Prices & Cost for Weddings in Italy - Maratea & Cilento

Costs for Venues in Italy's Best Kept Secret 
The Coast of Maratea & The Cilento


Costs for Services for This Region
unless costs are explicitly detailed for specific venues

Venue Specific Costs
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Most venues on this site detail all venue specific costs (links to costs are located under each venue's slideshow  - these costs include
  • venue wedding hosting fee (if applicable)
  • accommodation
  • reception meals  
  • additional ceremony set-up fee  (if applicable)

Planning & Management Fee
In addition,  we add a 15% Planning & Management fee to the total cost of wedding  - see Slow Dreams Wedding Planning & Management Fee & Payment Policies 

Phone  contacts:
  • Phone (Italy)  -  +39 0973 603 729
  • Phone (USA)  -  +1 843 757 6755 (EST) - Note:  5 hours behind the UK