AND dinners came with the rooms!  All of the rooms at Gabbiano had ocean views, and at the end of the night, all of the guests would walk to the beach with a bottle of wine and look at the billions of stars that were out.  Southern Italy in May was the perfect time!

Anytime we wanted something that was not listed on their website, they were very eager to provide it for us.  For example, they helped us put together very beautiful welcome baskets for our guests.  We wanted a Calabrian Band for our wedding instead of a DJ, which they had never done before at our hotel, but they accommodated us. 

Slow Dreams was very concerned with detail, and they were worth every penny for coordination, even though we were on a tight budget.

THANK YOU Bill and Janie.  And ESPECIALLY thanks to Lucia who went above and beyond every time we needed her!  You are great at your job Lucia:-)

Brian and I truly had the happiest day of our life, and you really enabled that:-)

Lisa and Brian 

Mary & Sean

from the bride's mother and joint  wedding organizer:


Hi Janie, I just want to thank you for all your work, it was just a beautiful wedding, all of you went beyond our expectation, Alessandra & Andrea were absolutely fantastic, we could not have asked for a better setting and welcome by everybody, it was an experience that we will never forget, I am so thankful to have found your Company, I will recommend your service to anyone, it has been such a pleasure dealing with all of you and the Hotels (both the Palazzo and Villa Sirio) have done a beautiful job. I want to commend especially Alessandra and her husband for the wonderful people they have working there and them for being so helpful and enjoyable to work for.

I can't thank you and your staff enough for making Mary & Sean's the most memorable wedding I have ever witnessed. We will never forget it, it was truly a heartbreak to having to come home. I will send you a picture of Mary & Sean and some other pictures as soon as we can.
Again, thank you so much for everything, we will never forget you guys and all you have done to make this wedding so special and unforgettable.
Congratulation for a job so well done.
My best to all of you
Rita Sanzenbacher


Hi Janie,
Our wedding was absolutely wonderful...I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Alessandra was amazing...she was our life-line for everything while we were there. Lucia was extremely helpful during the event.  Thank you so much for everything. 
My mom said she sent you a testimonial so I'm attaching a picture for you to put on the website.  Let me know if any questions.
Thanks again,
Mary and Sean



Saree & Nick


We'd like to start by saying thank you to Janie and Bill, for making the planning of our wedding easy and stress-free. We weren't sure how planning a wedding in another country would be, but the entire process went so smoothly, and we would do it again in a heartbeat! We appreciate your flexibility with our changing schedules and last minute updates!! Every email we sent to you guys was responded to quickly and we really felt like we were being taken care of. Thank you for your expertise and input along the way, and helping us make decisions. Thank you so much for helping us choose a location to have our wedding, it couldn't have been more perfect. Honestly, we can't think of anything we would have done differently. Our flowers were beautiful, and the photographers did an awesome job of capturing our day, and making our photos look more like art than just pictures.

We especially appreciated that as a part of our package we had a guide in Naples for our paperwork. John was incredibly resourceful and made something that could have been stressful more like a fun adventure. He helped us carry our luggage to the train (he actually carried my dress!) and waited there until our train left.

We want to say thank you to the Villa Sirio for being absolutely amazing and wonderful to us during the course of our stay. They treated us more like family and really touched our hearts. Andrea and Alessandra worked so hard to make sure our stay was perfect, from taking us to get our nails done to hanging out with us on the beach. Our wedding dinner was spectacular, our guests agree it was the best meal they've ever eaten. We can't say enough about their staff, especially Gino and Franco who were so much fun and so wonderful to us. The town of Castellabate itself was incredible. The people welcomed us, and took the time to celebrate with us. We can't wait to go back and visit!

Thank you again Slow Dreams for making our dream wedding possible!

Saree and Nick Lorch

Belinda & Michael

When Mike and I decided to get married in Italy at first I was overjoyed, then a little panicked. How could I arrange a wedding in Italy to a venue I had never seen without speaking the language? As it turned out I didn’t have to arrange anything, Slow Dreams did it all for me and it was perfect.


First I must thank Bill for his patience. I lost count of how many times I emailed him to add more guests and hotel rooms to my ever-growing guest list.  Janie answered all my pre wedding questions at lightning speed, which was great. Although I was in another country while my wedding was being arranged I still felt like I was involved but without any of the stress! It was just a matter of outlining what I wanted and Janie did the rest.


Lucia, Francesca and Rosa met us at the Hotel Gabbiano days before the wedding to go over minor details. It was obvious from the start that Lucia had everything under control and I was immediately put at ease.


On the day of the wedding all Mike and I had to worry about were getting ourselves ready. The rest just seem to magically happen! Rosa translated the vows from Italian to English (so romantic), the weather was perfect and the backdrop was stunning. I never dreamt for a second that our wedding day would be so perfect. I have asked myself what would I change about the day if I had the chance? The answer is nothing; I honestly would not change a single thing.


The Hotel Gabbiano was a dream come true, I am so glad that’s were we chose to get married.  It is a very secluded hotel and we felt like we were in our very own paradise, the view was breathtaking, and the food was fantastic and both Mike and I were completely relaxed during the lead up to the wedding. Maratea is just beautiful.


Slow Dreams did and amazing job of making our wedding day more perfect than we ever thought possible. A perfect way to start married life!


Thank you all so much


Belinda and Mike xx


Jez & Liz

Firstly, if you are thinking should we get married abroad, then don't hesitate, just do it - short of agreeing to marry the right person its the best decision you can possibly make. Yes, you'll have fewer guests, but you'll actually be able to talk to them and you'll have a wonderful and magical set of memories binding you with them.
Secondly, if you are wondering where to get married, do it on the Maratea coast - look at the pictures on the site and times them by ten - it is simply jaw droppingly gorgeous and an infectiously relaxing place as well. Add in the fact that it's much quieter and cheaper than more well known locations and you'd be a fool to go anywhere else.
Finally, if you are wondering who to use, then wonder no more and email Bill NOW - the service we received from everyone at Slow Dreams has been exemplary throughout the 18 months we spent planning our wedding through them.
Bill, Janie and Lucia, we can't express our gratitude enough for all of your hard work - we had complete confidence in you all to turn our dreams into reality and you never once let us down. You were patient, helpful, knowledgeable and professional, but above all else you also made us feel that you cared that we had the wedding we wanted. The Hotel Villa della Meraviglie was the most perfect location, and the staff treated us so well.  Silvia, the photographer, managed to put two camera shy people completely at ease and we are delighted with our photos, and the food and wine from 1999 was fantastic. Every single one of our guests have told us that it was the best wedding they had been to and if we did it all over again, we wouldn't change a thing. A million thanks to you all, and we'll look forward to seeing you again for our anniversary(ies)!
With love,
Jez and Liz Kinsman 

Emma & Irwin

Hi Janie,

We had a truly fantastic time in Maratea, the wedding turned out so beautiful

it was way beyond our expectations. Everyone enjoyed it so much it was unbelievable!!

We are still on our honeymoon and have just checked the email this evening.
The photos look fantastic we will have a hard job choosing!! Is there a number of photos we are allowed to choose for the album and how many loose?

Please thank Lucia and Emma for their help and guidance on the day.
We will be back in Ireland mid week so will get back to you on the choice of photos then.

We will definitely be sending on a glowing testimonial when we get back, we couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.

Once again thanks so much!!

Emma and Irwin Malone

Natasha & Nick

Hi Bill, Janie, Lucia, and Emma,

Just back from Honey moon in Sardinia, and wanted to write and say a million thanks to all of you, you have been fantastic, right through from the very beginning to the end.

Thanks so much Bill, for all your help in the beginning and answering all my questions, even the silly ones, I really did bombard you with them, and you were just great in answering them for me. Janie too, in getting things organised and also answering my questions, you have been fantastic.

A really, really huge, special thank you to Lucia, you are one in a million, absolutely fantastic, from e-mail, answering all my questions, helping me put the final touches together, and then your amazing support too once out in Italy, and last but not least, Emma, thanks you so much also for all your support and help in Italy, for a new girl just training you were fab!!

Slow Dream are an excellent organisation, you made everything so easy for us, and also made it all possible, we really couldn't have done it without you, You made our day like a fairytale, you took all the stress away, there were no hitches on the day, and you always kept us in the picture and made great suggestions! I have no doubts in recommending you. If only things had been easier when we tried to organise our UK reception, you were 100 times better than any UK supplier we encountered.

The day it self was better than I ever imagined it would be, it all came together so well (We are still smiling about all of it), the band were brilliant, the photographers were amazing, what lovely people they were, they really made us feel relaxed. Big thanks to them.

The church (on the mountain) itself and surrounding area was surreal, it was beautiful, like some out of a fairytale.

Lucia, also big thanks for organising our boat trip with Mario, that was a great day, a nice wind down after the big day itself, Mario was fab, what a personality he is!!

Nick and I had the time of our lives thanks to Slow Dreams, really can't say thank you enough, you've all been great and made the whole experience wonderful and memorable. You gave us the most amazing, emotional, memorable day. All of our guests say it is the best wedding they have ever been to. We all loved Maratea, and I think most of is will return at some point, it's a beautiful, breath taking place, and we all miss it. Hopefully Nick and I will return with our Bambino's one day.

Once again thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Nat & Nick

Donna & Tim

Janie, Lucia and Bill, 

Tim and I could not have been more pleased with our decision to have our wedding at The Villa Cheta.  Their setting was perfect for an outdoor evening ceremony.  The Villa has such a wonderful atmosphere with a friendly professional staff, comfortable rooms, very enjoyable meals and not to forget their beautiful grounds!  We chose to have all our wedding pictures taken there and if the photos look as good as the proofs we made a great decision!

You three, along with the rest of your staff, were great in addressing all our issues and questions along the way and we can’t thank you enough for helping to make our “special day” just that.  We would not hesitate to tell everyone we hear that wants to get married to use Slow Dreams and especially the Villa Sul Golfo as the place to make their dreams become a reality!

We know we’ll be returning again.

Best regards,

Donna & Tim

May 24, 2006

Naomi & Frank

Dear Janie, Bill, Lucia and Emma,

We wanted to share with you just how pleased we are with our experience using Slow Dreams to plan our destination wedding.

We left all of our wedding plans in your hands and could not have had a more pleasant, memorable and relaxed experience. From the beginning, when we contacted you only 6 months from our desired wedding date to the end when we said our vows, we could not have been happier.  Our ceremony went off without a hitch and Lucia and Emma were so helpful.  They were pleasant to work with and their demeanor made it seem as if we had two friends there with us.  The civil service at the town hall was handled beautifully as well as the romantic sunset ceremony at the Villa and we are lucky enough to have wonderful pictures and video of the event that perfectly captured our experience.  The photographers that you chose from TTL Photo, Silvia and Luigi, were so professional and nice that we ended up having drinks with them the day after our wedding.

Villa Cheta was absolutely fabulous with breathtaking views of the countryside, mountains and ocean.  The staff was superb and the food was simply perfect.   Every evening there was a pleasure.  As a matter of fact, our experience in Maratea was so wonderful that we decided to cancel the rest of our trip which was going to be in Capri and remain at Villa Sul Golfo for an extra 5 days!

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the planning; right from the translator, Mr. Waddington in Naples (personal guide to take couples to the American consulate) to the Maitre’D, Biaggio at the Villa we had an incredible time.

Again, thanks so much for your help and we will most certainly recommend your services to any one of our friends looking to do a destination wedding in the future.


Naomi and Frank Licari

Vivian & Todd

Joyous! Magical! Charming! Enchanting! Romantic! Unforgettable! There are not enough superlatives to fully describe our wedding facing the sea on the veranda of the Villa Sirio in Santa Maria di Castellabate. 

Bill, Janie & Lucia with Slow-Dreams made planning our wedding effortless from the moment we sent off our first email through the wedding dinner. The entire experience was stress free (with the exception of driving in Naples and our parents being inconvenienced by a train strike) and virtually seamless. We planned every detail by email and fax and just showed up! Everything from the planning, the accommodations, the site of the wedding, the food and wine, the Italian civil ceremony and the photographers was handled beautifully, professionally, and with unparalleled excellence.

John Waddington, our navigator through the legalities in Naples, escorted us from our hotel to the American Consulate and then to the Italian government office, where his assistant, Marta, was already waiting with the necessary stamps and a number that placed us at the front of the line. John was delightful and made what could have been a chaotic & frustrating process easy.   

Our Slow-Dreams event manager, Alessandra at the Villa Sirio, coordinated everything beautifully. The accommodations were beautiful. We and all of our guests had rooms with views and the sounds of the sea. Alessandra eased us through all of the paperwork, escorted us to the town hall several times and provided translations beyond what we would have expected. She arranged mini buses to take groups to Paestum and Pompeii and arranged transportation to the train station for our guests. Her husband even drove a guest to the hospital in the middle of the night after a fall, and Alessandra met us at the hospital the next morning to assist with communicating with the doctors. She is a truly amazing!

Thanks to everybody at Slow-Dreams for a truly wonderful experience.

Vivian & Todd Harrington

Winchester, Virginia

Ashley & Jason


When we decided to have a destination wedding, the first thing we had to come to terms with, was that we couldn't get upset if the flowers, cake, ceremony, etc. was not exactly what we wanted.  Instead of picking the vendors yourself, tasting the cake and food yourself, you are basically trusting someone else to do all of this for you.  Someone who doesn't know anything about your personality or preferences.  It was a little scary, but we decided that hopefully the destination that we chose, would be so great that it overshadowed any shortcomings that could have evolved from having a stranger do everything for you.

We chose Italy first and then chose Slow-Dreams because when the gorgeous pictures came up on the internet, we felt like there was no other place in Italy to get married.  We began emailing Slow-Dreams to get information...From that point on, everything was handled so professionally. No question was left unanswered, no request was made unattainable.  Over a year and a half's time, we were in communication with Slow-Dreams at least a few times a week if not more. They took the time to really get to know us and our personalities.
They were so accommodating at every turn.  No matter what it was we asked, they made it happened.

Over time, we sent them pictures that we found in a bridal magazine of the flowers we would like. In the bouquet there were these unripened raspberries that added a touch of greenery.  It was so beautiful.  Our expectation was hopefully the colors would at least be the same as the ones in the magazine (because all those brides out there who like to be in control, it's a scary things to relinquish it).  We discussed what we wanted in the cake, and again we tried not to expect too much because they do wedding cakes very differently in Italy than they do in the U.S.  Also, not being able to do the cake tasting yourself, anything could happen, right?

When it came time to do the paperwork, Slow-Dreams stayed on top of us to make sure we completed everything we needed to on our end.  Everything you read about getting married in Italy, tells you  there is a lot of red tape.  Luckily for us, it seemed that Slow-Dreams absorbed most of that hassle and made the process very easy  for us.  They even had someone meet us in Naples to take us around to get our paperwork in Italy completed.  And my goodness!  We would have been so lost without their help in Naples! They took amazing care of us.  Thanks John and Marta!

Now for the week of the wedding...Slow-Dreams was incredibly accommodating, even to our guests.  Making sure we had transportation wherever we needed to go, suggesting the best places to eat (which there are MANY). They really just wanted to make sure that we were always happy.
The day of the wedding, it was pouring down rain!  Slow-Dreams was so comforting to me that day, and Lucia and Rosa worked with the hotel (The Santavenere) to make sure that plan B was  just as amazing as plan A would have been.  One thing I really appreciated was that while I was stressed out all day because of the rain, Lucia was behind the scenes talking constantly to the hotel about what we needed to do, without me even knowing or being bothered with it.  They really do everything they can to take all of the stress away from the bride. And not only did it turn out beautifully, but the sun came out and we even got a rainbow!  How is that for good luck?

As for the cake, food, and flowers...When they brought the flowers into my room,  I was in awe!  They bouquets were an EXACT replica of the flowers in the magazine.  The un-ripened raspberries were even in it!  The food was out of this world!  And usually, at many weddings, that is the most disappointing part!  Not at our wedding!  We can officially say that is was the best food any of our 25 guests had ever tasted at a wedding!
And the cake was beautiful!  It had fresh flowers that matched my bridesmaids bouquets and it tasted incredible and moist.  It was so perfect!

We began this experience feeling like we would possibly have to settle because we were letting other people take care of everything.  Now we realize that is the beauty of doing something like this.  Because as they bride, I'm so glad I didn't have to worry about every little detail.  Literally everything was handle for me, and I was just able to relax and enjoy the moment.  This also speaks to how important it is to choose a great company to plan your wedding. You want a company that is going to handle every little detail with the same care and importance, just as if it was their own wedding.  That is exactly what Slow-Dreams did for us.  Jason and I got very lucky finding Slow-Dreams.  Even some of our guests who had been to other destination weddings said how lucky we got with this company.  It was truly unbelievable!  We did not have to settle at all. In fact, it not only exceeded our expectations, it was the kind of wedding you think you can only dream about.

Bill, Janie, Lucia, and Rosa...our dear friends...thank you so much for making the most special day of our lives everything that it should have been.  We are so grateful for the special care you took to make sure that we had everything we wanted.  Maratea is a magical place, and you all are wonderful people.  Thank you.

Ashley & Jason DeFranco


Hi Janie!

We just got back last night, and it was amazing!  I don't think we could have picked a better time to be in Italy with the World Cup finals and ITALY WINNING!  The whole experience was unbelievable.  And the wedding...I'm sure you all are used to getting these gushing emails from all the weddings you do, but it too was unbelievable.  I'm sure you heard that I was stressed about the rain.  But you know what, as soon as it was time to put on my dress, I didn't have a care in the world. 

Lucia and Rosa were a godsend!  The flowers, I can't even tell you how happy I was with them.  And the food!  My only regret on the food was that I wished I could have eaten A LOT more but I didn't want to be busting out of my beautiful dress! :)

I cannot wait to see the photos!  They said they took 400 and I imagine we will upgrade our package.  I need to send you a list of songs for the video.  After discussing it with the videographer, I decided that it would be better to do so.  I will get those to you by tomorrow.

I cannot believe we have been talking for so long.  I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you.  Thank you so much for everything!  I'm sure you hear this from every wedding you do, but we loved it and we could not have wished for ANYTHING more.  In a few days, once I get settled, I will be sending a great testimonial for you to put on your website.  I just have to wait a few days to let my brain start functioning again.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!  I will talk to you soon.


Olga & Nick

Bill, Janie and Lucia

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful job that you did organizing our wedding – it has been a great experience for us and our friends and family.  From the very beginning you have been very responsive and professional.  Organizing a wedding in a different country may be very difficult but you made it very easy and efficient for us!

The event was exactly what we both wanted our wedding to be.  I think the choice of the country and the location was perfect!  Maratea will always be a very special place for us and we will be going back for many years.  It is such a beautiful place and the fact that it is so secluded makes it even more special.  I think we were very privileged that we were able to find such a special place and such a great company to work with! 

Special thanks to Lucia for being so helpful and suggesting so many great ideas.  Her knowledge of the area, the venues and other options was incredible.  It’s a shame that we couldn’t have a boat trip due to the weather but again Lucia was very efficient in keeping us up to date and cancelling the arrangement.  And the party was such a success that not that many people would have been able to make it to the boat anyway J. 

For me a bride organizing a wedding overseas it was a real pleasure to work with both Janie and Lucia finalizing all the details for the big day.  Thank you to both of you for being so flexible and supportive – I must have been the most “unstressed” bride as you made wedding planning a very easy and fun job for me. All I had to do is research what I wanted and let you know. 

The set up of the dinner area was absolutely beautiful and the wedding flowers were stunning!  The food was great!   We seemed to have run out of appetizers but it was only a minor issues as we hade plenty of the main courses left.  Thank you again for all your help! 


Olga and Nick

Photo coming

Hannah & Rob

Dear Janie,

We had a lovely wedding, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Hotel Villa Sirio and Castellabate. We would highly recommend it, whether for a wedding, honeymoon or just a holiday. Allessandra, Andreas and their entire team at Hotel Villa Sirio were fantastic, the Hotel was beautiful, and the ceremony and reception were superb. We would like to thank you all at Slow Dreams, too - all the arrangements were made with minimal input from ourselves, and everything went perfectly. It was all so easy.

In particular, Janie, I would like to thank you for your kindness and understanding re the difficulties I had last year.

With best wishes and many thanks for a fantastic wedding,

Hannah and Rob

Laura & Dave

Janie, Bill, Lucia and Francesca,

Just back from honeymoon and wanted to thank you all so much for organising THE BEST wedding for us, we had such a wonderful time. We fell in love with Maratea and the venue ‘Inn at Fiumicello’ from the moment Bill showed us around! We couldn’t have received a better service, from the minute we got in touch with you nearly 18 months ago to the day of our wedding, the whole experience has been tremendous and stress free.

From initial discussions with Bill, who answered a million questions and took the time to show us lots of different venues, to planning the details of the wedding with Janie and then the onsite expertise of Lucia – everything exceeded our expectations. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Lucia & Francesca who made everything on the day possible, even when it rained!! It was probably the only day of rain in the 3 weeks we were in Italy but with the stunning setting and smooth organisation of the wedding, it didn’t matter at all. Thank you Lucia for answering all our pre-wedding emails (and there were loads), for getting the ‘guest gifts’ for the rooms, and for sorting out small surprises for us on the day such as the frame for our table planner – you are simply the best!! Oh and finally, thank you to Luigi the photographer who captured all the events of the day in some stunning photos, he even took the time to take pictures the next day because it was so wet on the day of the wedding.

We had an amazing time in Maratea, and all our guests did too. The area is much more stunning than the Amalfi coast and we would definitely recommend Maratea and Slow Dreams to anyone that is considering getting married in Italy.

Thanks again to a great team for organising our special day!

Laura and Dave

Photo coming

Melissa & Ben

Dear Slow-Dreams Family,

            We are finally back in Mississippi, and things have pretty much returned to normal for us. I wanted to write and let everyone know how much we appreciate all the hard work that went into planning our wedding. No words can describe how special and memorable the entire event was for us.

            Janie and Bill, from the very beginning of the planning process I was in awe of your helpfulness and professionalism. You must have answered over 100 emails from me!! People here in the states cannot believe I was able to plan an entire wedding in Italy

from Mississippi. What they don’t realize is exactly how much advice you gave me on every detail from picking the right wedding package for us to general traveling tips for Italy. When I think of all the time you spent arranging EVERYTHING (legal paperwork, wedding package details, our stay at Hotel Gabbiano, rental car service, the list could go on and on), I am so thankful to have had such knowledgeable and caring people looking out for us.

            Lucia and Emma, when we think of Italy, we think of you.  You took care of all of our worries from lost luggage to the last minute scooter ideas with grace and ease. You treated me and my family like we were part of yours. For that I will always think of you with much love in my heart. I will never forget any of your warm hospitality, especially the surprise good-bye at the train station before we left!

            The people, places and companies you recommended to us also exceeded all we could have ever hoped for. Jon and Marta were so helpful and experienced. We could not have made it out of Naples with our paperwork without them. Hotel Gabbiano was like a dream. I have never been to a more beautiful spot on Earth; the view from our hotel room was absolutely breath-taking. Not only was its location beautiful, Gabbiano’s staff was just wonderful. Restaurant 1999 was a perfect choice as well. I know I will never enjoy a better meal than the one we dined on that evening overlooking the port of Maratea.

            As I type now, I am tearing up thinking of all the wonderful memories you all helped us create. Our wedding experience was the best experience of our lives. I cannot think of a better place than Maratea to celebrate the beginning of a new life and family. I cannot think of a better organization than Slow-Dreams to plan such a celebration. You, the entire Slow-Dreams family, have a permanent place in our hearts. Benjamin and I are looking forward to a wonderful, long, happy life together, and we are honored to have Slow-Dreams be a part of our marriage.


                                                                                  Melissa Wise Philley



Lucy & Mark

Dear Lucia, Janie & Bill,
We wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding truly amazing. From the first email (and the hundreds that followed) to the last day of our trip you have all been so helpful and have gone out of your way to make our wedding better than we could ever imagine.
The Hotel Meraviglie and location was beautiful and our 35 guests were bowled over by the surroundings when they arrived. We had such a fantastic week leading up to the wedding day. Lucia was on hand all week in case there were any problems (which there weren't) leaving us to relax!
The day of the wedding was perfect. We loved having two ceremonies. First the town hall where even the mayor fitted into our 'Red' theme and then the second ceremony at the Hotel. I will never forget walking down the steps to the aisle to be greeted by our guests, the sunshine, a string trio and seeing for the first time the area set up for the wedding. It was beautiful.
There was not a dry eye in the house when the registrar read the most romantic reading we have ever heard accompanied by the strings. The fact that it was all in Italian made it even more special.  Friends have since asked for copies of that reading and told us it was the most romantic wedding they have attended.
The effort that Lucia and the caterers went to, to include our lemon theme into everything from the flowers to the cake to decorations on the canapé table was just fantastic. Everything just seemed to happen - it all ran so smoothly and not once did we worry about anything! We must have been the most relaxed bride and groom ever. We were able to enjoy our day without having to think of anything...and Lucia was there all night - she is amazing!
Since we have arrived home we can not stop thinking back to our 'Italian Job'. Many of our guests have called to say how wonderful it all was and I think in many ways we are all unable to put into words just how fantastic it all was. We are definitely coming back for our 1st wedding anniversary and will invite our guests again! This could be an annual event!
Thank you! It was perfect!
Lucy & Mark Ashton

Gina & Terry


The photo's have just arrived and they are amazing. Thank you again for all the hard work you have put in over the past year and helping to create a day I we will never forget.

I will send a testimonial in the next few weeks when I get a moment to catch my breath.

Thanks again

Gina  XX


Diana & Ian

Hi Janie:


We would to do it all over again!! We had a magical day. Throughout the
whole day I kept saying how amazing everything was I truly couldn't have imagined it to be so beautiful. Your attention to detail down to the berries in our champagne glasses. It was first class all the way. We only have praise and admiration for the team of slow dreams, they made it all so easy.

From the moment I found the website definitely the only one that captured my imagination and also the ease at navigating my way round was a joy !!
Bill answered every question and more, from the word go our whole experience  with Bill, Janie and Lucia was a complete stress free joy. Any request they considered and then made possible.

The ceremony at Villa Maratea was Romantic, simple and true to us both, there were tears all round. The catering was exceptional and the staff and team were polite, helpful and met all our needs. From the flowers to the music it was all such a pleasure for us to enjoy.

Ian and I our families and friends had a great holiday also the Villa Maratea has an amazing setting surrounded by mountains overlooking the sea.With 16 of us staying there the hub was the pool and BBQ made perfect with the gorgeous Maratea town below.

We have many amazing memories, we had guests writing to us thanking us for such an magical day and introducing them to the Romance of Italy. Can't
wait to come back. Thank you all for everything and more, we couldn't have ever imagined for our wedding day so perfect and the beginning of our lives together to be any better. Thank you !!!!! Diana and Ian

Natasha & Jody

Hi Janie, I know I have thanked you all various times during our correspondence & I have also told everyone this end about you all but I just realised that I still had not got round to writing you a testimonial for your website, so here goes:
If you are reading this, you have probably just found the Slow Dreams website during a search. Don't look any further !

If you want a magical wedding day that you will always remember, then you have found the right site. December, I was you, reading the testimonials & trying to decide. I had never been to this region of Italy however we took the chance & put the deposit down on a venue without seeing it or visiting the area. Friends & family thought we were mad ! We eventually visited about 6 weeks later to find everything from the venue to the area was amazing. The photographs on the website do not justify how beautiful the places really are. On top of that, the wedding co-ordinator (Lucia) is absolutely amazing & gets the impossible done. Everything we asked for, she arranged, nothing was too much trouble. The whole team was brilliant. Emma who is Lucia's right hand man, helped with a flower display on the day which turned out absolutely fantastic. We can't say enough about everything & everybody. The venue was a dream come true, the food was excellent, the DJ was brilliant & the photographers took the most amazing photos.


They say arranging a wedding is stressful, thanks to Slow Dreams mine was fun !
It was the best day of our lives & perfect in every way. Our guests can't stop talking about how perfect it all was & that it was the best wedding they have ever been to.


Lucia, thank you for everything you did for us from sourcing out a baker, taste testing, arranging our favours & even visiting a pet shop which I am sure was a first & a very unusual request.


We'll definitely be back !  
Thanks a million times over for everything.
Natasha & Jody x x x
photograph coming

Alana & Philip

Finding slow dreams was a miracle for my husband and I!!!
We were having immigration problems (see note below) and Slow Dreams provided the answer. My husband is American and I am British and we decided to go for the no-hassle/fast track visa option, it proved well worth the money!! If anyone has had immigration problems you will know that having the paperwork handled in a quick and efficient manner is priceless.
The team at slow dreams were in contact with me constantly throughout the whole planning progress and when we arrived in Italy they gave us a cell phone and really took care of us.
The area where the weddings are held is breathtaking!!! We were first married by the mayor in a civil ceremony and even that was beautiful, the words were just perfect.
Later in the day we held a religious ceremony and it was just perfect! We were surrounded by flowers and lush plants, with the water at our back. The minister was lovely and it was fun having the ceremony first delivered in Italian and then translated. Slow Dreams blew me away! I didn't know what to expect but I was happily surprised. My flowers were amazing, so beautiful! The hairdresser was great! The photographers were so much fun and we have amazing pictures of our special day. The hotel (l'approdo) was really nice and we had an amazing view, they also provided us with a really delicious reception meal and lovely cake. For those that are not use to the heat be careful, we were married in June and the hotel doesn't turn the AC on until July so it was very hot! However, when Slow Dreams discovered this they quickly provided us with a fan which helped. Looking back it was an amazing day, It was perfect and I can't think of anything that I would change. The locals are very friendly and its a really relaxing environment. We are planning to go back for our anniversary. I would tell anyone thinking of using Slow Dreams but is a bit nervous or unsure to go ahead! They will bend over backwards to provide you with what you want for your wedding day!

Note from Slow Dreams:

Philip is a US citizen living in the UK.  He found that by using the "no-hassle-approval", he did not have to worry about getting approval from an Italian consulate or paperwork that was in the Sates. e.g., birth certificate.   He simply could bring his passport to the American consulate in Naples.


Gemma & Rob

Hi Janie:

I am so happy with the way everything turned out the day couldn't have gone any better. Me and Rob have been planning this wedding for over 2 years ( which was probably a little too long ) but Janie and Lucia were with us every step of the way. The only real means of communication was via email but they would respond to every mail within 24 hours with an answer.

There were a lot of changes to our guest list ( which I lost track of in the end ) but Janie was constantly on the ball with numbers and anything i may have forgotten or missed which was great.

The hotel (Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie) the wedding party stayed in ( organised by slow-dreams ) was beautiful with stunning views over the sea and a lovely swimming pool in the
hotel grounds. Everybody felt like they had a really chilled holiday most of which was spent by the pool and it gave everyone a chance to bond before the big day.

The Santavenere grounds where we had the wedding are breath taking. If its an outdoor wedding you are after then this is the place to do it. Everywhere you look there is a stunning view with the sea one side of you and mountains the other. As soon as you arrive you know you are in a 5 star resort but the staff are really down to earth and friendly.

We chose to have a buffet in the evening and i have never seen a buffet like it-forget sausage rolls and cheese on a stick this was fresh Parma ham presented on a 3 tier platter and lots of different types of fresh fish. There were at least 4 tables full of food with plenty of variety with everything from fresh prawns and fresh meat to vegetarian pasta dishes and risotto.

The party went on well into the small hours no-body wanted the day to end!
We will be going back to the Santavenere for a holiday and so will some of our wedding party no doubt!

Thank you so much for your time, effort and patience Janie,, Lucia, Rosa and


Gemma and Rob.

Creena & Michael

Dear Janie, Lucia and Bill
Thanks you all so much for organising my wedding. We had such a lovely day, maratea was absolutely beautiful. The boat was amazing. Everything was just perfect.
We have all fallen in love with maratea and are returning for hols next year.
Thank you all for your hard work.
Creena and Michael x

Manda & Rob

Dear Lucia, Janie and Bill

Thank you so much for your help, advice and organisation of our recent wedding,  we couldn’t have been more thrilled with your input throughout the process.  From Bill’s (very patient!) advice which helped pinpoint exactly what we wanted from our day, to Janie’s efficient organisation throughout the planning stages, onto Lucia’s responsiveness to our needs on the day, it was more than we could ever have hoped for .

When researching wedding planners, Slow Dreams stood out as genuinely flexible, exceptionally helpful and friendly, and very accommodating – truly understanding our desire for a really intimate day.  Your sensitivity to our wishes made the planning and carrying out of the day a true pleasure. 

On the day of our wedding, Lucia genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself, which added to our pleasure immensely.  It was like having a great friend around to look after us, and who handled our queries and requests with exceptional charm. Stopping for a coffee between ceremonies was one of the unexpected highlights of the day, and looks great as part of the photographic memories beautifully provided by Luigi and Silvia.

We can’t recommend Slow Dreams highly enough, and have already passed on your details to others.

If we’d thought getting married was going to be this much fun we’d have done it years ago!

Thanks again, and all the best,

Manda and Rob xx

Gillian & Eric

A message from Gillian's mom

Dear Janie,


I want to thank everyone involved in the planning of my daughter's wedding.  Everything was just beautiful - we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting and the hotel (Hotel Gabbiano) was lovely.  The staff was great, Pasquale, our waiter was the best.  Words can't describe how great the food was, we all ate until stuffed each night.  Lucia (?, spelling) was wonderful, she arranged an outing in Maratea the night before the wedding and made reservations for dinner for us - we had a great time.  Now we are hoping Gillian and Eric return for anniversary trips and invite us. 

Thank you again, Mary-Ellin Parsons.

Photo coming

Rachael & Dan

Dear Lucia, Janie and Bill

From start to finish you surpassed all our expectations to ensure our wedding was beyond our wildest dreams…. And then some….

Our wedding planning journey began in the UK with exploring different ceremony options and wedding venues.  As nothing felt right, we became convinced that we would have to settle for something we didn’t necessarily desire for the big day. 

Urged by a friend to describe my dream wedding, I confided that I’d always wanted to get married on a beach, surrounded by close family and friends.  The next day I googled “Beach Weddings Europe” and found Slow Dreams.  Bill responded to all queries efficiently and it soon became clear that Slow Dreams could fulfil our wish list by providing something different to the other companies, such as getting married on a Sunday, on a beach and offering us hotels we could take over.  

The entire wedding planning process was so easy.  My family were amazed that I was so relaxed, but this was as Lucia and Janie helped me with absolutely everything.  They often responded to my emails within hours and I was reassured by their experienced advice as they guided us towards what would become our dream wedding.

My only concern was whether our 70 guests would be as enthralled with the area as we were - but they all absolutely loved Sapri!  The restaurants were of excellent quality and value, the bars were great fun, and being so close to the beach was fantastic. We were totally spoiled by the staff at Hotel Pisacane who couldn’t do enough to ensure our stay was amazing.  I can not recommend them highly enough. 

The Wedding Day was phenomenal. I’d repeatedly told Lucia that we didn’t need a plan B as it wasn’t’ going to rain. In fact, there was not a cloud in the sky all day. The ceremony on the deserted beach was breathtakingly magical.  The beauty of the bay and the intensity of being lucky enough to get married there overwhelmed us all. 

Our biggest surprise was how welcomed we were by the entire town of Sapri. There were over 100 people lining the beach waiting for our boat to return - they seemed to really enjoy having us there and this really added to the atmosphere.  I must thank Hotel Pisacane so much for ensuring the reception went as smoothly as it did.  We were not an easy party to cater for as we literally danced from the moment we arrived back.  They totally accommodated us in this respect and the buffet was outstanding.  Everyone thought the food was incredible

I feel so privileged to have found such a fantastic wedding planner in Lucia.  EVERYTHING she suggested, from the hotel, to the band, to the hairdresser etc was perfect.  I felt as if my hand was held from start to finish. All our guests had a fantastic time and many told us it was the best wedding and event they had ever been to.   I must say, we agree!!  

I hope to see you all soon!!

Love Rachael and Dan xx

Emma & Nick

Dear Slow Dreams
We would like to say a huge thank you for organising our wedding in Maratea. The whole experience was stress-free, and far easier than we had imagined arranging a wedding abroad to be. It was a lovely gift to our friends and family to bring them to such a beautiful place, and they all fell in love with Maratea.
Our wedding was absolutely perfect, the Santavenere with its breathtaking views, the weather and our choice to have the classical trio (who were excellent by the way), helped to make a romantic, fairytale setting that left not a dry eye in the house! Indeed, almost all of our guests said it was the best wedding they had been to. I don't think we could have found a more beautiful place to say our vows.
The Santavenere hotel is certainly a hidden jewel, the hotel's setting and the service were exceptional. The staff were so professional and accommodating without being at all intrusive. 
Lucia, Bill & Janie were great, everything ran smoothly, going from our initial enquiry until the wedding day and I would highly recommend Slow Dreams and the area of Maratea to anyone considering getting married in Italy. It was truly the best day of our lives, and a day that neither us nor our family and friends will ever forget.
Nick & Emma

Deidre & Cian

Dear Lucia, Janie and Bill, 

thank you very much for making our wedding in the Church of the Immaculata and in the Hotel Gabbiano such a wonderful day.

Acquafredda is a picturesque little village in a gorgeous setting and the staff at the Gabbiano were extremely attentive to everyone's needs. Our guests are still talking about the wonderful setting and the delicious food they had there.

Bill, Janie & Lucia: from our initial contact with you by phone to your responsiveness by email and your attention on the day and follow-up you were available to answer every question and handle any request. Thank you again! We really enjoyed our wedding day and only wish we could do the whole thing again.


Deirdre & Cian

Scott & Dee

Hi Janie,
We just recently began the process of re-joining the "real world" this week :(
Our wedding was a dream come true in large part thanks to John and Alessandra. Both Scott and I were very impressed with the entire Slow-Dreams process, staff and professionalism. We do intend to write a piece that our own travel agency is waiting for and we're sure you'll be pleased.




Janie - Let me second what Dee said.  Slow-dreams and your staff made for a memorable experience.  We hope to get together tomorrow night to give you a full response.  Suffice it to say than on a scale of 1-10 we would rate it at no less than a 14.





I would like to expand on my thoughts.  First, when we reached Naples we had no trouble connecting with John that evening.  He was extremely pleasant and accommodating.  The next morning when we came down a few minutes before we were to meet him, he was standing there waiting on us with a genuine smile and wonderful manner.  He wasted no time getting us to the consulate and, thanks to his knowledge, we went to the head of the line.  Following his instructions, we finished the paperwork there in about 30 minutes.  He predicted, correctly, every thing that the consulate staff would do. 


Then we went to some Italian gov't office to get the documents authenticated.  Thanks to his associate (I think her name was Marta) who got there early to be at the head of the line we were the # 1 to be processed.  Again, we were gone in record time.  The entire process was over by 10 am or shortly thereafter. 


Then John took the time to explain to us exactly how to get to the train station and get tickets.  He was right on.


John was of tremendous help.  I can't imagine getting the paper work done without him.  No doubt we would still be in Naples chasing from one office to another and still not have the paperwork done.  Please convey to John our sincere thanks for his efforts (highly successful) and splendid attitude.


Now we get to Castellabate.  Alessandra had cars waiting on us when we got off the train, and they whisked us to the hotel in no time at all.  The hotel (Villa Sirio) exceeded out expectations by a mile.  The owners were not only charming, they were genuinely friendly.  Our room was beautiful as well as very comfortable and the view........  The next day Alessandra had every thing lined up and as a result it went smoothly. 


Then the day of the wedding.....again Alessandra was right there taking care of everything and catering to our every need.  The wedding went off without a hitch due to her tireless efforts.  She is a gem.


I could go on, but I think you get the point that we were more than satisfied with slow-dreams.  You guys have a great company, provide excellent service and value, and John and Alessandra are simply the best.


Please feel free to refer prospective clients to us.  We will be happy to sing the praises of slow-dreams, and your staff, especially Alessandra.


Scott & Dee

Kristen & Mark

Dear Janie, Bill and Ornella,
Mark and I would like to give our greatest thanks to you all for your fantastic help in organising our beautiful wedding at San Michele.
When we decided to marry in Italy, we were drawn to your website by the many lovely testimonials from couples that had already been married in Italy with the help of Slow Dreams. The glowing praise and grateful messages of thanks we can say are well and truly deserved.
When deciding at which location to marry, Bill was incredibly helpful; listening to what we wanted our day to be and recommending San Michele from our shortlist, bringing it to life for us from description of how he came across the hotel and from his own experience of visiting and staying there. We were sold.
Janie, what can we say? Thank you for being so wonderful in getting Mark and I organised! We were so appreciative for your help and patience in answering our many questions so promptly and for the gentle reminders of the things we needed to be focussed on or make decisions for. You kept us on track and we didn't have a thing to worry about because you'd already taken care of everything for us!!
We are sorry we didn't get to meet you and to thank you in person; as it was just the two of us on our wedding day, your enthusiasm and excitement for us in the lead up to the big day really meant a lot. Your lovely message on our wedding day (via Ornella) and also after our wedding photo's were published was so kind; and it's these small things that made our experience with Slow Dreams feel very personalised.
Finally, we'd especially like to thank the wonderful Ornella and the fabulous staff at San Michele for making both our wedding day - and our entire stay - absolutely magical. From the moment we arrived until the minute we left, we were were treated so warmly and like family. Ornella was an angel and went above and beyond in so many ways to make sure we were well taken care of - far more than we would have ever expected her to do. Her suggestions for where we might like to have our ceremony, our photographs and our wedding meal were perfect and were even more so on the day itself. We were so glad that we had chosen San Michele; what a stunningly beautiful place to exchange our vows on the balcony overlooking the coastline of Cetraro and the ocean.
Because of all the work that both Janie and Ornella had done, our wedding day went so smoothly. Mark and I had nothing to do other than to relax, dress up and enjoy the happiest day of our lives. Does it get much better than that?
San Michele will always be so incredibly special to us both and without doubt we will return to celebrate future anniversaries. Thank you again for helping to make the memories of our wedding as perfect as they are.
xx Kristen & Mark.

Mandy & Mark

Dear Janie, Lucia and Bill,
Many apologies for the delay in sending you this testimonial, however it has been extremely difficult to put into words just how perfect our wedding was and how exemplary the service was, Not just by the Slow Dreams team, but all the staff at the Hotel Meraviglie, Franco and Co, Angelo and all the staff at 1999 and lastly the photographers who kindly stayed with us for longer than they normally would.
Our journey started in November 2005 when we first set eyes on Maratea.  Lucia was our fabulous tour guide around many of the properties Slow Dreams have on offer.  However the Hotel Meraviglie captured our hearts that day.  Set in it's beautiful pine forests and with the rocky alcove at the bottom with the breathtaking view; there really was no other place on earth more perfect for our wedding.
Over the next nine months or so Bill, Janie and Lucia were attentive, reassuring and efficient with our various queries, worries and ideas.  Nothing seemed to be beyond their capabilities to arrange.  They were good humoured and patient throughout our stresses over guests, DJ systems, wild ideas about flowers etc etc!!
Upon arrival at Maratea in September we were pleasantly surprised to see that the hotel and surroundings where even more beautiful in the summer.  The rooms were spacious and elegantly decorated (the shower head was just pure luxury!!)  We were extremely surprised that the venue was described as budget on the website as to us it was pure luxury and we already anticipate our return.
As soon as we had settled in Lucia came to visit to provide us with activities for our guests and cards for restaurants (Thank you so much for all your help with reservations and boat trips etc a potentially extremely stressful situation was a piece of cake with all your assistance which all seems so effortless to you).  Lucia also gave us more info about the wedding and took us to 1999 where Angelo was absolutely fantastic with allowing us to have anything we could possibly desire.
My (Mandy) biggest fear with getting married abroad was the lack of knowledge as to how the tables and venue was going to be decorated (as I am a complete soppy romantic at heart!!).  But to be absolutely honest the tables and venue thanks to Lucia, Angelo, my Mum and Ali, was beyond my wildest dreams and way and above the quality of any I have ever seen in England.  It was pure magic!!!!
On the day of the wedding Lucia was in hand again floating effortlessly and extremely organised between Bride, Groom and guests soothing any nerves or last minute questions in her good humoured and bubbly way.  The hotel were very accommodating in allowing our family's to decorate the pagoda where the ceremony took place.  The day and evening flowed through relaxed and magical under the watchful eye of Lucia.
Over the nine months that we were organising the wedding we had both played the wedding day through our minds over and over again, but the day was 100% better than any expectations we had ever had.  Friends and family have all said it was the best wedding they have ever been to and I don't think anybody else's wedding that we attend in the future will ever come close to the beautiful, emotional, romantic day we had.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.........I don't think we can do justice as to just how grateful we are to you all.
Lucia please pop in and see us when you go to Broadstairs next and we will give you a tour!!
Anyhow we could waffle on forever about how wonderful our day was.......
Take care and Arrivaderci.
Love Mandy and Mark Wood xx

Jennifer & Scott

When Scott first contacted Bill at Slow Dreams we were immediately impressed with the timeliness of his responses and attention to detail.  He answered each and every one of my endless questions, patiently and comprehensively and we were confident with his suggestions as his knowledge of the venues and area was excellent.

After we had finalized the location and general details with Bill, we began working with Janie and Lucia, two wonderfully warm and helpful people, to make the final arrangements.  We continually impressed with the promptness of their replies; they were even in touch when they went on vacation!!    Hotel arrangements were made for our guests and in turn also answered our families’ many questions.  Unbeknownst to me, my mom also made some secret arrangements with Janie and was very impressed with her discretion and support.  It certainly took the stress out of arranging a wedding halfway around the world, complete with surprises!

When we arrived in Maratea, Lucia had everything organized for the ceremonies.  Thoughtful suggestions were made about locations for the evening ceremony and she even drove us around to show us some beaches in the area (as I was determined to have champagne on the beach with our families!)  Appointments had been arranged for our legal ceremony with the Mayor of Maratea, and for our nails and hair so we had nothing to fret about. 

On the day of the ceremony, while the girls drank champagne (seeing a trend here?!) and got ready, the boys were jumping off cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea; there wasn’t a single thing to get organized or worry about.  The ceremony and reception were truly a fairytale.  I cannot possibly describe what romance the sunset, sea and mountains and the setting of a historic, exotic place brings to a wedding.   (Two months later it still chokes me up!)  My family commented repeatedly about the romance of the Italian vows, and how unique and distinctive the ceremony was. 

*It absolutely could not have been more perfect.*

I cannot say enough about the staff and setting of Villa Cheta.  The receptionists, waiters and hospitality staff were among the most friendly and considerate service staff we have ever met.  Scott regularly travels the world on business and Villa Cheta ranks right up among the top hotels in the world.  They went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for our wedding, all very unobtrusively.   Even a simple lunch on the patio was made special with lace, silver and china to present the fresh seafood, fabulous!

I cannot forget to mention Dora and her two brothers who shuttled us and our families around, definitely the best taxi in town!

Slow Dreams is an example of how businesses should be run.  The service was exceptional from our first contact in June to over two months after the wedding when we had some minor issues after we got back to Canada.  Lucia has been as prompt and professional as ever in resolving the problem.  Really our only complaint was that it went too fast!!  I want to do it all again! 

Thanks again Slow Dreams: Lucia, Janie and Bill.  It was a fairytale!

Jen and Scott Lumsden




Mark & Sara

Bill, Janie & Lucia,

    We had a fantastic Wedding Day, and enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Pisacane immensely.

    You made the whole process of organising our Wedding Day and accommodation for ourselves and our guests very easy and completely stress free.

    The Wedding Day itself was amazing and everything ran smoothly as you had arranged, down to the smallest of details, and the little extras, which altogether far exceeded our expectations.

    Not only did you make our Wedding Day so special, but you also found time to keep ourselves and our guests entertained during our stay by arranging a boat trip along the coast of Maratea which was stunning and breathless under fantastic clear blue skies and sunshine, as it was for our Wedding Day and our entire stay.

    The staff at the Hotel Pisacane were so helpful and attentive to our needs, they made our stay that extra bit special, like on our last day when they gave the children gifts and sweets wrapped up in a present.

    The entire experience will stay with us for the rest of our and our guests lives forever. We cannot wait to receive our photos and video to remind us of our special day and the fun we had, especially with the Italian folk band at our reception.

Thankyou all from the bottom of our hearts,
Mark & Sara





  Lisa - sister of bride and wedding arranger

Where do I start?! From my first contact with Bill, to Janie talking me through the legal/ paperwork bits and pieces, to my final contact with Lucia after the wedding some 6 months later, Slowdreams were brilliant. You provided a better than first class service from start to finish and made what could have been a stressful experience, an absolute dream. My lil sis has always wanted a laid back wedding abroad for as long as I can remember and when she asked that I 'help out' with the arrangements aka 'sort out everything from start to finish', I must admit to feeling slightly apprehensive about the amount of work involved. If anybody else feels this way, give them my email address and I will gladly tell them how little hassle and stress is involved if they choose to use you.

On arrival at La Loggia, we couldn't have been more pleased! The hotel was absolutely spotlessly clean and the staff we amazing... They invited us to treat the hotel as we would our home and treated us as friends... Nothing was too much trouble! They even let my sister cook breakfast every morning (don't panic, she's a chef!) which is testament to the cleanliness of the kitchen if nothing else! There were 14 of us in our party and 3 sets of us have booked to go back to La Loggia next year at various times! I really can't recommend them enough. The food was all organic and luscious! Not only did the food taste amazing, the chef would do anything at all that we wanted including a pre wedding fish banquet... I have never seen half of the fish we were eating and probably never will again! It was first class. They went out of their way to make us happy and we were so appreciative!


And what about Lucia?! Well, what can I say? I want Lucia to be my new BFF!

She is one of the loveliest people I have ever met and if she's ever in Wales or indeed the UK, I will make sure that we meet up as I definitely owe her dinner! When we go back to Tortora, I am sure we will 'do coffee'.


It just remains for me to thank you all again... Thank you somehow seems inadequate really for the amount that we all got from our experience.


Best regards and diolch yn fawr iawn gyd.



Catherine & Jeff

Firstly I would just like to thank Bill, Janie, Lucia and Rosa for all the wonderful support they gave us while planning and celebrating our wedding. They did it all in 3 months, but I doubt it would have been any more difficult if we had given them three weeks. They responded to every single email within hours, no matter how big or small the request which immediately settled my nerves.

People asked me how we managed to find Maratea and Slow Dreams, and the answer was usually “We threw a dart!” – and it was basically true. Who would have thought we would luck into such wonderful people when I sat at my computer one Saturday morning and googled ‘weddings in italy’! I clicked on the first site that caught my eye and we were sold. I was particularly comforted by the fact that all prices were listed up front so we knew exactly what we were getting in to, even before Bill sent the quote. I do have to be honest and admit that the pessimist in me did spend the entire 3 months before the wedding waiting for something to go wrong, but of course, nothing did. Truly! Everything we saw and did was EXACTLY how it was portrayed on the website, which I think is the highest praise I can give. There is nothing more disappointing than to get somewhere and find they have advertised photographs of rooms that are not available, or places you cannot get to or see. Everything was just the same!

The Hotel San Diego was gorgeous, and the owners could not have been more accommodating. Fabio and Massimo were wonderful hosts, and were very helpful, especially when we drank them out of vodka! I think they enjoy having big fun parties and they always made us feel very welcome. I would definitely go back and stay with them when I am in the area, as will most of my family I think!

We were very grateful for the support Lucia and Rosa gave us while in Italy. Lucia and Rosa made everyone feel comfortable and they inspired confidence. I was super relaxed on my wedding day, though my husband cannot same the same thing (!), and I attribute it entirely to the fact that I didn’t really care if something went wrong, because I knew either Rosa or Lucia would be able to fix it, so I didn’t need to worry. I sat back, watched some ‘Knight Rider’ in Italian and had no idea what was going on, and enjoyed the entire day. The hair and makeup they organized were brilliant, my mother was especially pleased with hers, and she is a tough critic!

The wedding went off without a single hitch. Pastore Mazzeo was fabulous, so happy and caring, and now a very firm favorite with both families. The service itself was excellent, and both families commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. The weather in the morning was spectacular, and while it rained in the afternoon (after the photos!) it wasn’t a problem. The hotel had set up tables inside just in case, and it turned out to be a great decision. The food was wonderful, and Luigi, the maitre d’, even smiled through his first dance with the bride!

Dino – well, what can we say! Dino might have been everyone’s favorite part of the trip! And now, after all his talk about Policastro, I am thinking about having my anniversary there instead!  I suppose we should just call his family and check if it will be ok! He was so fun and friendly, everyone is still talking about him and all the fun they had with him. We took a day trip to Paestum and he was a wonderful tour guide. Our time wouldn’t have been the same without him!

I know I sound like a broken record, but we really couldn’t have been any happier with how things went. We are so thrilled that we managed to find your company, and I feel totally confident in recommending you to anyone else looking to be married in Italy. So thanks again, for everything, we really appreciate it all, and wish you all the very best in the future!

Catherine Boisvert

John & Debbie

Hi Janie,

Just to let you know we received the package today, just finished watching the video. Wow, we are at a loss for words the video is simply stunning, the best wedding video we have ever seen. Equally the pictures are breathtaking, more then we could have hoped. Please pass-on our sincere thanks to them both (Sylvia & Luigi).


Dear Janie, Bill & Lucia,

Thank you doesn¹t seem enough for everything you did for us. Not just the wedding day but for the entire week. And not just for us but for our families too.

We never thought organising a wedding abroad would be so exciting and stress free. We both had an idea of a perfect setting, beautiful scenery & sunsets. Maratea was all of that and more, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places we have been and to have our wedding there was amazing.

Janie and Bill you were so patient and helpful in the beginning which made it a lot easier for us to decide on what we wanted. Nothing was ever a problem and anything we asked for, you got - even the Harpist who came all the way from Naples. This gave the ceremony a beautiful touch. Every email we sent you, had a response within 24-48 hours.

You were with us every step of the way and never lost touch, which was a great comfort.

Lucia, our Angel, thank you for being like a big sister to us. You were so wonderful, everyone fell in love with you. We were really nervous about the big day and you were just so relaxed and never stopped smiling. Anytime we needed you, you were there. You were so wonderful with our families and friends too and everything was organised perfectly.

We couldn¹t have imagined our day to be more perfect then it was and a great part of that was down to the Slow-Dreams team. Everyone has said they will find it hard to find a wedding to match ours and that¹s all thanks to you, Janie, Bill and Lucia.

Silvia and Luigi from TTL Photo Agency were also incredible, remaining discreet throughout the day but capturing it with such clarity and emotion in both photo and video. We asked for informal and candid and they just took our breath away with what they produced.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making our special day so perfect.


John & Debbie

Russell & Janice  - Australia

 Accommodations/Reception - Villa Cheta;  Ceremony Venue - The Little Church on The Mountain, Photographer - Silvia & Luigi. 


Well its Sunday afternoon & Janice and I have just got back from Capri, the last couple of days we have been staying at Villa Scaparella, (1km from Amalfi) we are sitting in our little apartment overlooking the water writing a few post cards to friends back home and thought we need to write to you and just say a big "Thank You"
Its difficult to say in words what we feel about our time in Maratea and the Wedding, we are just so grateful that we took your advice and came there to celebrate our wedding.
Maratea is just such a beautiful place, peaceful, tranquil, however your business name expresses it all "Slow Dreams" and our time there certainly fulfilled all our expectations.
Firstly Bill, your quick responses to our emails, your matter fact approach and wit really made organising our wedding a real adventure. You read our emails and understood what we were looking for, and for this I say thank you.
Janie & Lucia, once the business was agreed on, you both made it happen in what seemed like effortless fashion, to do this I know takes experience, professionalism and patience, again thank you.
I am sorry we didn't meet you Bill & Janie, but with Lucia representing you we didn't want for anything. Lucia we really appreciated your professionalism, attention to detail, timeliness and most importantly how you made it all so personal, we felt you were part of the family. "Thank You"
We look forward to getting the web address for our Photos so that we can relive the experience over and over again.
We have no hesitation in recommending you all and the amazing service you provide.
Russell & Janice

Patrycja & Gavin

Dear Slow Dreams Team, Ornella and All Staff at San Michele,

We would like to thank Ornella and All Staff at San Michele for their hospitality, advice, help and patience! Also a huge thank you to everyone at Slow Dreams – Janie, Bill: thanks for promptly answering thousands of my emails, Lucia : thank you so much for everything on our wedding day…your help, advise, translation service… not sure how we would do it without you!

We recommend the Grand Hotel San Michele to any couple looking for the perfect wedding… San Michele offers everything from amazing history, through stunning location, breathtaking views, fantastic cuisine, beautifully furnished rooms and finally the true Italian hospitality! From the minute we arrived we became the members of the San Michele family…Ornella's warm welcome followed by the tour of San Michele estate were outstanding!

All Staff were so friendly and helpful we couldn't have asked for more…in fact EVERYTHING we asked for was not only delivered on time and to requested specifications…no EVERYTHING was bigger and better…I still can't believe the size of our beautiful wedding cake, a true masterpiece!

The Italian Religious ceremony and the reception were excellent; our guests couldn't stop complementing the waiters and our Maitre De who was fantastic on the night and also did a great job with table arrangements and seating plan suggestions, THANK YOU!!!

When we were leaving Ornella asked me if we were planning to have children I said yes, then she smiled mysteriously and said "there is something special and magical about San Michele…good luck" well I can confirm the "magic" as I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and am the happiest wife and mum to be!

Thanks again and see you soon, we can't wait to visit San Michele again!

Patrycja & Gavin


Pip & Neil

Hi Janie,

Thank you so much to all the people involved for making our wedding such a  special and stress free occasion. Castello Praja was such a beautiful venue and everything we wanted, relaxing, picturesque and friendly.

The team at Slow Dreams have been fantastic from the very initial arrangements. Many thanks to you all, we had a truly memorable and amazing time.

Neil and Pip


Melissa & Sam

Dear Bill, Janie and Lucia


Thank you ever so much for making are dream wedding come true. It was perfect and a day that we and all our friends and family will never forget.

The way we could do everything in our own way made it a different and original one of a kind wedding just for us.

The boat was really ideal as all of Sam's family are great boat lovers it went down really well. The beach is now a place that we will always love and want to go back to.

The reception was beautiful, really peaceful and relaxing everyone was so wonderful and took good care of us and our guests. The food was great and what a setting at Santojanni.

The magical part for us was the fact that the statue  was over looking everything and the weather was perfect.

We could not of asked for a more perfect day.

The weeks holiday before relaxed us both so we were not nervous at all just enjoying the beautiful scenery and having our friends and family around us it felt like Christmas everyday.

Any concerns or worries we did have Lucia was on the end of the phone line ready to help.

We were both pleased with the service that you gave us. It took the pressure off us so we could enjoy ourselves.

We just wish we could do it all again.

Many thanks.

 Sam and Melissa.


Leanne & Mark

When we started planning our wedding, we had our hearts set on going abroad, but no idea where in the world we wanted to be for our special day. Then we found the Slow Dreams website and the decision was made. Not only did Maratea stand out as providing a beautiful setting for our special day, but Slow Dreams seemed to know exactly what we wanted.

We’re glad to say that we were proved to be absolutely right on both counts. What a special place, we honestly could not believe how beautiful it is, the website doesn’t do it justice really. As we drove south from Naples airport the scenery grew more and more breathtaking and we knew we had made the right choice.

Obviously us Brides have a few wobbles and niggles and I have to say that Lucia was brilliant. I needn’t have worried, and when I did, she knew exactly what was needed. All in all, I have to say that it was relatively stress free, any changes or additions to day were never too much trouble and dealt with straight away.

We arrived at Villa Cheta quite late in the evening, so it wasn’t until the following morning that we realised just how gorgeous the grounds and patios were. Everyone at the Villa was lovely, so excited for us and helpful. They really helped to make our day special and nothing was too much trouble. In fact, the Villa is one of the best places we have ever stayed and absolutely perfect for a wedding. The service was excellent, food lovely, and it had such a pleasant, calm atmosphere, everyone was smiling.

Our room was fantastic, we had our own terrace, which made life interesting on the day of the wedding. Mum, sister and myself all in various stages of make up and hair preparations, and hairdresser and beautician despairing of us as we tried to catch a few last rays of sun before the ceremony.

Lucia popped up all over the place, honestly, we never felt any anxiety, she gave us a phone to keep in touch, took us through everything on our first morning, made sure everything was going well at the beauticians and even told off the hairdresser for me! Our guests have also asked me to thank Lucia, they really appreciated her help from booking their nail appointments to helping my mum pin on her corsage.

All the guests stayed in the San Diego, which is actually right next door, very handy for keeping tabs on them and everyone getting to know each other. Many a happy hour was spent socialising in the bar and the pool is something else!

So, to the day itself, well, it had been a little chilly in the evenings for a few days and being British we decided that we would not let that deter us from holding our wedding breakfast on the terrace overlooking the bay. Luckily, we woke up on the morning to brilliant sunshine and an excellent weather forecast (I know it sounds insane, but we weren’t entirely sure Lucia hadn’t had a word!), which I think greatly relieved the owners, they had been quite sweet - worrying about us being cold.

The beautician and hairdresser were great, and our lack of Italian wasn’t a problem, we managed to have such fun. The flowers were wonderful they had recreated my ideas and added a touch of flair which really wowed everyone. The ceremony was wonderful, everyone at the Villa had put so much effort into creating a beautiful setting and making all our guests feel special, and the photo’s went brilliantly. Our photographer didn’t have that bossy wedding photographer thing going on, he was so laid back and fun, everyone just went with the flow.

We couldn’t have imagined that everything would go so well, and looking back we really wouldn’t change a thing. The wedding breakfast was superb, from the setting and the service, to the food and wine. People are still remarking on the meal and the staff, who we really didn’t thank enough. The whole occasion was so elegant and well managed and it was the people that made it so special.

We have fantastic memories, not only of the day, but of our whole stay, as do our guests; Mark’s parents are determined to return to the Villa next year.

Thank you all at Slow Dreams and Villa Cheta.

Marianne & Chris

 Dear Janie, Lucia & Bill,

What an AMAZING trio you are in the 'destination weddings' world!! We are so grateful to you for making our dream wedding a reality...Our guests thank you, as well! 

It all started for us 14 months prior to our wedding when I came across this great web site with incredible wedding destinations, and equally outstanding reviews of experiences of other couples with Slow-Dreams. So, I wrote a quick note to this Slow-Dreams web site I'd found on the Internet in the middle of the night...And, low and behold I got a very quick response from Bill...This was the beginning of a great working relationship with Bill, Janie and Lucia as they are all very fast in their replies and quite informative, too. I, like so many other brides did not have much time to wait on answers, and thankfully I never needed to wait more than 24 hours (even though I'm in the States, and they are in Europe!).

Throughout the months ahead I had lots (and lots) of questions as all brides do...None of my questions, needs, desires or concerns went unmet (or unnoticed) by Janie whom I quickly started to work with for coordinating all wedding preparations via e-mail. She was wonderfully enthusiastic and helpful.

Charming Lucia met with us when we arrived and orchestrated everything beautifully from that point on...We LOVED working with her as she was so upbeat and cheerful...Lucia wanted our wedding to go as fantastically as we did!! Moreover, she smoothed any and all small bumps along the way with her gracious personality and willingness to please all...Thank you, Lucia!

Regarding our wedding flowers: We sent pictures of how we wished our boutonnieres, bouquets, flowers for arch, etc. to look--and they turned out even more gorgeous than the pictures we'd sent, but the designs were exactly like our pictures!!! The florist was truly gifted and the flowers were so fresh and vibrant in color (all flowers are shipped to the florist in Maratea and southern Italy from elsewhere and are fabulous!).

Slow-Dreams uses a fantastic make-up artist, Anna-Maria whom is delightful to chat with while she does her magic with make-up (she also does pedicures and manicures at her shop in Maratea--by the way, we live in Southern California and I have never had a French pedicure last so long or look so good! Thank you, Anna-Maria!!). Additionally, I'd asked for a more natural look to the make-up application (I did not want to appear so made up), and Anna-Maria was so good with this request--her technique would match the best of the best!! She could work in Hollywood!!!:)

As for the hairstylist, he is a little testy, but pretty good--loves his hairspray and pins!!!! (Ouch!) But, overall he tried to follow the pictures I brought of the hairstyle I wanted.

Upon our request, Janie made arrangements at Castello Praja in Praia A Mare for our wedding and an 8 day stay (with 14 of our guests). Castello Praja is a FABULOUS 12th-13th Century Castle in the region of Calabria...

Our stay and our wedding in this gorgeous castle was nothing less than a dream come true for us and our guests! We were met by the owners of the castle with open arms!! They treated us like royalty, and made us all (guests included) feel that we were a part of their family! Our guests enjoyed a cooking lesson with the great Filomena whom has worked at the castle for the past 50+ years! We all ate together around the large table in the castle kitchen for breakfast every morning, and for several dinners...This was amazing, too! We cannot say enough about these tremendously dear and wonderful people whom share their castle as if it is an honor to have you as their guests...Their family name is of royalty, and yet they treated us as if we were!!

The photographers, Luigi & Silvia are fabulously creative, professional, easy to work with, and willing to do some fun/silly and beautiful pictures...They are so gifted... They, too could work in Hollywood!! We really loved working with them...Although, we have not received our album or DVD, yet, we have seen the demo. of our album and proofs--and, they are FANTASTIC!!! We are so looking forward to showing our family and friends the album and DVD at our reception when they arrive!
Also, we would HIGHLY recommend couples (and their guests) marrying at Castello Praja or other areas near Praia A Mare drive the short distance to the village of Aieta which is perched on a hillside and has a palace and wonderfully charming local people whom love to be involved in pictures and making you and your guests feel welcome in their village...It is closer to the castle than Maratea and the local town's people are much more inviting and lovely! Again, we highly recommend this to all!!

We have and will continue to praise the Slow-Dreams trio to all family, friends and acquaintances abroad and at home in the States! 

A huge THANK YOU to the great 'Trio' of Slow-Dreams: Janie, Lucia and Bill whom amazingly go out of their way to make dreams come true!

Marianne & Chris Lister


Gail & Mark

Hi Janie,
please find below our testimonial which cannot begin to express the memories we have for our Wedding Day. I hope these few paragraphs are ok, but it was really difficult in trying to express our thoughts on paper.
Many thanks (and sorry for the delay),
Mark & Gail


Dear Janie, Bill, Lucia, Ornella and all at the San Michele,

Gail and I would just like to convey our thanks to Slow Dreams and the staff at the Grand Hotel San Michele for making our Wedding Day so memorable.

As we were being driven up the coast to the hotel with our families, there was a chorus of sighs on first sighting of the cliff top hotel and the anticipation of such a spectacular setting for our wedding.

We cannot thank Slow Dreams enough for all the detailed preparation that made everything run so smoothly on the day, especially Lucia and Ornella who were so attentive at both the Town Hall & Hotel Garden ceremony.

The photographers, Silvia and Luigi created some fantastic photographs that really captured the spirit of the day and a final thanks to all staff in the hotel for making it such a wonderful relaxed experience.

We would highly recommend Slow Dreams and the Grand Hotel San Michele to anyone considering getting married in Italy, it met all our expectations and so much more.

Thanks once again

Best Wishes

Mark & Gail


Gina & Billy

Bill, Janie & Lucia

We would like to thank you for organising the most perfect wedding we could have ever dreamed of, we couldn’t have asked for a more stunning location than the Hotel Grand San Michele.  We would like to especially thank Ornella (owner of the hotel) and her staff who made sure all our guests felt welcome with their exceptional service.  The wedding itself was no less than perfect from the amazing view on the terrace to the delicious five course wedding meal, everything met our expectations and beyond.   

The hotel staff even managed to help Billy when he forgot to bring his wedding trousers which we discovered the night before the wedding.  They found a matching pair of trousers and even had them tailored on the morning of the wedding itself, I think without the help of the staff we wouldn’t be married today! 

We had the most fabulous wedding with many special memories to last a lifetime.  Some of our guests commented they enjoyed our wedding so much they were thinking of doing the same, which I think says it all.


All our love

Billy and Gina xx


Hi Janie,

Sorry it's been so long coming but here, finally, is our testimonial.

As you can see, we had an absolute ball and exactly the wedding we wanted.  And it was all thanks to you guys.  We can't thank you enough.

If we can exchange the favour at any time just let us know.

Best regards


Fi and Clive

Occasionally, just very occasionally, you do something absolutely right and they say things happen in three's!

Deciding to get married in Italy was one.  Picking Slow Dreams was the other and taking Bill and Janie's advice to stay at the Santavenere Hotel was the third.

Our huge thanks to Janie and Bill who right from the start were always there.   Bill with his clear advice and transparent costings.  Janie with her good ideas and support.

Ours was only a small wedding, in fact just the two of us, but having both been married before we wanted it to be absolutely right and extremely special.   As we're well travelled our expectations were high – wow – were they not only met they were exceeded beyond our hopes.

The Santavenere Hotel was amazing.  Lucia, Slow Dreams' Italian-American partner in Maratea, handled all the paperwork with aplomb.   Her arrangements were immaculate and the day went off just as we wanted – low key, high class and fun, so many thanks Lucia.

The wedding pictures were superb.  Thanks to Luigi and Silvia, the laid back, ultra professional photographers, who helped the make the day so relaxed and fun and captured all of those things.

Many thanks to the staff of the Hotel, always friendly and courteous.   It's hard to pick out one but special mention must go to Denisa, the hostess, concierge, helper, friend and hand-holder.

Take our advice.  Have your wedding in Italy, have it in Maratea, stay in the Santavenere – and sit back and let Slow Dreams to do it all the hard work for you knowing their professionalism will result in your perfect day.

Tom & Clare

Dear Bill, Janie and Lucia
Where do we start? Thank you so much for the most beautiful wedding we could ever have imagined!
With Slow Dreams, we managed to organise our wedding in 6 months and avoid many of the typical wedding stresses and anxieties.

From the outset Bill was so quick and efficient with all our queries on location , accommodation, flights and quotes, usually replying to emails within the day. After the initial organising Janie and Lucia liaised with us to sort all the details of the day from flowers to table settings, readings and local info. When we encountered problems with flights and airport issues, they calmly advised us and adapted the accommodation needs.

We stayed in the Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie with 35 friends and family. The area of Maratea took our breath away immediately. It is totally unspoilt and stunning. The town of Maratea itself is full of character and gives guests somewhere to wander, eat out and relax in the days up to the wedding. Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie is so secluded, with beautiful grounds leading down to the sea. The staff were fantastic and catered for our every need, from providing meals throughout the day, drinks by the pool and taxis. They were so friendly and professional and we are already talking about going back there for a group holiday!

We chose the Hotel Santavenere venue of Il Carrubo which is down by the sea, for our ceremony and venue. Without having had the time to visit the venue at all, we were a little apprehensive about seeing it the day before. However the photographs on the website are an absolute true reflection of just how beautiful and stunning a venue it is.

Unfortunately the day of the wedding was rainy but Lucia was immediately on hand to reassure us of any concerns and had an amazing Plan B. We ended up having our ceremony in the Hotel Santavenere which was so beautiful and intimate for us and our guests. Even with the rain the views from the balcony were stunning and the photographs came out so well. Everyone has commented on the venue and the delicious bellinis and vast selection of 'nibbles' were very popular!

The hotel staff were fantastic, so professional, but friendly. We had the reception on a large terrace and enjoyed the most delicious meal. Even when our speeches ran on and on, the staff stood back and were very understanding.

The whole event was completely magical and so many guests have said how beautiful they found the hotel, views, food and accommodation.

We strongly recommend anyone to book their wedding with Slow Dreams. The team were so fantastic that we can't put into words how impressed and grateful we still are.

Thank you Bill, Janie and Lucia and we only wish we could do it all over again!
Love Clare and Tom x


Terra & Elliot

We would like to thank Bill, Janie and Lucia at Slow Dreams for making our wedding day truly unforgettable! First of all, Bill answered all of our email questions promptly and thoroughly, no matter how many there were! Janie was wonderful in terms of organizing everything. Lucia was extremely helpful once we arrived in Maratea, making sure that we were happy at Hotel San Diego and ensuring our wedding day ran smoothly. She did the little things, such as recommending our ceremony to be on the mountain top, arranging a great cab driver when we needed one and checking in during the week. Thank you Lucia! Even though it was a small wedding of just the two of us, everyone at Slow Dreams treated us with attention and thoughtfulness. We are thrilled to have chosen Slow Dreams and Maratea, the most stunning and breath-taking area in Italy, for our wedding day

Helen & Robert

We have just come back down to earth after a dream wedding in the Hotel Santavenere on 7 July, 2007!  We decided to go through Slow Dreams when we saw the beautiful places on the website, we were determined to be married in the sunshine-and reading every testimonial of couples who were extremely happy with the service.  Bill & Janie provided us with a dream wedding within our budget and there were no hidden costs, which was exactly what we needed as it was all going to be planned online!

We knew we had made the right choice of company and place and but work commitments meant we were unable to visit the location  beforehand so we didn’t actually get to see stunning Maratea and the Hotel Santavenere, until our arrival 2 days before the wedding!  We needn’t have worried, Lucia was on hand to answer any questions we had and her professional and engaging personality relaxed us immediately.

The day itself was absolutely the best day of our lives-we had the ceremony at Il Carrubo, a stunning and secluded part of the hotel grounds overlooking the sea, our guests were lost for words at the stunning setting, the beautiful Italian ceremony, and the food was nothing less than 5*.  All 25 of our guests said it was THE best wedding they had ever attended and that they felt part of something special, which is exactly what we wanted.

We danced the night away to out favourite music with our special friends and family in a place that only fairytales are made of!  Thank you Slow Dreams for making this possible and for being so helpful and friendly in the run up to the day!

We have just made the choice of our pictures, which are fantastic and we had so much fun in the Old Town, we felt like movie stars and each shot captures how happy we are, again, exactly what we wanted!

If you, like me, were searching for that dream place to have your wedding, look no further than the Hotel Santavenere with Slow Dreams, don’t hesitate, it will be the best decision you have ever made!

Helen & Robert.


Caroline & Simon

Dear Janie, Bill and Lucia

We would like to say a huge thank you to you all for making our wedding day and week in Maratea, so fantastic from start to finish. What an incredible day! We hardly know where to start as there was so much that you did, but here goes.

We were firstly extremely impressed by your comprehensive website (head and shoulders above the rest) that includes so much info to make things easy to plan. On our visit to Maratea in October we were enchanted by the town and the coastline as we were guided, by Bill, through our options.

Over the following 8 months Janie (so sorry never to have met you in person) was prompt and helpful with her replies to all our emails concerning everything from the big decisions about the day to the tiniest details.

Our choice of the Santavenere Hotel could not have been better. Our guests were treated to one idyllic setting and view after another as they made their way from the welcome drinks on the terrace, to the ceremony looking over the sea and finally down to the beach side restaurant. Lucia (you are amazing) was constantly on hand throughout the week and on the day itself to ensure things went smoothly and we are hugely grateful to you for your friendly, calm and efficient qualities.

The sunset provided the perfect backdrop for our exquisite meal and our guests were both surprised and impressed by the fireworks before dancing into the small hours of the night.

All our guests said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to and that they’d had an amazing time. That was not only down to the coastline and the hotel but the planning, organisation of the day and indeed the whole week. Thank you, thank you. Nothing was left to chance and as a result we felt extremely relaxed (the massage helped as well!) on what could have been a stressful day.

We would thoroughly recommend Maratea as a stunning location for a wedding and Slow Dreams as the organisation to run it.

Many guests said they would return to the area, as we will, very soon and also others are already thinking of recommending that friends should get married in Maratea.

We hope you are still operating when we return to renew our vows in 25 years time as we will put ourselves and our guests in your so very capable hands again.

With lots of love and thanks

Caroline and Simon

Photo coming

Justine & Andrew

Janie, Alessandra, Lucia and Bill,

We arrived home at 2am this morning but felt that my priority was to let you know how pleased we were by how well everything went. Andrew and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you. Initially thanks to Bill on his guidance on a hotel to suit our group; secondly, to Janie for the quick and clear response to our many questions. When we arrived in San Marco, we had a meeting with Alessandra who went through the day's events and was very friendly and professional and actually went above what we would have expected which included being our personal shopper! She also sorted out any “non wedding” queries which  was much appreciated. We met Lucia on the wedding day and again she was lovely, very calm and efficient which is just what was needed!

Also the flowers, music, food, etc, were fantastic.  The staff in the hotel (L'Approdo) were great, especially the head waiter whose  name unfortunately I  didn’t get. All my guests were very impressed also,  so you could well be getting some more English wedding requests.

Thanks once again for making our day so special and easy!

We will be adding on to the testimonials,

Thanks once again,

Justine and Andrew.


Esther & Kristian

We chose slow-dreams to be our wedding organisers as soon as we saw their website, and the Grand Hotel San Michele.  

Like many of others we fell in love with the surroundings and olde-worlde look of this historic hotel.

Replies to emails were always swift, friendly and helpful.  Bill and Janie understood how important it was for the whole holiday to work, not only the wedding, but it would be the first time for our families to meet.

When we arrived at the hotel, unbelievably, it was better than the website.  The slow-dreams representative\owner of the hotel, Ornella was amazing from start to finish and met every single bridal demand!  She took us on a little tour of the grounds the first morning we arrived, introduced us to the family and made us feel totally welcome, it felt more like a big house than a hotel.  The staff...where do I start..amazing, friendly and incredibly kind, we were so glad to have them in some wedding photo's too.  Anywhere we wanted to go around the area was no trouble to the drivers and staff at the the hotel, every recommendation to a restaurant turned out to be a great night.  Ornella also took us on a tour for a day to a few local towns and scenic places, she was so informative and went out of her way to show us special things, all with a great sense of humour!

The day of the wedding...what can I say ..went without a "hitch"....due to Ornella, Lucia and Alida.  We had fun from start to finish, beginning at the small registry office ceremony,  followed by an amazingly relaxing afternoon. It all went to plan and was weirdly un-stressful.  From the ceremony to the photo's, speeches to dancing, we had a ball!!!!! 

We can't thank you all enough for making our wedding totally perfect, a fantastic holiday in itself,  and for giving our families a perfect place to cement the beginning of a great friendship.

Thanks to you all from the bottom of our hearts......makes me want to get married again!!!

photo coming

Sara & Anthony


Wanted to send you a thanks and a quick follow-up to our wedding on the 11th. It turned out fantastic!  The pre-planning could not have been easier. I appreciate everyone's attention to detail. John's paperwork guidance in Naples was invaluable. His guidance and expertise gave us great confidence that we were taking care of all of the logistical steps necessary for the wedding.

Villa Sirio's location and the hotel itself far exceeded our expectations (and I shared with Bill that we are both particular travellers). Castellabate is an adorable sea-side town and Villa Sirio's prime location on the sea was extraordinary. The local residents were extremely friendly, accommodating, and were quite excited to celebrate with us on our wedding night. Alessandria did a good job of handling all the on-site details. She even took care of my last-minute manicure/pedicure request and drove me to the salon herself. The flowers were gorgeous and exactly like the photos that I sent you.

Again, many thanks to you and your entire team!



Brenda & Dave

Hi Janie,

Just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and were delighted to see that the proofs were there waiting for us. How difficult to decide! Is it possible to upgrade to the next package and get 90 prints? We would like to have them all loose in the album and arrange them ourselves. We were thinking of getting 1 or 2 of the photos enlarged so that we could frame them.. Does Silvia do enlargements and if so what are the sizes available and the  cost? Also, after we receive the album is it possible to order additional prints if there are some that we really like?

We also wanted to extend a massive thank you to you and your team. The wedding was a dream come true for us, everything went so perfectly. Your company really do an amazing job of ensuring that happens. Everything was organised in such detail and went so smoothly. Lucia was absolutely fantastic on the day, so professional. We would love to leave a testimonial on your website, how do we go about that?

Very much looking forward to hearing from you,
Brenda & Dave


Jackie & Stewart  

Thanks to all at Slow Dreams who helped to ensure our wedding on the 3rd September 2007 was just perfect; especially Janie with her fast responses to our questions and Lucia who was with us on the day.

I worried about every detail in the run up to the wedding as I wanted to be sure our 34 guests enjoyed themselves, so it was great when many of our friends and family said it had beat any wedding they had ever been to.

30 of our guests stayed at the Hotel Delle Villa de Meraviglie and 6 including Stewart and myself stayed at The Inn at Fiumicello,  we can highly recommend each, their setting right on the coast at Maratea are equally as stunning. The Hotel was the ideal venue for all of our party to lounge around the pool with the licensed pool bar and delicious lunches to keep us happy, the staff were very helpful and friendly, and the The Inn at Fiumicello was the ideal venue for the wedding reception.

We were married at the little Church at the Port we had a local soloist accompanied by a keyboard, the singing was amazing! After a drink and pictures at the Port it was back to the The Inn at Fiumicello for the wedding reception of Chicken or Tuna steak, all the food was delicious. The Champagne reception was outside but the tables had been set up inside because it had rained in the morning, eating inside actually made the meal more enjoyable as we didn’t have to worry about the wasps, which are quite a pain in September. After the meal we took our chairs outside and had the speeches then the 5 piece local folk ensemble we had hired gave our party a real Italian atmosphere, we can highly recommend them. At our request the band played from approx. 7.00pm to 10.30pm then we continued to party with our own music which we played on the hired music system until about 1.30am. The Hotel and Villa are very close, our guests made their way back to their hotel via a 5 minute walk through a wooded area. (Tip if you have the same set up remember to request the owner of the inn to switch the lanterns on which light up the path as you can easily lose your way in the dark especially if you have had lots of Italian wine)

Our wedding in Maratea was fantastic everyone enjoyed every moment, many of our guests stayed the whole week it’s such a beautiful area! Maratea old town has a charm of its own and must be seen in the evening to fully appreciate it. For a good family restaurant to suit all tastes and purses try El Sol in Fiumicello, but give them some warning if you are taking a large party so they can get the extra staff or the service may be slow. They have a very varied menu which included grilled lamb chops for our least adventurous guests who didn’t appreciate Italian food.

Thanks again to Slow Dreams.

Jacky and Stewart.

Clare & Andrew

To all at Slow Dreams &

La Locanda Del Fiume, Pisciotta

Thank you so much for everything we had a fabulous time and the wedding went perfectly and far better than either of us expected. It was a fairytale. The women from Slow Dreams who looked after us were absolutely brilliant and I cannot thank you enough for the most fabulous experience of our lives.

The venue was fantastic and Sonja and her husband and staff looked after us and all our guests right into the small hours every evening we were there. The wedding meal, drinks, table arrangements, flowers and the wedding cake were absolutely fabulous. Their hospitality and patience was outstanding.

The photographers were absolutely brilliant and stayed with us for the entire day to capture all the special moments which I will cherish in the album forever. The hairdresser was fantastic and did exactly what I wanted and the Mayor of Pisciotta who performed the civil ceremony was fantastic.

To Janie, Bill, Lucia, Alida and all who made the day fantastic, I can’t thank you all enough. You made the happiest day of our lives a wonderful and relaxing experience and I want to do it all over again!!!

photo coming

Laura & Micheal

When we first went out to Italy to meet with Janie & Bill we were had set the date of our wedding for 8th August 2008!  As soon as we saw the places, we moved it to 26th October 2007!  From the very beginning every question and worry we had was answered and reassured by Bill & Janie.  We picked Hotel Gabbiano for our reception, which is in an amazing location, right at the foot of a cliff on the waters edge!  We picked the beautiful Church at the Port of Maratea, which is so quaint and romantic. 

I have to say we had the most amazing time in Maratea, everything went perfect!  It was the day I had dreamt about all my life!  We had around 80 guests who came out with us to Maratea, each and every one of them loved it and couldn’t get over how beautiful the place was.  The hotel staff couldn’t do enough for you and they made us feel so welcome and joined in with our celebrations.  The food was amazing and the cake was stunning!  I just got the photos back from the photographer and they are out of this world, truly amazing. 

If you’re thinking of getting married in Italy, go for it, it’s the best decision we made, and definitely use Slow Dreams, they’re fantastic!

Thank you to Janie, Bill, and especially Lucia.  She really is a fairy godmother, she looked after everything on the day, making sure it all went smoothly!

Thanks Slow Dreams for giving us the best day of our lives, we are eternally grateful.

Laura & Micheal Newell 

Galway, Ireland


Brenda & Dave

We always knew that our dream wedding would be to hire a villa in Italy and have our closest family and friends there with us while we exchanged our vows in a garden. But we thought that's all it was  - a dream. How could we possibly organize a wedding in Italy from Ireland when neither of us even speak Italian? But after a few internet searches we stumbled across the slow-dreams website - little did we realize how lucky we were! Some of our friends thought we were crazy to be organizing our wedding over the internet through people we had never met in a place we had never been to - some would say it was blind faith! - but we knew very quickly how fantastic and professional Slow dreams were and they completely won our trust.
Initially Bill looked after all our enquiries. He was so patient and efficient and explained everything so clearly. One of our big concerns at first was 'Can we afford this?' ( That was one of the best things about Slow-dreams , you know exactly what you're getting and how much it costs). But Bill made it easy for us to work within our budget. Big thank you Bill!
After we decided on the venue and dates, Janie looked after all the details and planning. We were genuinely moved by how she shared in all the excitement of the planning, from choosing flowers to planning the ceremony itself. She was so utterly lovely and so helpful and efficient. Our only regret is that we didn't get to meet her in person to thank her!
We stayed at the Villa Maratea for the week and got married in the garden, just as we had dreamed of. The villa itself was fantastic. Big enough for both our families, with a great swimming pool for our nieces and nephews to splash around in, bar-b-ques in the evening and just a 5 minute stroll down to the village. Heaven.  Lucia came to meet us the day after we arrived to see how we were doing and to give us a schedule for the week. She was so friendly and helpful. Everything had been taken care of, from trial hair and make-up sessions for Brenda to a meeting with the photographers to discuss what we would like.
The day before the wedding, we were down at our friends beautiful villa by the sea swimming in a little cove on a private beach with about 20 of our closest friends, jumping off the rocks and swimming in the cave - it was one of our favourite memories of the week. It was so nice to feel so relaxed the day before our wedding.
On the morning of our wedding day, Lucia took us down to the town hall to sign the official paperwork, which was actually really lovely. The town mayor presiding, Lucia translating and just us and our parents there. It was a lovely start to the day. Afterwards we went back to the villa where Lucia took charge of everything. She was AMAZING! All we had to do was get ready!
We got married in the gardens of the villa, just as we had dreamed of, on a raised terrace under an arch of pink roses overlooking the town and the sea below. It was beautiful.
The caterers had arranged tables in the garden around the pool, with fairy lights in the trees, and as the sun set it looked like a fairytale, with the lights reflected in the water. It took our breaths away! The food was served as a buffet with our guests helping themselves, just as we had wanted. We cannot stress enough how gorgeous the food was. The service was second to none, and all the while Lucia was looking after everything. She was so non intrusive and professional and lovely. Fantastic at her job! We hired a sound system and our guests took turns to d.j and we danced til the early hours! So much fun, we just didn't want it to end!
We want to mention our photographers also. Sylvia and her partner, who did a brilliant job with the photographs. We were so happy with the results and the town of Maratea is such a beautiful backdrop for them. The difficult part was trying to pick which ones to keep!
We also want to mention Dora, who was amazing, and drove us round in her taxi van all week. She was literally at our beck and call, day and night. Also the restaurant (the name escapes us) down in the town. It is on the second floor with an open terrace overlooking the fountain in the main square. They took such good care of us (all 50 of us!), especially Gwendolyne, our waitress.
We were really happy with the flowers also.
In fact everything from the moment we arrived in Maratea was magic. Our wedding was everything we could have dreamed of and more, and our friends and family had such a fantastic holiday that I am sure we will still be talking about it in years to come. None of this would have been possible without Slow-dreams - Lucia, Janie and Bill. Thank you so much for everything! We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any couple thinking of getting married in Italy - you won't find anyone more caring, professional and friendly.
We send you all our love, thanks and best wishes,
Brenda & Dave



Michele & Steve 
Janie - For us, our Italian Wedding was like a fairy tale. Thank you for all that you, Bill, and Lucia did to help things go smoothly. Whenever there were glitches beyond anyone's
control, like initially with the villa and the delayed plane arrivals, you always had a Plan B, or in our case, a Plan C.

We were impressed with your organization, attention to details, your professionalism, promptness, friendly personalities, and the special touches like the cup for our floral arrangement that you had a local potter create.  We were also appreciative for all of your guidance.   When we arrived in Sapri, you and Lucia were there to meet us, escort us to the rental agency, communicate  to eliminate any language barriers, and had a folder complete with itineraries,  schedules, and directions.   The day of our wedding blessing, you and Lucia were there to guide and direct everything from the florist's arrival, through the video and photo sessions, the ceremony, and the toast.

The  staff at the Inn at Fiumicello was excellent. Again, they made us feel welcome and prepared fantastic meals for Steve and I.  They simply spoiled us. We were grateful to be in such beautiful surroundings where we felt so welcomed. Please tell the inn how thankful and pleased we were.

As for the photographer, we were extremely pleased with our photos.   We loved the shots that were captured, the angles  chosen, the scenery, the expressions  captured. We've received many compliments! Thank you! Thank you! We absolutely love our photographs. Our families thought the photographs looked just like we'd stepped out of a magazine.

Please also tell the videographer that we loved the video.  The music was perfect. The footage was beautiful, the editing was terrific! We liked how he did the old movie effects, faded into black and white, and did the layering effect during the footage in the Maratea Center.  Thanks for including the footage of the local  people. That's what personalized it so much for us.  The video helped our families feel like they were in  Italy with us.  It's exactly what Steve and I wanted them to feel---like they were there with us.

We were especially impressed that the photographer and the videographer did such an amazing job, considering that they both had less than 72 hours to have everything ready! Amazing! (Steve's sister got married in October and she still doesn't have her wedding video or her photos...And she paid much more money.)  The video and photographs were all worth every Euro and more...Thank you so much!

Again, Janie, Bill, and Lucia, thank you for everything. We will recommend Slow Dreams to others.  Thank you also for using quality services especially with the photographer, lodging, florists, and videographer.   We would repeat this entire experience again!!
We loved it that much!

Many thanks,
Michele and Steve Ulness





Dan & Jennifer

Note from Slow Dreams  -  As you can see below,  Dan & Jennifer's wedding was a little complex.  They first contacted us a couple of weeks before their wedding date wanting a religious wedding at the chapel in Castello Praja.  However,  there was not enough time for a legal wedding there.  So they had a legal wedding at Castellabate at the castle there.   Castellabate allows US citizens to have "no-hassle", last minute weddings.  They then went later to the Castello Praja  (70 miles away) for their religious wedding ceremony. 


Our wedding in Italy was absolutely fantastic!  Our original wedding plans changed drastically and we did not even contact Slow Dreams until about 2 ½ weeks prior to our trip to Italy.  Slow Dreams took our ideas and details and made our day more than perfect!  You would not have even believed that our day was planned in such a short period of time.  Honestly, everything went beyond our expectations.

Everything was handled without hassle!  John met us in Naples to complete our required documents and we were truly impressed with his expertise in the government agencies and logistics of getting around Naples.  In just over two hours we had all of our required documents in hand, copies already faxed ahead to the town hall, and both of us loaded on a train with instructions to our destination.  And, all of this with a sense of humor!

Villa Sirio in Castellabate was, again, better than expected.  It was a gorgeous, quaint hotel right on the water in a beautiful, small coastal town.  The family who runs the villa treated us so well, making sure every need was met.  We loved our room’s balcony overlooking the ocean where many of our meals were delivered to and we absolutely LOVED the villa’s dinner patio which was directly ON the water.

Our outdoor civil ceremony with the mayor of Castellabate, at the entrance of the town’s castle (Castello dell’Abate), was ideal.  The setting was beautiful – the town is one of the last unspoiled hilltop villages in the region with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and ocean.  The castle and views made a perfect backdrop for our wedding.  

Just when we thought our day couldn’t get more perfect, we arrived at Castello Praja for our religious blessing ceremony.  We were absolutely blown away with the castle, tiny chapel, and setting.  We could not believe our eyes – the place was AMAZING!  Our blessing ceremony in the castle’s romantic chapel was truly more perfect than we could have ever imagined.  The owners of the castle were fabulous hosts who treated us like family and showed a genuine interest in us and our wedding day, shared interesting history of their 800 year old castle, and who left absolutely no detail overlooked.  Dinner on the castle’s rooftop terrace at sunset, overlooking the ocean, and complete with a violinist, couldn’t be experienced at any restaurant in the world.  The meal and overall setting were beyond description.  Our room at the castle completed the perfect total wedding day experience – we had the castle to ourselves and felt like royalty in the room’s gorgeous setting surrounded by a garden and overlooking the ocean.  After breakfast in the castle’s garden patio overlooking the ocean, it was sincerely hard to leave when our driver showed up to take us back to Castellabate!  The memory of our blessing ceremony and stay at Castello Praja is honestly the most special memory we share.  The experience was unbelievable.

Last but not least, we need to mention our driver, Dino.  Not only did he get us between our civil and religious ceremonies, he treated us to some great stops along the way back to Castellabate the day after our ceremonies, making the journey much more than just a “drive.”  He took us to Paestum, an awesome ancient Greek-Roman city and archaeological site.  Dino also made a stop in his hometown of Policastro, taking us to his town’s gorgeous church and its ancient city walls.  Last, he treated us to espresso and buffalo milk ice cream after a long, hot day of touring!  It was a mini tour of the Calabria coast - Dino gave us another set of memories from something that would have just been a drive.

PLEASE pass on to everyone our sincere THANKS for making our five days unforgettable and SO, SO well organized – Bill and Janie (planners); John (Naples paperwork coordinator); Alessandra and Andrea (event planners in Castellabate/Villa Sirio); Alida (event planner at Castello Praja); Fiore, Adriano and his wife (Castello Praja owners); Silvia and Luigi (photographers); Dino (our driver); and The Minster and his wife (blessing ceremony).  THANK YOU Slow Dreams!!  You exceeded our expectations!!

Leisha & Damian

Dear Janie, Lucia, Rosa & Bill

We just wanted to email you to thank you for everything you did with organising our wedding in Maratea.  We could not have asked for a better wedding and cannot imagine anything more perfect!  You made the whole experience stress free which meant that we did not have to worry about anything and instead were able to just enjoy the whole experience.  Everyone had a fantastic time and many of our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to!!!
Your efforts really did contribute to making it the best day of our lives and gave us memories that will last a life time.  We certainly will be recommending Slow Dreams to anyone who is thinking about having a wedding abroad and Maratea as the perfect wedding and holiday location.  We will certainly be back!
Attached are some pictures of the special day.
Thank you for everything.  Slow Dreams really did do an amazing job of making our wedding perfect and better than anything we could have expected.
Take care and all the best.
Leisha & Damian

Jen & Jess

Dear Janie and The Slow Dreams Team:

Jen and I are very pleased with the service you provided us; our wedding was both beautiful and stress free.  And so on behalf of both Jen and me, I am writing to thank you and your team for a wonderful time in Santa Maria Di Castellabate.

First, thank you for planning our wedding.  We could not be happier with your professionalism, warmth, and attention to details.  From our interactions with John in Naples--he was wonderful--to helping us find a dry cleaner, everyone from Slow Dreams made our wedding extremely pleasurable.   

We really enjoyed just having some quality time together.  Jen and I both have busy lives at home, and so we had a great time just relaxing together. 

Janie, again, thank you for such a wonderful experience.  And please send our regards to all of your staff.

With sincere appreciation,

Jess Cisco and Jennifer Gudaz,

Simon & Claire

Lucia & Janie,

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks on behalf of my “wife and I”….!

We had a wonderful time in Maratea, it’s a very special place, fantastic food and stunning scenery. Everyone had a great time at the wedding and during the time they were there. I have already recommended the Santavenere to some friends it truly is a magical hotel, very attentive staff who did everything to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. Upgrading us to a suite for 2 nights was incredible. The only feedback I could offer would be a few more toys for the little ones to play with !

Your help, attention to detail and the sensitivity with which you handled all our requirements was absolutely first class and both Claire and I are really glad we made the effort to do something different. I have a feeling we may be coming back again.

Thanks and best wishes.

Simon Speak

Laura & Niall

Dear everyone at Slow Dreams,

Sorry about the delay with this. Firstly, thank you all very very very much for all your help in making our wedding even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.  We loved every single minute of it and couldn’t stop smiling the whole day and for the week after!!

I always wanted to get married abroad and after looking at your website I knew Maratea is where I wanted to get married and set my heart on it immediately. It wasn’t hard convincing Niall to get married there either.   Every aspect of the planning process the year up to the wedding was carried out expertly and efficiently. I got to make the fun decisions and let Slow Dreams do all the hard work.

Maratea is so beautiful, it's such an unspoilt, perfect hideaway. The Hotel Santavenere is the most magnificent hotel I have ever stayed in. Lucia and Rosa were absolutely brilliant, they brought us to see the hotel the day previous to the wedding and described how the day would go, they talked us through what to do and advised us on aspects of the day. On the day, they made sure everything ran smoothly and did some vital translating for us when needed. They were always there when we needed them, they are not only brilliant planners but very nice people too. 

The ceremony location outside, overlooking the sea was just spectacular. The guests were all amazed at how beautiful it was.  The ceremony itself was so romantic and I couldn’t stop myself from crying, very emotional.

Everything was planned so perfectly and I have to say I didn’t have to worry about anything the whole day. I was the most relaxed bride ever. My bridesmaids and I spent the afternoon by the pool and sipping champagne cocktails in our suite, before the hair and make-up people arrived.  The suite was lovely, with the most romantic balcony and view. 

The dinner in the evening was fantastic, we sat watching the sun go down as we ate beautiful food and drank wine. The staff were so good, very friendly and the attention to detail was noticeable.  We all danced the night away when the sun went down, including our 18 month old daughter, who had a ball.

I really didn’t want the day to end, it was so much fun. It was such a unique and beautiful wedding, something we will treasure forever. 

We really enjoyed the whole week, the area is so peaceful and laid back, the town of Maratea itself is so pretty. We took a walk around the town before we got married in the town hall that morning and it was such a romantic and intimate way to spend the time before we got officially married.

The Hotel Meraviglie, where we all stayed for the week was also brilliant. The staff were fantastic and really helpful and understanding. They put up with our late nights down at the pool bar and were very accommodating. The hotel itself is really lovely, it’s so quiet and relaxing, it was like having our own private villa for the week.

We would love to come back in a few years and visit the area again.  I would recommend the area and Slow Dreams to anyone. They took the stress and hassle out of planning a wedding and made it fun and exciting. I loved it so much I wish could do it all over again!! Thank you so so much, you were all great and we couldn't have done it without you. I could go on all day about how great it wishes,

Laura & Niall xxxx

photo coming soon

Yvonne & Joe

Hi Janie

We had a brilliant brilliant time.  Everything was just as I imagined it would be and more!  Alessandra was great to work with and she had a very easy-going and calming effect on me & joe.  The whole family sat on the beach on the morning of the wedding and all saying that this is the way to do it…. No problems, no hassle, nothing to worry about except getting dressed and arriving on time.  It was a truly magical experience.  The staff at the hotel were all so good.  The head waiter ( I didn’t get his name) was just so professional and had everything set up with military precision and everything flowed along because of him.  The food was devine.  I cannot fault one thing about any of the wedding/honeymoon.  The area of Castellabate was beautiful and scenic, with very few tourists so we got a real taste of Italian life.  Thanks so much Janie for working so hard in the background and getting it all booked and sorted.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you get quite a few bookings from Ireland as I have been constantly singing your praises.  I really cant thank you enough!  I will of course send a photo.  I am still on a complete high and already thinking of going back for a visit.  I would do it all again (or rather ask you to sort it out again!) in a heartbeat.

Best Wishes

Yvonne & Joe


Jon & Yen

Hello Bill, Janie, & Lucia,

Working with everybody at Team Slow Dreams was a great experience.  Making arrangements for a wedding is complicated enough, but the idea of planning it overseas was very intimidating.  We initially were only joking with each other about having our wedding in Italy (versus somewhere nearer to home in the United States).  We browsed the internet, though, and found our way to the Slow Dreams website.  Once there, we were hooked.  We loved the different options (financial, location, and level of the team's involvement in planning), and the pictures of the region looked amazing.

It was surprisingly easy to get more information, have questions answered, and decide on all the details via e-mail with all of you.  We decided on the Hotel Pisacane, in Sapri, because we definitely wanted a seaside wedding, the hotel looked perfect in the pictures, and it was surprisingly affordable.  It's been over a month since we left, and we're still talking about what a great choice that was!  The hotel was even better than it looked on the website, the rooms were spacious and comfortable, and the staff members were kind and very accommodating.  Sapri itself is such a lovely town, we're definitely planning on going back there for an anniversary in the future.  With the mountains and the sea, it is an amazing view in Sapri.  There are plenty of fun shops around the town to visit, and we're still having pleasant dreams about all the delicious food (mmm...gelato).  We even made friends with the owners of a Sicilian bakery there - they were the ones to give us our first wedding present!

Bill, Janie, and Lucia, thank you for your flexibility as we changed our plans throughout the entire year-and-a-half of planning.  We kept you on your toes, but you managed to take care of everything and there was never a problem making the changes.  Also, thanks for your patience when we were indecisive, waiting to hear from other people before settling on details, or otherwise delayed in providing you with information.  We never felt rushed or pressured - working with you to plan our wedding was a very positive experience, and it was a pleasure to communicate with you during the process.

Lucia, you did a great job handling the on-site details and making arrangements with the priest.  The church was beautiful, and the ceremony was perfect.  Thanks for all you did on our wedding day, and for meeting with us prior to the ceremony to go over the details.  It was so nice to meet you!

We all feel like you are one of the family now!

Meeting with John in Naples really helped us complete our paperwork and took a lot of the stress away.  Luigi and Sylvia were great photographers, they were never too directive or in-the-way, and they got great shots of us preparing for the ceremony, the ceremony itself, the walk through town afterwards (which we loved doing), and in the beautiful area near the restaurant we ate at afterwards.

Our families and friend are still talking about the great time they had there and they can't believe we arranged it all over the internet!  Everyone had a blast and we are now all talking about making a trip back there to the same town and even the same hotel. We never thought it was possible to please everyone at once, but with your help we did it.

Overall, we were very impressed at how smooth the planning was, at how stress-free we were in Naples and in Sapri, and at what a great time we and our families had for our wedding in Italy.  Thank you for helping to make our wedding so special, fun, and memorable.

We are so confident in your company and your services that if any of your future clients would like to hear more feel free to have them email either of us.  We really mean it.  You all made this a most memorable event and we have no regrets about anything.  It all surpassed our expectations and even our dreams.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it possible, we couldn't have done it without you!


Jon & Yen


Julia & Colm

Dear Bill, Janie, Lucia, John and Dino,


We would like to thank you all for the most beautiful wedding.  It was

beyond our wildest expectations, sincerely.  We had never even heard

of a place called Maratea, and we will now never forget it.  It will

be forever etched in our memories as "a very special place."


Bill and Janie, we were so thankful to have been referred to you. 

You made planning our wedding so easy and stress-free.  All of the places

that you recommend on slow dreams look gorgeous, but we can't imagine

any place more wonderful to stay than the Meraviglie, or a more

perfect venue for a wedding than the Santavenere.  Thank you for

answering all of our questions promptly and making us feel at ease.


When we first arrived in Italy, pre-wedding, we met a number of

wonderful people. Without John we would probably still be wandering

around Naples hopelessly trying to find the American Consulate.  He

was a great guide, thoroughly entertaining, and we will always have

wonderful memories of the morning we spent with him.  We would like to

thank both John and his wife for fighting their way through the crowds

to get us the documents we needed.  Having John was absolutely

invaluable and we would recommend his services to any couples who are

using slow dreams.


We arranged to take a taxi from Naples to Maratea.  We knew the

journey would be beautiful, but what we didn't know was that we'd have

an amazing guide.  Dino, our driver, went so above and beyond our

expectations.  We had the most wonderful time taking pictures at

scenic stops and learning about the towns we passed through.  We even

stopped at a buffalo mozzarella farm where we sampled yogurt and had a

unique and unexpected experience.  Dino was a wonderfully friendly man

and we will never forget having met him.  Thank you Dino!


We met with Lucia the night before our wedding.  We were already

comfortable with the fact that our wedding would be special, but Lucia

put us all the more at ease.  Everything was planned with precision.

Our first ceremony at Town Hall went without a hitch.  Lucia drove us

to the Santavenere to take a look, and it was so wonderful seeing

where we'd be married together... she made the day from beginning to

end work seamlessly and added to the magic of the occasion.  We wanted

to thank Lucia very much for everything that she did for us.  She too

went above and beyond anything that we could ever have expected.


For any couples trying to decide on a wedding venue, we would strongly

recommend the Santavenere.  Our experience there was nothing short of

perfect.  From the stunningly beautiful and private setting, to the

intimate ceremony and exquisite dinner, it's hard to find any adequate

superlative to describe the happiest day of our lives.


Thank you all, for your very hard work, professionalism, and above all

else, for making our wedding a dream come true.


Colm and Julia Flanagan

photo coming

Rose & Matt

Dear Lucia, Janie and Bill,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  Our wedding was fantastic and couldn't have been more perfect.  Villa Miranda was stunning and definitely had the wow factor. Many of our guests said that it was the best wedding they had ever been to and they were all crying at the ceremony because it was so beautiful.  Janie and Bill organised us brilliantly before the wedding and Lucia was amazing while we were in Italy.  We would highly recommend Slow Dreams to anyone thinking of getting married abroad.  We had a wonderful wedding in Scario and we are looking forward to coming back to the area in the future.

Thank you again for making our wedding so special.

Rose and Matt.


photo coming

Traci & Ian

"When my fiancé and I decided to do a wedding overseas we were a bit nervous about allowing so much of the planning to be in the hands of others.  Never fear with Slow Dreams!  Our wedding was perfection and every detail was handled beautifully.

Bill and Janie are wonderful at answering all of your questions (and trust me, I e-mailed them a lot!).  I felt so confident with their assistance that the wedding would be wonderful and I was right.

Castellabate was more beautiful that we imagined and our wedding took place in a castle on a cliff that overlooked the ocean  - the pictures were amazing!  Alessandra and Lucia were wonderful - basically all we had to do was show up - everything was taken care of in advance - flowers, music, hair/make up appointments.  Slow Dreams made it incredibly easy to get married in Italy - from help with the paperwork to getting our wedding clothes steamed before the ceremony.

I would highly recommend Slow Dreams to anyone wanting to get married in Southern Italy.  This area is largely unknown to foreigners and everyone is friendly and warm.  Our favorite memory from our wedding attests to the attitude of the region.  During our photos in Santa Maria di Castellabate we walked across a beach with about 600 people on it.  As we walked all of these people stood up and started shouting their congratulations and applauding - it was so amazing to have all of these people we did not know be so happy for us.  If we could do it all over again we would...and we know everything would go smoothly because of Slow Dreams!"

Thanks again!




Genette & Ryan

Dear Janie,

When Ryan and I decided to get married in Italy, I was a little nervous about how we were actually going to pull it off.  But then I found Slow Dreams!  Bill answered every question no matter how ridiculous it was.  Then when Janie took over after the initial contract was signed, it was a breeze.  I loved how her first emails to me outlined everything that needed to be decided before the wedding took place.  That was exactly what I needed so there were no surprises along the way… and it was so nice because we didn’t have to worry if the date we wanted (June 7, 2008) would be booked up or any of the other nonsense that you have to deal with when you have weddings in California.

Santa Marie di Castellabate was more beautiful than we imagined.  And the hotel (Grand hotel Santa Maria- which is were we and all of our guests stayed and where the wedding took place) couldn’t have been more amazing.  Alessandra was wonderful and so easy to work with.  Everything was decided and taken care of in advance – flowers (more amazing then I had dreamed of, wow, wow, wow!!!), music (solo violinist on the beach), and hair/make up appointments.  Grand Hotel Santa Maria seems to prides itself on excellent customer service and they did not fail us.  The gentleman at the front desk (sorry his name escapes me right now) was top notch and planned everything for us… down to hiring a bus with driver to drive us and all of our guests to Rome to start the next leg of our honeymoon.  They always seemed to go above and beyond what they needed to do.  The day of the wedding they even rushed ordered a wedding cake.  Ryan and I hadn’t wanted a traditional wedding and opted against a wedding cake, but the hotel insisted we have one… we were so glad they did because it was the best cake we have ever had (It was a 1 layer Cuban style cake, amazing) Slow Dreams made it incredibly easy to get married in Italy – almost to the point where it seemed too easy.  It was such a blessing to have found this website!

I would highly recommend Slow Dreams to anyone wanting to get married in Southern Italy.  We loved how we were practically the only “tourist” there.  The town really opened their arms to us, and I do think we took over.  Our favorite memory from our wedding was the ceremony itself.  We had our ceremony on the beach in front of the hotel.  It seemed that all of Santa Maria di Castellabate was there on the beach watching the whole ceremony.  As I was walking down the path to get to the ceremony with my father there was so much cheering and applause it was hard to hear our violinist playing, we started laughing.  It was so much fun… and the pictures show it.  Although, I should mentioned that right after the ceremony it started to rain (hard) and the reception had to be moved inside at the last minute… which the hotel handled like a pro.  Our guests had no idea that the reception wasn’t suppose to be inside all along.

I am not sure the words to truly express my gratitude. We will definitely recommend slow dreams and Santa Maria di Castellabate to everyone we meet.  I can’t wait to go back and stay at that amazing hotel again. 

All the best,



Walid & Astrid

Thank you for a wonderful wedding! Not even in our dreams did we ever imagine we'd have such a unique, special and unforgettable wedding! ☺ And as stress free as it can be!

We were so happy and blissful, that when it started to rain we had fun as we hurried into the San Diego ballroom. ☺ We have a mix of romantic pictures with postcard views and funny pictures of all our family and friends under the huge umbrella. ☺

-     You guys prepared and followed up on everything so well, we depended on you with a mind at ease.  We would have loved to meet Bill and Janie in person. Maybe when we renew our vows ;)

-     Thank you for following up on our papers with the embassy.

-     San Diego Hotel has a splendid outdoor area perfect for a wedding ceremony. We were surprised at how nice their indoor ballroom is!   The food at their restaurant is very good! Their rooms are minimal but very clean and with superb views. Please thank them for their hospitality.    Their pool is marvellous! I think we'll visit the area again just to get a chance of swimming in it. (It was a bit chilly end of September  (note from Slow Dreams: -   October has been wonderful). 

-     Maratea is one of the most amazing locations in Italy. Very authentic, tourist free, with breathtaking "national geographic" views!   The restaurants you advised us to eat at have great chefs. We mostly liked the restaurant facing the Maratea municipality. Forgot its name…

-     The transport for all our 21 guests was worry free. The cab company was very professional.

It is one of those days that you wish you could relive. All our friends and family had a great time. ☺

Lucia, thank you so much for everything!


Walid and Astrid Abdel-Baki

photo coming

Rebecca & Manuel

Dear Janie, Lucia, Alida & Bill,

We just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone involved in making our wedding so special. All our family and friends had a fantastic time and thought the setting and the service at Il Carrubo and the Santavenere Hotel were second to none. 

Janie and Bill - You did an amazing job of organising things for us, showing us around so many venues, and generally keeping us informed of every little detail. It was great to know that we didn’t have to worry about anything. Your help was great – we would have been lost without you!

Lucia and Alida - Your enthusiasm right from the first time we met you was infectious and we knew we had left the organising of the wedding in the right hands.  You went above and beyond the call of duty: right from decorating the venue perfectly with all of our butterflies and helping us choose flowers, cake etc, to providing tissues for the criers on the day, right down to making sure lost guests arrived in one piece! 

The San Diego Hotel was a perfect base for everyone for the week: the staff are really friendly and sweet and the pool is amazing – we’ll definitely come back again. 

Silvia & Luigi the photographers were such good fun and got some really beautiful and special shots that we never would have thought of!  We especially love the shots taken in Maratea town; it’s been really hard whittling the pictures down from over 500… 

We would definitely recommend Slow Dreams to anyone considering getting married abroad, as we were made to feel like royalty for the whole week! 

Thanks again, Rachel & Ciaran Dowling xxx

Rachel & Ciaran

Dear Janie, Lucia, Alida & Bill,

We just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone involved in making our wedding so special. All our family and friends had a fantastic time and thought the setting and the service at Il Carrubo and the Santavenere Hotel were second to none. 

Janie and Bill - You did an amazing job of organising things for us, showing us around so many venues, and generally keeping us informed of every little detail. It was great to know that we didn’t have to worry about anything. Your help was great – we would have been lost without you!

Lucia and Alida - Your enthusiasm right from the first time we met you was infectious and we knew we had left the organising of the wedding in the right hands.  You went above and beyond the call of duty: right from decorating the venue perfectly with all of our butterflies and helping us choose flowers, cake etc, to providing tissues for the criers on the day, right down to making sure lost guests arrived in one piece! 

The San Diego Hotel was a perfect base for everyone for the week: the staff are really friendly and sweet and the pool is amazing – we’ll definitely come back again. 

Silvia & Luigi the photographers were such good fun and got some really beautiful and special shots that we never would have thought of!  We especially love the shots taken in Maratea town; it’s been really hard whittling the pictures down from over 500… 

We would definitely recommend Slow Dreams to anyone considering getting married abroad, as we were made to feel like royalty for the whole week! 

Thanks again, Rachel & Ciaran Dowling xxx

photo coming

Marie & Adrian

Dear Bill, Janie, Lucia and Rosa,

We don't know where to start in thanking you for our wonderful wedding day, and week of total relaxation in beautiful Maratea. When we first came across your website we were very excited as it contained everything we were looking for our wedding in Italy. It was definitely the best website we had come across as it provided so much information on the whole process.

Firstly, I would like to thank Bill for his quick responses to all my questions and for his suggestions, especially about having our champagne reception at Il Clubbino. It was a really nice touch, and all the guests really enjoyed their drinks while looking out at the beautiful views across the port.

Janie, thank you so much for everything you did for us and for making the process so easy and stress free. Your hard work in making our wedding day so special was much appreciated and didn't go unnoticed. Your knowledge of the area and experience in wedding planning proved invaluable to us.

Having travelled throughout Italy in the past we can honestly say that Maratea is definitely its most beautiful area. You get a real feel for Italy at its best, with lovely quaint villages, fantastic scenery, great food, and friendly people. Remaining untouched by mass tourism, it really is Italy's last hideaway. We couldn't have thought of a more stunning setting for our wedding.

The hotel Meraviglie was more than we could have hoped for, with sloping mountains on one side, and beautiful blue seas on the other. The staff at the hotel are wonderful and go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. We have fond memories of relaxing by the pool or down by the water at the hotels own private beach.

When Lucia and Rosa took us to see the hotel Santavenere we knew we had made the perfect choice for our wedding reception. It is absolutely fabulous, unfortunately on the day of the wedding itself we got a bit of bad weather and had to move the reception from the beach restaurant to a terrace in  the main hotel, but, this was equally, as beautiful, as we ate our exquisite meal overlooking the lovely Tyrrhenian sea. The staff were very friendly and couldn't have been more attentive.

On meeting Lucia and Rosa I was struck by how professional, friendly and efficient they both were. They immediately put us at ease and we were confident that everything would run smoothly, and it did!

Lucia went above and beyond her call of duty by attending to our every need  she even tried to find a bar that was broadcasting the All Ireland football final on television so that we could watch it on the day the guests arrived!

Thank you so much for giving us the wedding of our dreams. We are delighted that we chose Slow Dreams to organise our wedding as the level of service is second to none. We will definitely be returning to Maratea again in the near future.

Kind regards,

Marie and Adrian.

Emily & Phil

From Ireland/Norway (and the rest of the world)

To Lucia, Janie and Bill

We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our fantastic wedding.  How many times can you say thank you to someone?  It was all down to the three of you.  We never thought our wedding could be what it was.  Words cannot describe the happiness you brought to us on our wedding day.  You thought of things we wouldn’t have even considered.  We travel so much that we didn’t have time to plan our own wedding – all we knew was that we wanted to get married in Italy.  A friend recommended you and from the moment I emailed your company I knew that we had reached out to a unique organisation.  All of you were so patient with our indecisions and delays.  Nothing was a problem for you.

We had a small wedding but you allowed us to cater for everything (including the last minute changes… Lucia is amazing; we had absolutely nothing to worry about when we got to Pisciotta.  (For anyone reading this, you have no idea how stress free our wedding was, we were on vacation!).  The town of Pisciotta turned out for our wedding.  We have never seen such generosity for the four days we were there; you would have to be there to believe it.

We cannot recommend highly enough Slow Dreams… we procrastinated, delayed and had literally last minute requests.  Lucia, without saying anything looked after all us (especially me). 

Our family and friends are all still raving about the truly amazing time we had – we all want to go back in 10 year for the anniversary (do you do anniversaries?)

Once again thank you for everything (a mere thank you seems feeble)

Emily O'Sullivan

Nick & Ellen

Dear Bill, Janie & Lucia

Gaining trust, reassurance and confidence was top of our agenda when approaching Slow Dreams to arrange the most important day of our lives.

Bill and Janie, not only did you achieve this, but you demonstrated help and guidance during the 18 months of planning with pure professionalism and flexibility.

The weather was absolutely beautiful from the day we arrived, relaxing around the quaint Villa de Meraviglie with almost 60 guests who travelled from all over the world, enjoying some beautiful Italian pizza, buffalo mozzarella and soaking up the scenic views that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams until you have been here!!

If only words could sum up what happen on 30th May 2009 in Maratea, we would have to describe it as a “Disney Fairy Tail”

The guests enjoyed every minute of the wedding, tears of happiness and celebration filled the day with comments from our guests: “ This is the most amazing, beautiful  wedding we have ever been to”

A special thank you to Lucia who calmed our nerves down by absorbing all the stress into her own arms and ensuring everyone could fully enjoy this amazing day. The organization, pro-activeness and determination of Lucia to make this day spectacular as it was, we would simply have to sum it up … 1st class.

Thank you once more again, for this unforgettable dream…

Best Regards

Nick and Ellen

Dear Bill, Janie, Lucia & Rosa
We just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the best wedding ever!  If anyone is reading this and deciding whether to get married abroad then look no further, it will be the best decision you have ever made! :)
We first fell in love with Maratea 3 years ago when we were guests at a wedding which slow dreams organised. The area is so unspoilt we decided we had to get married there. We contacted Bill and took his advice to  have our wedding at The Santavenere even though we hadn't actually been to that venue. 

Slow dreams made the wedding planning so easy.  We were a little concerned as it was all done via email but every time we had any questions Janie would be back with answers within 24 hrs.  It was pretty much all done for us.  We could choose exactly what we wanted, I even emailed pictures of bouquets which I liked, and they then took them to the florist to copy for us!

A few months before the wedding Lucia took over with all the finer details and again she was always back to us within 24 hours.  I must have driven you mad with all my questions but nothing was ever too much trouble

We arrived a week before so that we could relax and get a tan first. We met Lucia & Rosa on the Monday and they took us to visit The Santavenere.  We were totally blown away.  It was stunning in fact I almost cried!!

Lucia went out of her way to help; she booked us restaurants, spa treatments and even took me to my make up trial to make sure I got there ok.  During the week we checked the weather and it was forecast that it may rain on our wedding day which really worried me but as soon as I told Lucia my concerns she took me back to the Santavenere and showed me plan B just in case it rained and it was just as stunning as Plan A so I stopped worrying and enjoyed my week in the sun! 

The San Diego was a fantastic base for the week and Francesca was great fun.  All our friends and family really enjoyed it there and got into the party mood!  Please send our thanks on to all the staff at the San Diego, they made us feel so special all week!

The day of the wedding was wonderful.  We were so impressed with how well things were handled.  Just as I was about to walk out for the ceremony is started to rain.  Lucia was so professional and quickly got our guests seated for plan B.  The shower did not spoil a thing and we loved everything about the whole evening.  All our guests commented on how romantic the venue was and have not stopped going on about how first class the food was.  Some said it was the best food they had ever had at a function!  We all loved the dancing outside on the terrace until the early hours with the statue of Redentore looking over us!

If you are looking for an elegant wedding with spectacular views and first class service then I would definitely recommend getting married at the Santavenere through Slow Dreams!

Thank you once again for all your help.  We will be visiting again very soon!

Love Paula & Carl

Denis & Sinead

Hi Janie,

What can i say only thank you`s so so so so so so sooooooo much.

When we booked the San Michele we really did not realize the type of hotel we were going to.

Honestly we have never had such service in our lives. From Ornella herself (an absolute gem of a lady) to Andre in the bar (a saint in the making) to the restaurant manager, the waiters, the receptionists & cleaning staff.

Everyone was absolutely fantastic.

Lucia, is such a lovely lady, the first day we met i had sunstroke so was not well at all & then the day of the wedding i was so bloody nervous before the church i was not much of a laugh either (or in her words " a pooper" ).

When booking with yourselves i really did not know what was going to happen as i do not do really any type of booking over the internet never mind my wedding but my God did you & your company come up trumps.

Again, we can not thank Slow dreams enough for making it all happen & so easy. If I am ever asked if I know if a wedding planner i can guarantee your company will be recommended.

It is depressing to think we wont be mailing each other anymore.

Lots & lots & lots of thanks,

Denis & Sinead.

Sara & Andy

It’s hard to know where to start, to express our gratitude to Slow Dreams, for organizing our perfect wedding.  After trawling through website after website, Slow Dreams stood out a mile as being a friendly, efficient organization, with weddings based in a quieter part of Italy than the Amalfi coast for example.  All these factors appealed.  Bill and Janie were wonderfully quick, accurate and patient with the hoards of questions I flooded them with over an eighteen month period.  They couldn’t have been kinder or more helpful. 

When we got to Italy, the hotel was exactly as pictured and described on the Slow Dreams website.  Ornella, our liaison there, was amazing – so friendly, warm and approachable, but also efficient and knowledgeable.  The hotel staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful, and most spoke English.  The hotel was so laid back about the location of the wedding and reception, and after showing us all the options, left us to decide over a few days. 

We hadn’t got any very specific ideas about what we wanted the wedding to look or be like, but what transpired exceeded any expectation we could possibly have had.  The ceremony was sweet and simple, and the flowers were exactly what I had hoped for.  We had our buffet reception meal on the terrace by the swimming pool, and the hotel had placed a large table (there were about 20 of us) in the centre, with flowers and candlesticks on the table.  This was Ornella’s idea, and not something I had thought about (I assumed a few smaller tables would be provided) but it was an excellent idea.  We ate the most amazing Italian buffet (many of the guests have since indicated this was some of the best food they’d ever had) and watched the sunset over what was a glorious day.

I can’t thank Slow Dreams enough for their wonderful service

Hayley & Daniel

Hi Janie,

We looked at so many wedding planners having made the decision to marry in Italy. From the beginning Slow Dreams were really prompt with every question we had. Their pricing system is clear and simple which allowed us to keep a definite track on our budget. Other companies we looked at just basically quoted up to our maximum budget with no clear indication or breakdown of exactly how much each thing cost and were nowhere near as prompt in replying to every single query we had.

The coast of Maratea and Sapri are so beautiful and a perfect setting for a wedding. All our guests were blown away by the stunning surroundings during their stay. Having Slow Dreams arrange all the guest accommodation, as well as answering guests questions also removed a lot of pressure for us in the run up.

We had our ceremony at the Santavenere Hotel. Unfortunately in rained (even though the rest of the week was really warm) however we truly believe this is lucky now! There were so many options for the ceremony, meal and party afterwards we were so happy with every location on the day and the guests were massively impressed with the beautiful views, fantastic food and amazing silver service. The staff at the Santavenere were thoroughly slick and professional, both meeting and exceeding our expectations! 

Having made the decision on the venue, we went to visit and were really happy with Lucia our planner. She remained warm and thoroughly organized, giving us every choice and option throughout and taking control to ensure smooth running and allowing us to just enjoy the day.

We are both so thankful to the whole Slow Dreams team for making our Special Day just that! We couldn't have asked for anything more and to us the day was literally perfect. Thank you so much again!

Hayley and Daniel Ellis


photo coming

Emily & Jacob

Slow Dreams melted all of my bridal worries away! Words cannot describe the precious memories we have taken away from this experience. Janie and Bill were professional, reliable, and very prompt.  We were virtually stress-free on the days leading up to the wedding. The team in Italy stayed true to Slow Dreams great reputation and made sure our dreams came true for this special occasion. The photographer and videographer are very talented and a million thank yous to Alessandra – my honorary maid of honor.

We played the wedding video for our guests at our reception in the U.S. The video took everyone’s breath away. Every time we watch our video we are mesmerized as if it were the first time we saw it. The video and photos will always take us back to this special time in our life.

Villa Sirio is a beautiful and romantic place which is run by very gracious hosts. The people of Santa Maria di Castellabate were the nicest and most helpful that we encountered throughout our entire trip around Italy.

We would not change one thing about our wedding planned by Slow Dreams. We thank Slow Dreams from the bottom of our hearts for taking the most important day of our lives and turning it into a dream come true.

Forever Newlyweds,

Emily & Jacob

Denae & Mark

Janie, Lucia and Bill,

Thank you all so very much for everything you did to make our wedding day go so smoothly.  From getting our guests booked in at the hotel to music and flowers and everything in between - it all went off without a hitch and we were so relaxed thanks to you all!  The staff at L'Approdo Hotel were so helpful, friendly and accommodating and the setting was beautiful.  It really was our dream day and we enjoyed every minute of it!!

We simply cannot thank you enough for all that you did.  Having a destination wedding can be cumbersome to organize but with Slow-Dreams expertise and organization it was just so easy!  You were all so friendly, patient with all the questions, and very quick to respond.  You really put us at ease with our decision to get married abroad.  The Maratea region is so beautiful and we can't wait to go back!  And Lucia, thanks for going the extra mile and rescheduling the excursion trip for our guests.  They really enjoyed it and were so appreciative that you did that for them!

We would highly recommend Slow-Dreams for anyone wishing to get married in Italy.  You were all so fabulous to work with and we are so glad we came across your website.  You guys are the best!!

Mille grazie,
Denae & Mark

Francesca & Barrie

Dear Janie, Bill, Lucia and team,

We wanted to say a huge thank you for the most amazing time in Maratea and the wedding day of our dreams, it truly was magical !!! From the very first enquiry we sent via your website Bill responded in less than 24hrs with a basic quote and the service we received from then on was brilliant and totally took the stress out of planning a wedding.

Once we’d agreed the budget with Bill, Janie was then on hand to answer all my questions about the wedding details and helping to sort out the whole week in Maratea for all our guests too. You made it all so easy, answering my many emails straight away. Every detail we requested was no trouble, from helping to match my colour scheme and suggesting ideas to booking transport from the airport and recommending alternative dishes on the menus.

 Once we arrived in Maratea, Lucia was on hand the next day to show us the venue again and go through all the fine details I’d arranged with Janie via email. I have to say that we cannot thank Lucia and her team enough, they did an absolutely amazing job. The venue we had chosen was Il Carrubo at the Santavenere Hotel and it was breath taking on the day, all our guests were speechless and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I’d had a little trouble with the hairstyle I wanted and Lucia stayed with me while the hairdresser was there on the day to make sure I was happy, which I truly appreciated. When my wedding flowers arrived I couldn’t believe what a fantastic job the florist had done, matching the colour perfectly and copying the picture I had sent exactly. While I was in the hotel getting ready, we had arranged for the groom to arrive by boat from the port while the guests watched him arrive, the only little disappointment we have is that a just a few of our guests hadn’t arrived at this point. Everything else was absolutely perfect and more than we had hoped for. The food I would say was the biggest talking point after the venue itself – we could not believe how much there was and it was all fantastic! We’ve had the photographers photo’s and they are brilliant, in fact we are finding it very difficult to chose the ones we like best for our album!

We stayed at the Hotel Villa Delle Meraviglie for a week with all our guests and it is such a lovely villa style hotel in a gorgeous location, it was like our own little hide away. The rooms were lovely and the staff very friendly and helpful, especially Franco who was brilliant.

Our wedding day really was a dream come true and wouldn’t have happened without all of you. I would like to say a special thank you to Lucia who not only ensured we had the best wedding day ever but that our entire stay in Maratea was thoroughly enjoyable, recommending places to go and helping to book restaurants so that we all got to see the most of the area and what it has to offer. We will most definitely be back to visit Maratea very soon and a lot of our guests have said the same, it really is a beautiful part of Italy.

If you are thinking of planning a wedding abroad, don’t hesitate to use Slow-Dreams services and have the wedding of your dreams in Maratea!

Warmest regards,

Francesca & Barrie Hodson


Ruth & Will

Dear Janie, Lucia and Bill,

I would like to start by thanking everyone at Slow Dreams for making our wedding day better than we could ever have imagined.  From the first email that was sent back on a cold wet January night every exchange we had from then on was answered so promptly and thoroughly.  From my original endless email questions with Bill initially, then Janie and then Lucia closer to the day; it was as if everyone had so much experience that they could nearly pre-empt what I was going to ask next.  There was never any delay in response or compromise of answer.  No question too big and none too small, and they were many…   I think my decision was made within 2 days that Maratea was the place we wanted to get married and Slow Dreams the company we would use.

We decided on the venue of the Ave Maria church at the port in Maratea and Il Carrubo at The Santavenere for the reception.  All planning was done over email and we took a chance having never visited this area of Italy before.  We were not disappointed. 

We debated over where we would stay and we were so glad we pushed the boat out and stayed at the Santavenere for the week.  We along with our 1 year old daughter pretty much had the hotel to ourselves and the family and staff couldn’t have been more welcoming.  The hotel has an old style charm and the service is great, especially on the day of the wedding.  Our families stayed at the Meraviglie and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Everyone loved the lush gardens with beautiful walks to the sea.  

We met with Lucia and Alida 2 days before the wedding and they took us down to Il Carrubo and we worked out logistics for day.  This is where the pressure was lifted from us and 9 months of planning fell into place.  We also met with Silvia and Luigi and casually discussed what type of photographs we would like.  Meetings likes this can happen months in advance when planning a wedding; arranging tables, favours,  PA and DJ system, meal requirements, order of the day etc but even meeting with everyone for the first time 2 days before the wedding did not compromise anything.

From the first time I saw Il Carrubo I was blown away, the photos to do not do the place justice.  It is intimate, yet spacious with wonderful views of the sea and completely private; the most amazing outside wedding venue. 

On the morning of the wedding everything went seamlessly and this is where Lucia came into her own.  Lucia was wonderful and with Alidas help, nothing was left to chance she kept everything running smoothly making it look effortless.  The flowers were beautiful – exactly the same as the picture I had sent.  The hairdressers (whom we had never met) did a wonderful job, with our pigeon Italian and help with translation.  Silvia and Luigi the photographers were great, so relaxed.  We asked for as laid back and natural as possible and that’s exactly what we got.  The proofs look great so look forward to receiving the album.  We didn’t realise how long they would be there so we were pleasantly surprised to still see them both late into the night taking snaps of the dancing… 

The church service at the Ave Maria church at the port was beautiful.  The mass was in Italian with Lucia translating.  Our priest Don Giuseppe Addolorato went out of his way to make the mass personal to us even though the first time we met him was at the altar.  The singers during the mass were also wonderful.  We chose to have a prosecco toast at Il Clubbino in the port which was great for the photos and added a relaxed atmosphere.

The night before the wedding there was a storm and parts of Italy were badly flooded and as the winds were still very high we couldn’t have the dinner in Il Carrubo (I think everyone was afraid to tell me). At first I was really disappointed but as an Irish person I know you can never depend on the weather.  It meant having the dinner in the dining room at the main hotel.  This really worked out to our advantage as it allowed our guests to see the elegance of the hotel which they wouldn’t have seen had the meal been at Il Carrubo.  The food was beautiful with wonderful service and spectacular views from the dining room. Adding to the romance of the day there was an original lost Leonardo Da Vinci portrait on display in the hotel which some of the guests, as were we, truly impressed with.   During the meal the hotel manager approached us and said the weather had calmed down greatly and asked if we wanted to go to Il Carrubo to have the dancing.  We really got the best of both worlds having been able to eat comfortably in the hotel dining room, make the speeches and then go down to the sea and dance until very early in the morning, without anyone looking over our shoulders pointing to the clock... 

I cannot recommend Slow Dreams enough.  Along with everything they did organising the wedding including following up on paper work, arranging the flowers, music, photographers, dealing with the hotel, local transport, airport transfers, room bookings for family and friends, a nail party, numerous hair bookings the day of the wedding and even picking up candles to use during the mass per an Irish candle lighting tradition – nothing was a problem.  Lucia also helped us arrange book a restaurant for a party our parents threw the night after the wedding.  Some of my guests couldn’t believe that all arrangements for the wedding were made just over email. 

Lucia was attentive but yet discreet the day of the wedding and left us to work away for the rest of the night once the meal was being served.  I really enjoyed planning the wedding and most of that is down to my confidence that everything would work out as it did because of Slow Dreams; nothing is left to chance.  Maratea is a special place with breath-taking sea views, wooded hillsides and steep mountains that run to the sea with cliff top views at every opportunity and an ideal place to have a wedding.   All of the guests were gobsmacked when they first saw Maratea and then the location for wedding, many of whom said it was the best wedding they were ever at.  We can’t wait to go back to visit to relive the memories.  

Ruth and Will

September 2009  



Stephanie & Martin

Martin and I would like to thank everyone of the Slow Dreams team for making our wedding very special. 

Our initial contact with Bill was very professional; all questions were answered in a timely manner.  Our first visit to the region 12 months prior was an enjoyable weekend.  Our parents and we felt privileged to be personally escorted by Lucia and Allegra to six venues.  Within seconds of walking through the gates of Villa Miranda, we knew it was our venue, with Lucia explaining the layout of the ceremony and reception it confirmed to us the private villa would be a relaxed, intimate celebration for our 40 guests.

Janie was extremely helpful during the email correspondence leading up to the week before.  Then Lucia, although busy with many other weddings, fulfilled all our wishes upon arrival.  I was over the moon when we managed to buy exactly the flowers I wanted at the market in Sapri, thanks to Lucia’s recommendation.  The legal ceremony at San Giovanni Di Piro exceeded our expectations.  The staff at the beautiful town hall made us feel very special. 

The day of the wedding Lucia was on hand to sort out all concerns, and many friends commented on her professionalism and warmth (not a given when hiring the services of a wedding planner in Italy from their personal experience). 

The stunning village of Scario (5mins drive from the villa) was a great backdrop for photos, and our guests really enjoyed their time spent at the cafes along the piazza. 

The buffet looked and tasted great, and the services of the sound system were ideal, we just connected our MP3 and the dance floor was crowded all night!

We can honestly say our wedding was better than we could have imagined, and choosing Slow Dreams was the best decision, to make our celebrations personal and relatively stress-free.

We’re looking forward to returning for our anniversary and to catch up with Lucia for a coffee.

Jayne & Greg

Hi Janie


Jayne & Greg  -  Venue - Hotel Pisacane

We married in Sapri on June 21st, it was a fantastic day and I would recommend using slow dreams as your wedding planners!, every member of the team was fantastic, Bill and Janie answered my many  questions, and everything was perfect! Lucia was brilliant and she made Greg and I feel so important, we loved her!!

My friends and family were all so impressed they will all be going back someday for a holiday!

We wish I cold do it all again, and will definitely be going back for one of our anniversaries!!

Lots of love


KInd Regards




 Photo coming

Andy Sharon

Hi Janie,
We would like to say a big thank you to you all at Slow Dreams and the San Diego hotel for our fantastic wedding day.
Right from the first enquiry to the wedding day itself, Slow Dreams sorted everything, leaving us to enjoy the experience.
We stayed at the San Diego Hotel in Maratea for eight days with our family and had a great time.
The hotel was beautiful and the views, breathtaking.
Fabio and his family and staff were very welcoming and made our holiday and wedding something to remember.
As for the wedding day itself, Lucia was with us all day and organised everything, leaving us to relax and soak it all in.
San Diego hotel as a venue simply has to be the best location ever, the backdrop is amazing.
Everyone commented on the wedding food, saying it was the best meal they had ever had at a wedding.
We were unsure at first about conducting such a huge undertaking over the internet but are so pleased we did.
Slow Dreams were unbeatable, customer service was second to none, all concerns quickly vanished.
We would highly recommend Slow Dreams as the wedding planners and the San Diego Hotel as the Venue.
It has been 3 months since our wedding and we are still talking about it, that says it all!!
[Andy and Sharon, Nottinghamshire, England]
Thanks again to you all,
Andy and Sharon.
P.S. We were hoping to send you a photo but the photographer is dragging his heels a bit.

   photo coming soon

Celeste & Paul

Hi Janie and Lucia!
Everything was awesome!  When we got home, my mom wept in my arms because she was so sad the trip was over - she never thought she would ever have such a nice trip like that in her life!  It was everything we could ever imagine and more.  Paul and I are so proud and all our guests kept telling us it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  One guest said the ceremony was so beautiful that we probably had a few converts in the croud if they already weren't catholic!
I think the Grand Hotel San Michele is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.  The dinner was superb -  I'm still dreaming of finishing the veal that I left on my plate because I was so full!  I can go on and on.
If you would like a more complete testimonial, please let us know and Paul and I can prepare something together.
There is just one little thing...the music for the video.  Paul and I have decided to completely "scrap" our song choices.  I hope it's not too late to do so.  We're thinking the choices don't go with the mood or the theme of the wedding.  Again, we are not fussy.  We would like Italian music.  We leave it up to the videographer to chose what he would find appropriate and nice.
Thanks again!
Celeste and Paul


Jess & Adriel

Dear Slowdreams
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the slowdreams team for helping us have the most magical wedding in Maratea.  We have many fond memories of our perfect day and even now several months later,  people still say it was the best wedding they have ever been too!
From the start, Janie was a great help with booking all the services such as flowers, photography, room bookings  etc as well as giving us lots of useful information on the area and helping us out with all the necessary paperwork. She was always very quick to come back on every query and nothing was too much to ask. Thank you for helping the lead up to the wedding run so smoothly. 

Lucia was also wonderful, everybody loved her! She actually introduced us to the venue, Hotel San Diego,  when we visited as it had not been on our original list and we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. Her help on the day in the church and also with hair and make up translations and restaurant recommendations etc was invaluable, thank you.
The church itself, San Biagio on top of the mountain was out of this world. Most certainly one of  the highlights of the wedding!! The views were breathtaking and the church so quaint. The priest was absolutely lovely and we were so pleased he conducted our ceremony, it was beautiful, please pass on our  special  thanks to him.

The hair and make up artists did a great job, I was especially delighted with my hair. Obviously I was apprehensive as I only had a trial the day before the wedding but it all turned out  beautifully.  The photographers, Luigi and Silvia were fantastic, we love  the photos and the video and will cherish them forever.
Finally , we would also like to say a special thanks to Hotel San Diego. When we were  booking this venue  we were  surprised at how few  testimonials mentioned it. It was the most beautiful location and very good value in comparison to other venues. Fabio and Francesca went out of their way to help the wedding party, and even the language barrier didn't put them off !  

We have very fond  memories of our wonderful wedding in Maratea and thank the slowdreams team and all those involved for their part in that. We very much look forward to returning to Maratea in the future.
Thanks again
Jess and Adriel Farrell

photo coming

Angie & Damian

Dear Janie, Bill and Lucia
We have just returned from our recent wedding in Italy arranged through Slow Dreams and would just like to say a special thank you all your help from start through to finish.
We had originally decided to arrange our wedding somewhere on the Amalfi Coast, however after some initial discussions with a number of wedding planners in this region we got chatting to Slow Dreams after settling on the Marulivo Hotel in Pisciotta. we fell in love with this hotel on the first sight of the pictures on your website and were not disappointed!
We travelled down to the hotel  for our wedding after spending a few nights in Positano and along the Amalfi Coast. On arrival were immediately charmed by the rustic and traditional Italian nature of the town, away from the maddening crowds and throngs of tourists. Hotel Vicino Palinuro was amazingly beautiful and the terrace overlooking hundreds of miles of sea, not even broken by a boat, was the most beautiful setting we could have wished for at our wedding. The owners of the hotel were one of the most friendly and helpful couples we have met, showing their genuine hospitality throughout our stay and assisting us and our guests with everything. Even spending 5 hours of the wedding morning helping some lost friends dig their hire car out of the mud! Watching the sun set from the terrace accompanied by a cello and violin was a beautiful backdrop to our wedding ceremony and reception.
The Osteria Del Borgo restuarant was an excellent setting for the dinner. The food was amazingly tasty and even though it was for a party of 27 people was all freshly cooked and did not have the mass produced feel too often associated with large gatherings. Again, the restaurant had that rustic Italian charm found throughout Pisciotta. We were in Italy for a couple of weeks and this was by far our favourite restaurant, one which we returned to visit a couple times more after the wedding was over.
The weather during our stay in Italy was somewhat variable, which was evidently unusual for this time of year. Needless to say,  it was pouring with rain on the morning of the wedding. Lucia came to see us and reassured us  that an alternative plan was to be created should the weather look to dampen our plans for an outdoor celebration. However, it appears Slow Dreams even have control of the weather, as 15 minutes before the ceremony the storm clouds moved on and we were met with amazing sunshine which stayed with us for the rest of the day and the remainder of our time in Italy.
Having not been to this area of Italy before, nor having had any personal recommendation of Slow Dreams, it was with a little trepidation that we started the planning for our wedding. However, every query or question we asked of Slow Dreams was answered very quickly and you ensured that everything progressed exactly how we wished for. It would be safe to say that the day was as perfect as we could have imagined it to be and we wouldn't change a thing. Lucia remained on hand throughout the day to ensure that all was taken care of.
A big thank you to all at Slow Dreams for the perfect wedding which was full of love and laughs and was as special and perfect as we could have wished for. It is nice to now have a sentimental reason to once again visit Vicino Palinuro, and the Osteria Del Borgo in the future, which are now some of our favourite places in the world.
Damian & Angie
photo coming

Deidre & barry

Dear Janie, Bill and Lucia
We have just returned from our recent wedding in Italy arranged through Slow Dreams and would just like to say a special thank you all your help from start through to finish.
We had originally decided to arrange our wedding somewhere on the Amalfi Coast, however after some initial discussions with a number of wedding planners in this region we got chatting to Slow Dreams after settling on the Marulivo Hotel in Pisciotta. we fell in love with this hotel on the first sight of the pictures on your website and were not disappointed!
We travelled down to the hotel  for our wedding after spending a few nights in Positano and along the Amalfi Coast. On arrival were immediately charmed by the rustic and traditional Italian nature of the town, away from the maddening crowds and throngs of tourists. Hotel Vicino Palinuro was amazingly beautiful and the terrace overlooking hundreds of miles of sea, not even broken by a boat, was the most beautiful setting we could have wished for at our wedding. The owners of the hotel were one of the most friendly and helpful couples we have met, showing their genuine hospitality throughout our stay and assisting us and our guests with everything. Even spending 5 hours of the wedding morning helping some lost friends dig their hire car out of the mud! Watching the sun set from the terrace accompanied by a cello and violin was a beautiful backdrop to our wedding ceremony and reception.
The Osteria Del Borgo restuarant was an excellent setting for the dinner. The food was amazingly tasty and even though it was for a party of 27 people was all freshly cooked and did not have the mass produced feel too often associated with large gatherings. Again, the restaurant had that rustic Italian charm found throughout Pisciotta. We were in Italy for a couple of weeks and this was by far our favourite restaurant, one which we returned to visit a couple times more after the wedding was over.
The weather during our stay in Italy was somewhat variable, which was evidently unusual for this time of year. Needless to say,  it was pouring with rain on the morning of the wedding. Lucia came to see us and reassured us  that an alternative plan was to be created should the weather look to dampen our plans for an outdoor celebration. However, it appears Slow Dreams even have control of the weather, as 15 minutes before the ceremony the storm clouds moved on and we were met with amazing sunshine which stayed with us for the rest of the day and the remainder of our time in Italy.
Having not been to this area of Italy before, nor having had any personal recommendation of Slow Dreams, it was with a little trepidation that we started the planning for our wedding. However, every query or question we asked of Slow Dreams was answered very quickly and you ensured that everything progressed exactly how we wished for. It would be safe to say that the day was as perfect as we could have imagined it to be and we wouldn't change a thing. Lucia remained on hand throughout the day to ensure that all was taken care of.
A big thank you to all at Slow Dreams for the perfect wedding which was full of love and laughs and was as special and perfect as we could have wished for. It is nice to now have a sentimental reason to once again visit Vicino Palinuro, and the Osteria Del Borgo in the future, which are now some of our favourite places in the world.
Damian & Angie
photo coming

Deidre & Barry

Janie and Bill,

Thank you for the email. We are finally getting settled in!

Here is a testimonial:

“We feel so grateful to have had such a beautiful wedding thanks to Slow Dreams. It was truly spectacular, better than we could have imagined, and tremendously special because of the personalized, attentive care we received from everyone involved. Our on-site wedding planner, Lucia, went the extra-mile at every step for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, talented individual working on our behalf. Janie, Bill, and the team at Slow Dreams worked to make everything seamless for us, and for our guests. The whole thing was like a dream. Thanks a million!”

Also, here are some more thoughts on the wedding. Feel free to use any of this for the testimonial too.

Janie, we received many comments about how quickly you responded and how easy you made the reservation process for the guests. We really appreciate everything you did!

Fabio from the San Diego was just a pleasure! The party on the night before the wedding was carefully put together… there was plenty of food! They put up lots of extra umbrellas because of the rain and Fabio and his staff kept us informed about the bar bill all night.

They were incredibly attentive that night, and during the whole stay.

They even kept the bar open late every night to accommodate our late-night partiers. Fabio, Massimo, Francesca, and the rest of the staff made our stay so comfortable, we felt right at home, and everyone else who stayed there said the same thing. The hotel was very clean, and the pool area was simply gorgeous.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

Giuseppe, the hairdresser, was so sweet and he did a great job. I was very happy with my hair, and he really cheered me up when it was raining.

The food, service, and scenery at the Santavenere were simply mindblowing. The quality really did come through. We felt so taken care of the entire night. I’ve heard some people say, “The food makes a wedding.” If this is true, then this was the best wedding in the world. The dinner was truly an upscale dining experience, and I’ve personally never tasted food that good. People are still saying, “That’s the best steak I have ever eaten,” and “The dessert was so good it made me want to cry.” The canolli cake was also delicious! We couldn’t have been more impressed with the dinner and high level of service. It was well worth it, and we're so glad we chose it.

The DJ did a good job, and I personally loved the folk band. They were so talented!

Even though the weather left us unable to have the reception at Il Carubo, the upstairs was warm, cozy, and charming, and it perfectly fit our 60 guests. The reception felt very intimate.

The flowers were STUNNING. Absolutely incredible. I never thought I even cared about flowers, but I was really in love with them.

The photographer, Franco, did an amazing job. We were shocked at how good we looked considering what spazzes we felt like! You could tell he was really into getting creative shots and we loved that. Lubna was good too. We are really impressed with the photos.

Our guests had an amazing time. They are still raving about the Santavenere, the church, the beautiful views, the dancing, and the party!

You guys made our wedding day spectacular, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Thank you for everything,

Deidre and Barry

photo coming

Dan & Janna

Hi everyone
Hope this email finds you all well, no doubt you are in the full swing of wedding season now and full of busy. We have been back in Australia for a week and have just about adjusted back to the work routine, it has been made all the more easy as we are still buzzing from a fantastic holiday and in particular a great time and wedding in Sapri, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work in organizing a day that we will never forget.  We have spoken to everyone who was in Sapri and without exception they have all said what a great trip they had and also how impressed they were with the wedding which we are obviously really pleased about.
As you know we first approached Slow Dreams on 2009 and met Lucia at a couple of places including the Lido in August of that year, although we were only in Sapri for a few hours Lucia quickly got to grips with the sort of wedding we were looking for and also the need for wheelchair access for Nick. The fact that Lucia tuned into our ideas so quickly was a huge help as it saved us a lot of time looking at unsuitable venues and sure enough when we were shown around the Lido with Lucia's description of how the day could pan out it ticked most if not all of the boxes.  We looked at a couple of other venues with other wedding planners on the trip some of which were very nice and we gave serious consideration to them when we returned to the UK, however after a few email conversations we decided that Sapri and the Lido was the place for us, for many reasons including Lucia's approach, the accommodation available, competitive pricing but also because of Bill's professional and patient approach when answering the multitude of questions that we sent his way. Our emails to Bill always received a swift response and questions were answered in full which was very helpul when we were weighing up the pros's and con's.
Once we moved to Australia we were a bit concerned that it may be harder to organize the details of the wedding day but once we were in touch with Janie it became clear that we had nothing to worry about! As well as (again) being very patient and working through our various plans/concerns Janie made us feel very confident that the day would work out as we hoped with her professional but enthusiastic approach. We felt we made quite a lot of changes to our plans whether it was Nick's arrangements, the wedding meal, numbers etc but Janie stayed consistent in her helpfulness and no doubt with assistance from Lucia and Bill, worked through any problems we had. One comment we have had from anyone who booked accommodation in Sapri through Janie is how helpful and professional she is, and we can second that.
When we finally arrived in Sapri for the week before the wedding we were blown away with the Hotel Pisacane and with Sapri itself, having only been there a short time two years earlier we very pleasantly surprised that the hotel and town seemed much better than we remembered it. Probably because we looked around Sapri mid afternoon when there wasn't much going on we hadn't appreciated what a lovely place it is in the evening and first thing in the morning. We also thought the Lido was fantastic, the new sides look great and other improvements all add up to make a special venue, and it was great to receive such as warm welcome from Lucia there the evening we arrived!  The following day when we met Lucia at the Lido to go through plans for the wedding day was great, there was little Lucia hadn't thought of and her level of organisation made us fell everything was in hand, as you can imagine having anticipated being in Sapri and the Lido for so long we were fairly pumped for the occasion so it was good to have in Lucia a sense of measured excitement that meant we could relax and enjoy the time we had there. Lucia really went above and beyond, we had several things still to fine tune, mainly with Nicks travel arrangements, there was a impending ash cloud that was threatening to leave more than half of the wedding party stranded in the UK and at times it felt quite stressful. Fortunately Lucia took everything in her stride, not least the booking and re booking of Nicks train from Rome to Sapri and back at the Sapri train station which required several visits on her part and much interpretation. We got there in the end though and as it turned out his trip went without a hitch, we may not have been able to make that happen without Lucia's help.
Regarding Nicks trip, he had a fantastic time. The Hotel Tirreno was great, we were given the choice of several rooms and once he and Helen were checked in we didn't have any worries at all. The Lido was also great with Nick, he loved it there and even if he wasn't actually eating or drinking there the staff were very considerate in letting him use the bathroom as some other places in town weren't accessible so please pass on our thanks for that.
The big day itself came around and we all walked around to the town hall with Lucia where the ceremony with the deputy Mayor took place. This was a lovely occasion with just close family, we were naturally excited, a feeling which seemed to be shared by Lucia despite probably having done it dozens of times. This was something that we noticed throughout our time in Sapri, even if it was work and at times a bit of a chore Lucia was always sharing in our excitement which just made the occasion even more special. We know Lucia had other weddings to attend to that week and was approaching a very busy time but we never felt she had somewhere else to be.  After the morning ceremony the two of us had a walk around town and had a coffee before heading back to the Pisacane to get ready, it was around this time the beautiful weather gave way to rain, thunder and lightening of epic proportions. One clap of thunder was so loud outside our room that everyone in there jumped a foot! The rain was interspersed with spells of sunshine but as 5:00pm came around the rain looked a little more set in and sure enough the decision was made to have the ceremony inside. Naturally Lucia handled this fairly major rearrangement with 15 minutes to go very professionally and plenty of people mucked in to move speakers etc. The set up of the Lido was fantastic, the tables looked great as did all of the flowers that were so fresh and just as we had imagined. Lucia made sure candles were lit and when the rain eventually stopped made sure there were some lit on the walkway to the beach.  We would of course have preferred the weather to be lovely and sunny but it wasn't to be and we weren't worried, in fact the rain and thunder was so intense it made for a fairly dramatic atmosphere and a heightened sense of occasion on our part, it certainly didn't get in the way of everyone having a good time!
The ceremony at the Lido was really nice, again everyone commented on the quality of the food, in particular the seafood was very good. All of the staff at the Lido were very attentive and along with Lucia made sure that we all had drinks etc when we needed them. All through the evening Lucia was checking with us to make sure everything was going ok which was very reassuring. After the meal as the night wore on the bar staff were great and very tolerent of everyones drunken state, particulary when some guests wanted a go at serving drinks! We were there 'til a lot later than planned, the time flew but no one was there tapping watches which was great, in fact after the Lido the bar staff (sorry we can't remember names) came and had a few drinks with us over the road which was good. We got to bed about 6, fair to say a good night was had by all!
The next day those that were capable went on a great boat trip with Mario, again thanks for the heads up Lucia, he showed us some places of interest before we stopped for a swim which helped clear our heads. And on Saturday most people went their separate ways, we drove up to Pisa over a few days and then took the train to Nice where we hired a car and drove to a Gite about an hour away in the middle of nowhere apart from a small village where we spent a week relaxing.  Quite a few people who were at the wedding are already planning a return trip to Sapri, some for a short break and others for a longer stay so that they can explore the area, we will certainly be back as of course Sapri is now a special place for us but also because its a great place to stay and we would really like to explore the area as well.
We mustn't forget to mention Dominique, hope that is the correct spelling, and the other guys at the hotel Pisacane, please pass on our thanks to them for making our stay so enjoyable, they were always very attentive and helpful when we needed anything and again helped make out trip feel very special, in fact everyone who stayed at each of the three hotels said the staff and stay in general were great. Also please thank the wonderful hairdresser too, she was fabulous and had no worries doing people's hair on the day when it wasn't pre arranged, she was so lovely and although she didn't speak english and our Italian being a bit rubbish haha we understood each other brilliantly, she was excellent.
Thanks again for helping to make our wedding very special, you make a great team and if we hear of anyone thinking of a wedding in Italy we will certainly recommend you. We are waiting for our photos from Sarah, we will send you some of those on asap, and Lucia, maybe catch you at the Lido in Sapri sometime!  
Many thanks
Dan & Janna aka Mr & Mrs Stephenson xxxx

Sarah & Matt

Hi guys,

sorry that this has taken so long, we have been so busy and wanted to make sure that we got it right for you!

Many thanks to Bill Janie and Lucia for helping us to create our perfect wedding.

We enquired with quite a few companies but found no others compared to the service offered by Bill, Janie and Lucia. 

What impressed us so much was how quickly all our inquiries were dealt with. No matter how many questions we asked they were always answered within a couple of hours!

We were guided through everything, from the best ways to get to the venue to where to go afterwards! 

Bill and Janie are extremely organised and professional and make the whole process as straightforward as possible.  

When we arrived at our venue the albergo vicinio we couldn't believe how perfect it was! The hotel owners were absolutely fantastic and we cannot praise them enough. It was an unforgettable wedding venue and getting married on a cliff top terrace overlooking the sea is absolutely priceless. The hotel was fully occupied with our guests which added to the feeling of exclusivity. Lea who owned the venue decorated the terrace for the wedding absolutely beautifully with Lucia's help. 

We cannot praise Lucia enough, every last detail was perfect, she even helped lace up my dress when my mum was too nervous!

I would without doubt recommend slow dreams to anyone who was looking for wedding planners in Italy and the venue is somewhere where we hope to visit year after year.

Our wedding went without a single hitch, everything succeeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier so thank you to the whole team! 

photo coming

Caroline & Paul

27th May 2015

Staying at The Gabbiano Hotel
Wedding at The Santavenere Hotel
Where where do you start?! We have returned from two weeks of the most fabulous wedding and holiday we could have ever dreamed of  - thanks to Slow Dreams.
So the beginning - we trawled the internet looking for wedding venues all over the world when we came upon Slow Dreams. We were very impressed with their set up we decided to go one step further and arrange a short break touring the west coast of Italy and meet with their representative, Lucia, to check out the hotels they were offering for weddings.
Eighteen months ago we met Lucia in the port of Maratea and already enjoying the location she drove us round the area to show us the hotels - we were not disappointed!  Each one has there own individual attraction and in stunning locations to meet individual needs.  Lucia is an encyclopedia of information on these hotels and the area and we found ourselves not having any questions at all to ask! During this guided tour we were taken to the Santavenere Hotel - luxury an understatement!  We had seen this hotel on the Slow Dreams website and had thought it was out of our price range BUT the good news - you can actually stay elsewhere and have your wedding at the Santavenere (and stay for your wedding night) PERFECT for those on a budget! 
We decided on the Gabbiano as our base due to the beautiful location on the beach and very reasonable price. At the end of our informative tour we said our goodbyes to Lucia and left totally in love with the area.  Just to say at this point, which was the start of Lucia's helpfulness and kindness, our car key snapped in our ignition on leaving and we were stuck! Lucia to the rescue - mechanic who she knew was called (at siesta time too!) who came without hesitation and sorted us out - incredible!
On returning to England we had no hesitation whatsoever in getting in touch with Slow Dreams to book our wedding.  This is quite a scary step putting your whole wedding into someone else's hands in America however do not worry because we can assure you everything is dealt with to perfection.  Janie and Bill are with you every step of the way - everything is clearly explained and any questions are answered within 24 hours, even at weekends!  There is so much you think of trying to make sure the day is going to be perfect but a quick email to Janie and you have no worries!  We found with Slow Dreams that no matter how many times you email them a friendly response comes back! Menus, flowers, music etc. all arranged so easily.  We were taking family and friends with us which is nerve racking organising their holiday too but again this was easily dealt with on an emailed spreadsheet showing their names, accommodation and amounts due at what time.
By the time May 2015

all preparations made, paperwork done and time to relax?  Yes would you believe we could - we had total faith and trust in Slow Dreams and with Lucia in Italy to arrange our Day from all our dealings with them over the past 18 months.
We arrived with family and friends five days before our wedding day at the lovely Gabbiano Hotel and all our party adored the beauty of the location and the hotel itself - good start!
This continued throughout our half board stay at the Gabbiano with helpful, friendly staff, excellent food, very clean and great pool and beach areas.
Lucia arranged to meet with us the day after we arrived and it was wonderful to see her again!  Her expertise and organisation proved perfect yet again as we were taken to meet with our photographer to chat about what pictures we would like and also the Santavenere to go over the final details on how our wedding would pan out. 
So the Day arrived and I was rather nervous - just wedding jitters - I knew Lucia would have everything else in hand!  Of course she did from our appointment at the Town Hall, conducted by a lovely Mayor, to coming to bring my flowers to our room at the Santavenere and giving me the nod that everyone had arrived and we were ready!
The whole day ran to perfection - a beautiful service in the most stunning location on the veranda with the mountains and sea in the background.  Lucia translated the service so clearly and it was wonderful having the service in both Italian and English.  We celebrated with some bubbly before our photographer took us into the town of Maratea to take more pictures.  This was an incredible experience, walking through the town and being greeted with cheers and car horns by the residents of Maratea who are so warmhearted.  We had fabulous pictures taken around the centre and then back to the Santavenere for the party to begin!
The meal was without question the most incredible food we have ever eaten and we finished off with a Tiramisu Weddiing Cake - THE BEST!  We danced the night away and even our 87 year old Nanna was reluctant to leave!  The Santavenere is without question the most beautiful hotel.   Our family and friends were speechless on how we found such an amazing place - one answer - Slow Dreams!
We continued our stay at the Gabbiano for a further week and had a lovely relaxing time, meeting up again with Lucia before we left.  We could not thank her enough for everything she did for us - we could call for help at any time.  Lucia goes a step further than just organising your wedding, she is your friend.  When we wanted a recommendation for a restaurant in Maratea for our final night, within five minutes a call was made and table booked!  We could not have asked for more.  I felt very sad saying goodbye to Lucia and gave her a small bunch of flowers as a token of thanks - I wish I could have bought her a whole florist because that is what she deserves. 
So we are back home happily married with the beautiful memories of our Wedding.  All our guests are still talking about their stay and the day - one saying it was the best wedding he had ever been to!  We think so too of course and all this could not have been done without Bill, Janie and our Wonder Woman Lucia!
Our huge THANKS and best wishes to Slow Dreams and for those who are looking for the perfect wedding organised for you and in the most beautiful part of Italy -
Paul & Caroline Gerrard
PS: If you would like to contact me for any questions regarding dealing with Slow Dreams please do not hesitate to contact me.

Georgina & John

Hi Bill, Janie & Lucia,

Sorry for delay in getting back to you.  I have put in a few photos that I think show off the place well :-))

Wedding at Hotel San Diego 30th June 2015


We would like to say a huge thank you to all three of you for your help with our wedding.   We were very happy with the whole thing.   I was nervous going over, never having been to this area of Italy and not having met you.   But the minute I met Lucia I knew it would be fine.   The day was so easy for us, and the help she gave to us and our guests for the duration of the stay was excellent and greatly appreciated.

The area is absolutely gorgeous and the people are very friendly and helpful.  We had some great nights out in other local restaurants including Lucia's family restaurant which was excellent.

The views from the hotel are fantastic and the ceremony and seating areas were just perfect.

We had our 7 year old daughter with us, and many of our guests were children, they all had a great time, and the lay out of the hotel's pool area, playground and gardens were ideal for them.   Would highly recommend this hotel for children.

Using Slow Dreams took the stress out of the wedding, they made the whole thing very easy.  We only decided to get married in March and everything was sorted with out a problem in that time.

Thanks for everything,

 John, Georgina & Emma.

photo coming Lisa & Beau

Dear Lucia, Janie & Bill,

Thank you all so much for all of your help in organising our wedding day,  It was completely perfect.  

Our wedding day started perfectly, from the hotel Pisacane to the beautiful little church in Sapri, the priest who married us, Don Enzo couldn't have been more welcoming, he made the ceremony even more special than it already was.  All of the places and little details that Lucia suggested turned out to be perfect, the flowers, hairdresser etc, we really didn't have to do anything ourselves once we decided on our venues.  The lunch in the lido was perfect, the food was amazing and the setting just right for a very chilled out afternoon looking out at the sea after our wedding.  The evening reception at Santavenere was beyond our wildest dreams, you have to see it to believe it.  All of the staff we met along the way were exceptional, we are still talking about it a month later and there really is not one thing we would have changed.

For the staff at slow dreams, you could not have been more helpful, every little question along the way was answered immediately, for any couple choosing to get married in Italy I would strongly recommend using Slow Dreams, the service was 100% and the locations were breathtaking.  Our guests are still talking about Lucia and Janie and how helpful and friendly they were, you really went above and beyond for all of us, Lucia shopping for baby formula a week before the wedding for my sisters baby for example!

We wish you all the best in the future and hope you get to make lots of more couples dreams come true.

Yours sincerely,

Jen & Adam
Hope you are all well I am so sorry its taken so long for me to get this to you! We are currently in the process of moving house and with Christmas as well it's been all go since the wedding.

Adam and I got engaged on Christmas Day 2010 and after being together 7 years already we decided to not to have a long engagement. We decided to get married abroad as we new our budget couldn't stretch to a big wedding in England. After doing some initial research we decided on Italy without even having been there! I spoke to about three wedding companies initially and Slow Dreams were the only ones that seemed to listen to my budget expectations and not keep coming back with quotes that were unrealistic. Bill was great always getting back to me promptly and answering all my questions. We decided to go with the Hotel San Diego, the scenery around the ceremony area was breathtaking and the hotel itself would cost our guests a fortune!

Closer to the wedding date Lucia took over the organisation as she is located in the area she organised the flowers, I must admit I was a bit worried about emailing a picture of my flowers but when they turned up on the day they were amazing and better than I could have imagined. She worked through a schedule of how the day would work out and was fantastic. 

We had guests arriving everyday, Lucia gave us her mobile number and was available any time to field questions from restaurant recommendations to taxi bookings. The night before the wedding she organised taxi's and restaurant booking for 50 guests!

It was the whole week that was amazing for us not just the wedding day! All our guest round the pool during the day then out for pasta and prosecco in the evening

Lots of Love 

photo coming Shelby & Bill
Hi Lucia and Janie,

I wanted to start off by apologizing that it has taken me so long to get back to you.  It has been crazy getting back in to the swing of things, I would much rather just stay in Italy forever and not have to go to work ever again! :)

Thank you so much to both of you for everything that you did for Bill and I.  The wedding at Grand Hotel San Michele was absolutely perfect; the food, the venue, the service, we could not have asked for one of the biggest days of our lives to run any more flawlessly.  I will take some time to type up a full testimony for Slow Dreams over then next week or two which you can use on your website.  We are both beyond thrilled with everything you both did and could not be any more grateful to the both of you.

Thank you!


photo coming Gemma & Owen

We just wanted to say a big thank you for everything that you Bill and your wonderful team did to make our wedding day  at Grand Hotel San Michele run so smoothly and be everything that we hoped for.

We truly had a perfect day and wonderful stay in Italy.


Many thanks

photo coming Iolo & Ava

Hi Janie

We had a perfect wedding day and a lovely holiday in Sapri and Rome. The photographers were brilliant and put Ava at ease and we are both very happy with the photos, the only problem is deciding which ones to leave out from our album and from the video loop for our evening reception on Saturday. The staff at Hotel Pisacane looked after us really well throughout our stay and could not be faulted, while the staff at the Lido Lazzarella and at Sofias restaurant were also excellent and made sure that our meals were memorable both for the food and service.

Finally what can we say about Lucia, she was brilliant from start to end, so supportive and kind and thoughtful, she is an absolute diamond.

We will write to Hotel Pisacane and put lots of nice comments on trip advisor and Pinterest sites in the next couple of days as soon as we have completed arrangements for Saturday’s evening reception.

Thanks very much to you, Bill and Lucia, you have made sure we will never forget our Italian wedding in beautiful Sapri.


Iolo and Ava

photo coming Alicia & John


I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts for our wedding! We ended up moving it up a day because it was supposed to storm, and everything worked out perfectly. 

John, our two guests, and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and consider ourselves lucky that we got to have such an amazing, trip of a life time. 

Also, Lucia was wonderful and very helpful. We bought our wedding bands in a 30 minute rush the night before the wedding and we both got rings that we will cherish forever. Lucia helped with the translation, and made it an easy transaction.

Thank you again,



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