Weddings in Italy -  Music Packages


  • Some of the pricing below may seem very inconsistent.  The reason for "inconsistency" is that in Italy they have a system of three taxes that tax new music more than older or classical music.  For non-classical music of any kind, the 2015
    taxes included in the prices below total 300+ Euros.

  • Musicians will play for around one hour for ceremony packages, around three to four hours for some reception packages.

  • Clients that prefer to provide their own music for ceremony and/or reception will require special permission from the church/hotel/venue.  Note:  Taxes for non-classical music for MOST venues will still be required to be paid ahead of time.


Ceremony -  Solo Violinist 300
Ceremony - Violin & Cello 450
Ceremony - Choir (San Marco Catholic Church ONLY) 450
Ceremony - Professional Soloist +  keyboard 500
Ceremony - Violin, Cello &  keyboard 575
Ceremony - Violin, Cello &  keyboard & Singer 750
Ceremony - Violin, Cello, Flute & Keyboard 750
Ceremony + Aperitif - Classical  Music  -  solo violinist - 2 hours 500
Ceremony + Aperitif -- Classical  Music  -  violin & cellist  - 2 hours


Reception -  4 piece band (female singer, keyboard, electric bass & drums) - contemporary jazz,  pop music & blues -  4 hours


Reception  -  Italian folk Music Ensemble -  guitar, accordion, tambourine, castanets, singer  -  for a real Italian wedding experience  - 4 hours


Reception - DJ with powerful sound system 750 (includes all taxes, delivery, installation and removal).


Reception -  High End Sound System  (FBT) for hire - NOTE:  does not include a DJ

The system is comprised of 2400 watts (6 x 400 watt speakers) a DVD/CD/MP3 player, 12 channel mixer with monitor speaker, 2 cordless microphones.   NOTE: the system  SUPPORTS devices such as CD players, IPODS, Laptops and supports 2 musical instruments  (see below choices)


650 (includes all taxes, delivery, installation and removal). Owner of system stays on the grounds
  • NOTE:  add 200 to above price  to support 3 or 4 instruments
Reception - Rental of instruments that would be used with the FBT system above  (guitars, bass, sax, keyboard,  drums)


120 each


Reception - Projector with screen 220

Reception - microphones and headsets -   (8) handheld mics used  to sing, act, speak.

75 each

Note: we offer  stage lights and sophisticated high end sound systems.



Weddings In Italy -  Informational Links





For Country Specific Information for Italian Weddings



Italian Trains

British Embassy in Rome (email)

(no phone number provided)

Association Wedding Photo Journalist

Ryan Air,

American Consulate in Naples

(39) 081.583.8111

Association for Wedding Professionals


Irish Foreign Office



Canadian Embassy in Rome

(39) 06 85 444 2911



Australian Embassy in Rome

(39)  06 852 721



New Zealand Embassy in Rome

(39) 02 721 70


Eurofly (NYC-JFK)

South African Embassy in Rome

(39) 06 85 2541


Air One (London City)



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