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As well as weddings in Tuscany, Weddings in Rome, etc, Slow Dreams has pioneered destination Italian weddings in one of the most beautiful, yet unknown regions of Italy.   

We call it "Italy's Best Kept Secret".   It is the 
  The Coast of Maratea & The Cilento.  It is by far the fastest growth area for destination weddings in Italy.

It is simply perfect for weddings - beach weddings in Italy, castle weddings, countryside Italian weddings, cliff-top weddings, etc, etc..

  Traveler Magazine says "Maratea is Heaven - It's The Amalfi Without Crowds... Italy's Best Kept Secret

Italy's Best Kept Secret is  for those who love the Amalfi, but find it overly priced,  too difficult to get to,  or overly crowded and touristy .  

Weddings in the Italian Lake District
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Weddings in Piedmont
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Weddings in Tuscany & Umbria
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Seaside Weddings Italy - Coast of Maratea
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Weddings in Southern Italy
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Weddings in Tuscany & Umbria
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Weddings in Rome Area
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Seaside Weddings Italy
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Weddings in Amalfi Coast
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Weddings in Basilicata
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Elopements/Weddings in Venice
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Weddings in Campania
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Weddings in Calabria
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