Civil Wedding in Italy - Outdoor & Town Hall Venues

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The mayors of this region of Italy, unlike the rest of Italy,   will offer civil wedding outdoors at the venue of YOUR choice or at their town-halls.

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Civil Weddings in Italy
Each town in Italy interprets the national marriage laws differently.   Most towns in Italy insist on the wedding being in the town hall or a Catholic church.   In this region,  the mayors will perform outdoor ceremonies.   For most of our towns, this outdoor ceremony must be preceded (hours or days) with a visit to the town hall to sign official paperwork (to take and sign the oath).  Only the bride & groom with a Slow Dreams representative go to the town-hall. This process is very brief and is conducted in Italian.   

We have one mayor, however, that will perform the outdoor ceremony first then he escorts the bride & groom back to the town-hall for the signing of the paperwork.
EU citizens are issued an EU marriage certificate of marriage (in five different languages),  while all others are issued a standard Italian marriage certificate.  Both type of marriage certificates are valid world-wide.
Note: Below is a list of links to various consulate/embassies.