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8 very private and idyllic seaside acres

Hotel Villa delle Meraviglie sits one one of the most beautiful properties anywhere in Italy. It is located in the heart of the Coast of Maratea. It has a wonderful set of patios spread over the 8 acres offering excellent privacy for any size of wedding. From its shoreline the views are quite spectacular along the length of the Coast of Maratea. Booking the whole hotel (24 rooms) gives all the advantages of a large fully staffed seaside villa, but with much less cost.
Max # people for ceremony 70 
Max # people for reception 64 - 70 with a little squeeze
Min # people for reception 25
Max # people for accommodation 56 approx
Min # people for accommodations 2
Min # days to book 1


Eight Idyllic Seaside Acres - Perfect Privacy

See Drone YouTube Video of Hotel Courtesy of Lorna & Dan

This 23 room villa hotel is the perfect spot for gatherings. Towering over the villa is the Maratea Mountains, while at its foot lies the blue and crystal clear Mediterranean sea.

The fifteen private acres reveal a marvelous collection of woods (the wonderfully bulbous maritime pines), stone walled gardens with flowers and bushes in abundance, and endless runs of patios and stone pathways. Much of the delight for events will come from deciding which part of the event goes where. The choice is rich.

Although aesthetically beautiful, the owners have discreetly carved out children friendly niches - two pools and a playground. This coupled with acres of land for running free and the sea below make it more than children friendly.

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