Weddings in Piedmont

Imagine Tuscany bordered with the Alps, accessed readily from Milan airport,  and even more affordable   -  you have Piedmont.

Below on this page  are a list of venues for destination weddings in Piedmont.  These include rustic farm-houses,  elegant mansions, vineyards, and   ancient ruins, - ideal venues for beautiful Piedmont weddings. 
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Piedmont is famous for its wines, grappa, truffles, and it's stunning scenery - mountains, vineyards, and medieval  hill-towns. It  is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, including Monviso, where the Po rises, and Monte Rosa. It borders with France (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), Switzerland (Ticino and Valais) and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Aosta Valley and for a very small fragment with Emilia Romagna
 Its name, meaning “at the foot of the mountains”, refers to the lie of its land: on one side, it is protected by the Alps, while up from the Ligurian Sea to the south blows the warm marin wind. This combination creates an especially mild climate suitable for vine cultivation. Wine has always been synonymous with a strong historical and cultural identity and the earliest evidence of winemaking dates back to the 10th century BC . In June 2014, the vineyard landscape of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, along with the “underground cathedrals” (the historical wine cellars) of Canelli, were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Piedmont is a  region rich in history and traditions, in the beautiful monuments and castles in its cities , its villages and its countryside. The landscape of Piedmont enfolds across mountains , lakes and a green sea of hills that at the horizon with unforgettable lights and perfumes. Piedmont is Art , Culture , Style and Atmosphere, prosperous  of important wines, truffles  and tasty dishes. Piedmont is not to visit but to experience, to taste. Everything in Piedmont has a taste and a perfume. Its  territory offers only true excellences, a  declaration of love to taste , style and atmosphere.

Torino is a city of royal charm, on the river Po. Capital of the Savoy kingdom since the second half of the sixteenth century , it hosted the National Parliament after the unification of Italy , it is in fact from here that the whole unity process started. Art city with an important reputation , it offers solemn monuments of the House of Savoy, the grandiosity of an ex capital, a fervent intellectual movement and a scented culinary tradition.
Asti, lies in the center of three important and magic areas : Monferrato, Langhe and  Roero, a UNESCO site. It is considered the “greenest and tastiest heart” of Piedmont , one of important wines and food , so much that it is also known as “door to Paradise”. Asti is an ancient town with roman origins , a town of merchants , warriors and poets.
A town rich of historic monuments , Roman-Gothic Churches, Medieval towers.
In its surroundings, Canelli is the capital of “Spumante” and of the magnificent “ Underground Cathedrals” , the cellars covered in cotto that develop underground for few kilometers. It hosts many important names of Moscato wine and Asti Spumante: Gancia , Bosca, Contratto and Coppo. To visit these ancient cellars means to appreciate the history of important wine maker’s family and delight oneself with the savors and bouquets of important wines.
Alba, the true heart of Langhe, reveals its charm along the streets that develop in its historic center, rich of noble palaces, towers and important Churches. The town is known for its important wines and culinary tradition and it is often synonymous of white truffle. The center of many confectionary and textile industrial groups that contribute to make “Made in Italy” appreciated worldwide.

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Battistero di San Pietro

Legal/Symbolic Weddings in Ancient Piedmont Church
Max # people for ceremony 200
Max # people for reception 200 (catered)
Min # people for reception  
Max # people for accommodation  
Min # people for accommodations n/a
Min # days to book 1

One of the finest and most historic sites - church, cloisters, museum -  in the the town of Asti in the Piedmont.  One of the few historical sites in Italy where legal and symbolic ceremonies can be held. Also unusual for legal wedding venues it can host catered receptions

Villa Prato

Luxury Wedding - Boutiqe Hotel with Grappa Distillery & Church Next Door 
Max # people for ceremony
100 terrace
50 swimming pool
Max # people for reception 200 terrace
100 internal restaurant
50  Gourmet restaurant
Min # people for reception 12
Max # people for accommodation 12
Min # people for accommodations 6 suites
Min # days to book 1

Be the first to have your wedding at this luxury boutique hotel & DISTILLERY in a magnificent eighteenth-century villa, completely refurbished. Due to its strategic location in one of the most prestigious wine-growing regions of Italy, Villa Prato may be the ideal destination for those who want to discovery the heart of Piedmont, between Langhe, Monferrato and Roero.  There is a beautiful Catholic church literally next door.  

Ca' Vittoria - Michelin Star

Historic Boutique Hotel with Michelin Star Restaurant
The Restaurant Hotel Ca’ Vittoria is an elegant eighteenth-century house located on the Colline Alfieri, between Langhe Roero and Monferrato, in the heart of the UNESO area.  It is 15  km from Asti. Alba, a town famous for its truffles.  Massimiliano, young Michelin star chef, follows the teaching of his grandmother and  mother, working in the kitchen to serve delicious recipes of the tradition and  using excellent ingredients from the area.
Max # people for ceremony garden 60 - terrace 100
Max # people for reception garden 60 - terrace 100
Min # people for reception 20
Max # people for accommodation 20
Min # people for accommodations 10 rooms
Min # days to book 1

NaturalMente - A Wine Resort

A Wine Resort & Hotel
Breathtaking landscapes, good wine, history and thermal springs. NaturalMente Wine Resort is  situated in Agliano in the heart of Monferrato hills  in a fully refurbished nineteenth century Villa overlooking the valleys of Nizza and Tiglione.

​But it's all about the wine.
Max # people for ceremony garden 50, terrace 30
Max # people for reception garden 50, terrace 30
Min # people for reception n/a
Max # people for accommodation 23
Min # people for accommodations 23
Min # days to book 1

Locanda San Giorgio

A Country Manor in The Piedmont Countryside -  Fabulous Wine Selection
In its picturesque hillside setting, this 19th-century country mansion  is the perfect spot for country wedding - especially for those who enjoy fine wine and food, in a luxurious setting.

Max # people for ceremony
120 Garden
100 Terrace
Max # people for reception 120 outdoors
120 indoors
Min # people for reception around 40
Max # people for accommodation 40
Min # people for accommodations 17 rooms
Min # days to book 1

Relais Canonica di Corteranzo

Intimate Hotel in Vineyard
This small "relais" was built in the 17th Century.   La Canonica was originally a resting place for noble hunters.  In 2003, the Canonica was finally incorporated in the Calvo family estate. The restoration works have saved the historic elements, and repaired the damages. Three years of solid work have restored a new Canonica at Corteranzo, a build whose glory was for a long time forgotten.
Max # people for ceremony 60
Max # people for reception 60
Min # people for reception 20
Max # people for accommodation 20
Min # people for accommodations 10 rooms
Min # days to book 1

Agriturismo La Cà d’Olga

Wonderfully Affordable Vineyard Weddings in the Heart of Luxurious Piedmont 
Max # people for ceremony 80 
Max # people for reception 60
Min # people for reception  
Max # people for accommodation 36 - 5 rooms & 4 aprts.
Min # people for accommodations All accom. must be booked
Min # days to book Varies

The farmhouse with vineyard and hazel nut groves is in a wonderfully bucolic setting in the Langhe Hills in the heart of the Piedmont, offering peaciful panoramic countryside views.  The farm house has a  perfect  and large lawn for ceremonies.   Reception meals are in the restaurant.  

Tenuta di Violina

A Grand 18th Centurey Mansion &  Agriturismo
On  the top of a hill lies an oasis of greenery and peace, a recently renovated 18th historic country house, the rediscovery of lost flavors and the taste for beautiful things. Within the property there is also a small, still active, consecrated church. 
Max # people for ceremony garden 120 - church 40
Max # people for reception garden 140
Min # people for reception 18
Max # people for accommodation 25
Min # people for accommodations 18
Min # days to book 1

Travel information.
Flights to Piedmont  “Sandro Pertini “ Turin Caselle Airport from the UK.
From  Birmingham   Monarch Airlines
From Bristol   Easyjet
From Edinburgh   Jet2
From London Gatwick   British Airways 
From London Luton   Blue Air
From London Stansted  Ryanair
From Manchester  Jet2
                                   Monarch Airlines
Flights from US to Milano Malpensa Airport 
From New York JFK     American Airlines
                                British Airways
Turin Airport  driving distances 
85 km from Asti 1h 10 m’
93 km from Alba 1 h 30m’
118 km from Canelli 1 h 35m’
Milano Malpensa driving distances
139 km from Torino 1h 37 m’
150 km from Asti 1h 30 m’
178 km from Alba 1 h 45m’
175 km from Canelli  1 h 45m’