Wedding Costs in Tuscany - Photography

This particular photographer works with awareness that every person, every couple has their own story to tell and live unique emotions that manifest through different gestures and expressions.  He operates knowing there is no fixed rule, except that he must be able to hear and see with all the senses.   He likes to be discreet, unobtrusive and, as far as possible, invisible.  He loves to use natural light.  The flash comes into play creatively only when strictly necessary.  He prefers to let go spontaneously the history that is written on the wedding day, telling it with a natural style which refers to reportage, on one hand highlighting the crucial moments and on the other hand without forgetting the little details that make the story more complete and special.  This doesn't include the possibility to find one or more moments during the wedding day in which you'll dedicate yourselves to the photographic tale with funny scenes, creative portraits or classic poses.

full day service
€ 1500.00
Delivery for photos (original resolution + web resolution) will be available through the photographers website to download. 
Note: If DVD is requested, clients have to pay shipping charges
Wedding cinematography style: full day video (8 hours) with 2 videographers
Videographer with professional DSRL reflex, HD video format (NTSC for North America or other formats upon request such as AVI), audio/video editing, effects/graphics/titles, possibility to provide play list.