Wedding Italy - Fees & Policies

  • Event Management Fee
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Payment Schedule
  • Venue Search Visit
  • Method of Payment
  • Credit Card Handling Policies
  • Hotel Costs
  • Venue Naming Policy
Organized Event Planning & Management Fee

15% Planning & Management Fee
This a full service fee for the bride & groom. The 15% is applied to all services procured through Slow Dreams by the bride & groom. The 15% is NOT charged for services such as making reservations for hair, make-up, spa, etc. The 15% also does NOT apply to bookings for your wedding guests' hotel.

The 15% fee covers:
  • Working individually also with your guests - making sure they understand - airports, trains, hotel rooms, things to do,  places to go, etc
  • On-going planning and itinerary development & budgeting
  • A record of all reservations (e.g., hotel, place of ceremony/reception, transport, flowers, photographs, trips, activities).
  • Pre-event status reviews
  • Pre-event review meeting after you arrive in Italy (weddings only)
  • Event set-up and tracking

Note: We may, in very rare instances, charge a minimum fee.
Cancellation Policy

Applicable to all Slow Dreams Weddings
All payments are subject to loss in the event of cancellation (includes guest hotel bookings). We recommend you investigate wedding and/or travel insurance.

Note: Weddings are especially difficult for hotels - if a wedding/rooms gets cancelled, hotels can find themselves with an empty or near empty hotel with no or little time to fill it. As such hotel wedding cancellation policies are usually quite tough.
Payment Schedule for Bride & Groom 
  • 25% of total cost for 1st Deposit
  • 25% of total cost 120 days prior to arrrival 
  • 50% of total 45 days prior to arrival
Note: Venues in Amalfi and Tuscany often require an initial deposit of 30% or even, rarely, 50%.

Payment Schedule for Wedding Guest Accommodations
  • 25% of total cost for 1st Deposit (Note: 30% deposit is required for Hotel Santavenere, Hotel Villa Villa Cheta & Venues in Tuscany & Amalfi 
  • 75% of total (or 70% of total) 45 days prior to arrival
Venue Search Visit

We will be delighted to escort potential clients around the area and venues. This typically takes 6 to 12 hours. There IS NO FEE for this service, except in Tuscany where the fee is 200 euros per day, refundable when you book the wedding. However, we do require a signed agreement that essentially says that if you marry at any venue, town -hall or church in our web site, you will do so with Slow Dreams.
Method of Payment

For current exchange rate go to

Accepted Methods of Payment
  • Wire transfers in USD$ - contact your Slow Dreams representative for details.
  • Visa or MasterCard or Discover Cards Only (Note: We do not charge credit card fees for these card types.)
  • PayPal - USD$ and Euros - see below.
  • US checks ONLY (cashier)
  • Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Click on button. NOTE:   PayPal's fees are exorbitant (4%) - as such, add a 2% fee for payments made by PayPal.

Click for PayPal USD$ Payments - Button

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NOTE:  Before you proceed with payment, please contact your Slow Dreams representative first to get the exact exchange rate to use.

NOTE:  PayPal's fees are exorbitant (4%) - as such, we charge a 2% fee for payments made by PayPal. 

Notes on credit card payments:
All credit card charges are charged in US dollars - Credit card companies employ different exchange rates than the going exchange rate.   When we apply exchange rates, unlike banks, etc.,  we always use the EXACT exchange rate
Credit Card Information Handling

We strive to to fully protect our clients credit/debit card information. As such:
  • We take credit card information over the phone or by fax.  If credit card information is sent by email, it is best to send photos of back & front sides of card.
  • We DO NOT store in any form client credit card information - this means that for every credit charge card, even repeated charges, we need to request your credit card information.
  • We are participants in the Trustwave Information Security and Compliance program.
Hotel Costs

It is our policy not to mark up hotel room costs for couples or their guests. We always use the hotel Room-Rates from the hotel's web site with no alteration, except translation from Italian to English where needed.
Our normal policy is to use the original name of all venues.  However, there are a few exceptions for when we will  change the name of the venue:
  • The venue requests us NOT to use their name -  e.g., some venues want total control of their image.
  • Weddings are complex - some venues do NOT want to deal with weddings and wedding couples in any respect, except for the provision of accommodation, ceremony area,  and meals - they want us to deal 100% with wedding enquiries and subsequent wedding planning. .
  • There are a few venues that we have relationships with - and, bluntly, we do not want competive agencies contacting them.
  • The venue also owns a wedding planning company.