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Inexpensive Historic Weddings by Rhe Sea - Legal Civil, Symbolic, Non-Catholic

The mayor of Sapri now offers the Sapri Tower (inside or outside)  as an option for legal or symbolic weddings.  The tower sits  on Sapri's luongo mare  (promenade/boardwalk).   
  • For legal weddings, there is NO additional hosting fee - for symbolic ceremonies, add 200 euros. 
  • Inside tower - max persons - 20.   Outside of tower - 50 roughly.
  • Standing only - no chairs.



  • The tower can also be used as a plan B option in case of bad weather for Lovers Walk and Sapri Beach weddings.
  • Non-Catholic church weddings can be held directly across the treet after the civil ceremony.
  • Faces west  - beautiful sunsets
The tower is extremely convenient:
  • 3 blocks from the main-line rail-station - high speed train service to Naples, Rome, Florence, etc
  • 200 yards from Hotel Pisacane.
  • Right next to restaurants, cafe's, etc. 
Tower History
The tower 15 meters high is a meteorological observatory; it was built by Bigi Fathers, an order founded by St. Louis of Casoria. This tower sits on the archaeological site of a Roman villa dating back 2000 years ago.  The Six mullioned windows with pointed arches lighten the overall façade. On the second level,  windows alternate with two rosettes on the facades, which include the lines already used in the rose window in the Santa Croce Chapel across the street.
The eight majolica dishes immortalize men who contributed to the development of science, they recognize Newton, Edison, Copernicus, Volta, Maffi, Marconi, Galileo and Denza.
The inside of the building consists of the entrance and two upper levels.  On the ground floor, there is no particular artistic importance, on the first level, you will notice on the mural ,  they have completed  the gallery of the famous faces. They have painted  two scientists: Leonardo da Vinci and Christopher Columbus and two religious figures: St. Anthony of Padua and "Venerable" Father Ludovico da Casoria.

The images of the two saints hide two very important details. In the frame that captures St. Anthony are two Roman numerals: MCCXXXI - MCMXXXI (1231 - 1931) they indicate the seventh century  of the monk's death, when it was in fact completed the decoration of the interior under the direction of Fra Angelico, the non religious  congregation of the Grey friars who between 1922 and 1927 also supervised the restoration and decoration of the chapel of Santa Croce. 

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